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  1. he does...well depending if your in a shippable area of course. So if you ever get deliveries from UBS before then you golden Yup I saw it...now I have to fine the perfect picture frame to do it justice lol. Plus so who's the other Alex o.o? Also to bad you didn't go upstairs see the other Japanese fish lol but at least you got to see the tosakins and you should see them a year from now that's when the tail is more develop.
  2. So you picked the ryukin XD, also did you go upstairs? (no pics from up there D:?) Becs Now I know why I was soooooo confused--thinking clone702008 was Alex!! Cuz he IS Alex, just not dnalex Alex!! It's all becoming clear to me now . . . :idea sorry for the confusion but yeah I'm the other alex lol >.<
  3. Calender pics and I own nothing mostly ryukins and ranchus...wonder what they will have in 2013 =)
  4. Does your safe start works only after one dosage? Since the ones I saw you would have to dose each day for three days-week sometimes for it to work.
  5. Here are some picture from the upstairs area Top view ranchus Jikin and tosakins
  6. for your viewing pleasure and I use to have gravel ages ago but stop because it made cleaning/water changes a pain lol I think I'll be having a lot of ranchus soon (calicos about to spawn I think), but I'm not sure if it's possible to ship to the states lol I'll try once they get bigger...would love to share more of the bbr once they were bigger but they are really hard to groom also thank you everyone for your comments and I'm glad you enjoy this thread
  7. Depends what your looking for and size...prices are (from memory): ranchus: 20, 40, 60, 100 dollar+ bbr 15-25: tvr ranchu: 50, 100+ panda telescopes: 20, 50 koi:? orandas: ?-275? probably can only fit 2 in a 90 gallon butterflies:...? ryukins:...? That's all I could remember sorry
  8. Doing water changes and decided to take some pics of the gang, so here they are: Ranchus bbr tosakin
  9. If your on his mailing list you'll get an email with pictures when he has a special or new stock. In your case you should email and tell him what you like he'll send you pics of it and then you select the ones you like and then he'll hold it for you to pick up or he ships depending on your preference.
  10. Here is his address and contact info: The Fish Sempai 1268 Kramp Road RR 2 Breslau, ON N0B 1M0 info@fishsempai.com www.fishsempai.com 1-519-648-9992 I usually go there to pick out the ones I want personally or depending on the specials or what he's getting in...that's when I would order before hand because many of them would be sold out. Oh yeah, you need to book an appointment/tour before going there.
  11. www.gsgb.co.uk/index.php Here you go...I believe this is the biggest goldfish club in the uk If you want quality/rare goldfish in ontario I suggest you head to breslau (between kitchener and guelph) and go to fish sempai, but make sure you talk to andrew first and set up and appointment =). Plus I think he's getting some japanese fish this week...might have to go there myself lol
  12. If you want quality goldfish you could get them from local breeders/hobbyist in the uk, i think the goldfish scene there is pretty huge. May I suggest joining the goldfish society of great britain or going to one of the various goldfish shows in uk.
  13. hey n2g your 40 gallon is good enough for your current three fancies and the only thing I can recommend is to get plants, speed up your cycle by borrowing media (from a trusted person) or those quick start stuff, and lastly do you have prime by any chance?
  14. sbd is like dropsy where it is more of a symptom rather than a disease itself. I agree her backend does look bloated and if she's eating and pooing my first thought would be eggs as well. What did the poo look like? I'd suggest fasting her a few days to rule out digestive orders. Unhuh and I never consider it to be a disease but rather a disorder that consists of various symptoms but thanks for pointing out.
  15. None taken, but i should point out that typical sbd symptoms are balance, bloated belly, head standing, etc. which is why I said it was sbd, so I apologize for saying she has sbd and your right we should leave it to the mods.
  16. From the video...it looks like she has sbd
  17. This but you have to anchor it onto something for awhile, once it grows it will latch around whatever it's attach too
  18. lol I wish! It's about an hour drive from where I live give or take...well worth the drive to be able to see what your getting in person. I don't have any pics at the moment but one of the calico ranchu I got is in the pic above (the one with all the black dots) Anyways I'm glad you guys enjoy the pics and it was my pleasure to share with you all.
  19. Flakes tends to lose their nutrients over time beside the air gulping, hence why it's not recommend to feed flakes, since the fish won't get everything they need sometimes.
  20. So today I went to fish sempai farm to pick up my order...should have gone last week before everyone else got theirs. In anycase, here are some pics of my trip there. Biggest tiger ornada I've seen so far....think it was bigger then my hand lol Some nice random color oranda Nice crown on these ones =) Some hungry koi's some more hungry koi's The Ryukin and ranchu tank....wish the calico's in here weren't already sold -_- but there were some nice tancho ones. Ranchu in here were for 100 I believe. Pure ranchu tank, everything in this tank was for 60 Well thats pretty much it...I really should have taken more, especially the one upstairs where the jikin and japanese tvr were...maybe next time when I go again.
  21. I see a few faults in them in regards to the tail, kinks/bumps on the back curve, color change. Plus...are you the same green tea on gk?
  22. I think a lot of different factors come into play when they begin to get stunted but most of the reason they do are explain by alex above already...Plus some fish are already stunted before you even buy them to begin with (depending where you buy) so even if you meet all the requirement for growth it may already be to late for them to reach their max size
  23. Think your right...saw it on the what's on your mind page lol >.> the red and white and tail threw me off
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