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  1. The wen just needs to come out and everything will be perfect =)
  2. I know of green and purple but this is a first for the red! Plus what made you pick that combination ashort?
  3. Ready for pick up! I think I better take some picture while I'm there this weekend.
  4. Get a tub and try keeping goldfish out? If its not for you could return them to the fish store...most do take it back...but you won't get your money back though
  5. Some of the 1 reviews are really discouraging...but maybe you'll have better luck then them. Plus no used canisters as an option?
  6. Gotta love charge back! Glad you didn't get screwed over even more then you already were from their lack of professionalism.
  7. Guessing he's your favorite? Think you shared a tank video yesterday where you just focus on him the whole time XD
  8. Green water! I want -_-. Plus have any Japanese Tvr?
  9. good to know he's doing better and maybe a video once he fully recovers? =)
  10. You could feed both but if you really want them to grow fast the most important factor is water quality...then everything else =)
  11. I personally love the tiku pearlscale, but they are VERY difficult to find in a nice quality in my area, and not many people in the US breed pearlscale, mostly we import our goldfish. This is just a hobbyist venture at creating a stable line of tiku-like pearlscale to share with my fellow goldfish lovers <3 ahhhh so I guess from your first patch you'll be keeping most of the crownless pearlscales then If her red cap oranda decides to get together with one of her pearlscale she might end up with some tancho hamanishiki
  12. Rg fish are pretty decent overall, his shipping prices can't be beat but his chu's could be better though
  13. Water change and air stone should be good enough while you wait for your new filter
  14. I get mine from a local importer/breeder and the lfs where my favorite auntie is at
  15. I don't see a problem with keeping them togethernand how many fancy would you like to get in the future?
  16. So are you trying to create a line of super giant tiku pearlscale from this project or something?
  17. AND two class canopies talk about luck! Plus the deals everyone got here are amazing! Kinda wish I could get those filters for 4 bucks lol >.>
  18. Might be to little or it might be to much depending on who you ask...for example some breeder/people feed only bloodworms and pellet food five times a day to their fish but personally it all depends on how you want to groom your fish in the end.
  19. Just continue cycling your main tank and decide if you want to go fish less or not. If you do decide to go fish less then put the fish in the qt tank (that your planning to get?) and follow fish less cycle and qt procedures.
  20. I think with any canister you should put it in a bin
  21. The best deal I ever got was when I bought a 75 gallon tank, stand, canister, media/spare parts for only 70$! Although bring it home was a pain though lol. So what was the best deal you ever got? And from where?
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