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  1. Yay! Were now chu related! I have quite a few ECR babies. Chus are the best
  2. Get Koko's permission before posting anything with fb. Yep!! I can always message it to everyone if it's not okay to post it.
  3. I'm gonna make a NJ fancy goldfish group tonight on fb and post a link (if I'm allowed?)
  4. I would but not much has changed! there's snow on the ground atm because we got 6 more inches on sunday/monday and the pond is pretty warm (the pond was just below 50) Fish were active. I'll try and snap some pictures tomorrow! Not much has changed though, it became much to cold far too quickly
  5. If goldfish and koi hybrids occur as frequently as they do I don't think they mind each others company too much
  6. Happy birthday haha amoonklein next time I'm in the bay area we can meet up! I have relatives down near Monterrey (in the watsonville area) but san fran is by far my favorite place to visit so it's always on the itinerary. I'm glad to see so many people are interested! Does everyone have a FB? I could make a group for us on there. I'm south of everyone else here I think so I will keep travel times in mind when planning things. But for something like a show having it somewhere thats fairly large and free is a good idea, as long as everyone doesn't mind a drive south. but hey, it's more rural down here anyway
  7. Just a bit of an update, despite this being the snowiest winter in decades the fish and pond are doing fantastically. I can't wait until it warms up a bit more and I can get started on yet another smaller pond/s that will just be seasonal additions.
  8. I was so lucky to find my local garden and pond place carried big sheets of matala. They charge an arm and a leg for it, but hey I can't complain.
  9. Sadly in many countries goldfish really arent held to the same standards of worth as their close cousins the koi are. I tend to start conversations about them in a way that frames it from a marine biology stand point, that way people don't automatically dismiss me. I've even converted a few people who saw goldfish as feeders or worthless into hard core goldie keepers. Normally all it takes is one look at the fish out back to get someone interested. You see small fish in the stores all the time but when you see a big 6+ inch ranchu swimming around people can't help but as questions. "what is that fish? It's so large! Is it even a goldfish? Why is it missing a fin?" My extended family and my neighbors love the pond and the fish, most of them couldn't keep a fish alive if their life depended on it so the whole thing seems sort of magical to them.
  10. Hello fellow New Jersians! I have decided after much internal debate to consider forming a very loose goldfish society for our lovely state as well as holding a small informal show this summer. It would likely be at my house in my backyard and you're welcome to bring a fish (or five) to participate in the show. There would be tons of other fun things we could do as a club (aquarium trip, visit ECR perhaps, beach day, etc!) But this topic is to mainly see if there is any interest for such a thing! I have lots of big ideas but unfortunately would need a member base to participate with Also Mods feel free to move this if you feel it is in the wrong section, I have no clue where it would go.
  11. To be completely honest this is a gimmick and there isn't much aquaponics actually going on. You're much better off providing the betta with a proper tank and growing some plants in a windowsill using old fishwater as a nutrient source.
  12. I love my pond (and am setting up another smaller seasonal pond this spring) my fish are happy and healthy and water quality is very easy to maintain in a 300gal vs any smaller tank. Even with this being one of the harshest winters on record in my are my fancies have proven to be bombproof with a bit of heating. The filter is getting a slight remodel this season as well. But with ponds bigger is always better.
  13. If you get any more mangroves let me know! Mine are doing quite well. Slow growers but all are thriving.
  14. I'm hoping Petco or something has coffeefolia in soon. I needs it. Just as much as I need a 75 gallon. If my LFS gets them in any time soon I'll snag you one! They come in from time to time, and last time I bought two because I didn't want to regret buying just one!
  15. I have all of these varieties (as well as a big one I forget the spp of and two coffefolia and man do I love my anubia.
  16. So big now! When did norm hatch? My single fry from last May (Izoku) is outgrowing my fish who are over a year old.
  17. 1.barteri, 2.congensis ( or maybe afzelii?), and 3.barteri var. nana. Those would be my guesses!
  18. I'm not using calci sand and the sand doesn't smell. I use a mix of Eco earth and left over aquarium grade sand (this is a mix of several caribsea sands). It doesn't smell at all and I have a fantastic mister so I have no issues with humidity. I'm not particularly new to keeping crabs it has just been a while. I don't want to clutter the tank and I'm eventually going to add another level when I toss my substrate in a few weeks. I've never had mites or anything of the sort. I want to replace the substrate for my own piece of mind. I had a moss pit but removed it because it wasn't getting much use.
  19. They are huge!! And pretty to boot! I think even when seeing huge fish that it's important to realize that size can actually be a detriment to overall lifespan rather than a benefit. The key is healthy fish and healthy and large are not always interchangeable.
  20. The reason I want to trash the substrate is because I had 4 Es originally but one didn't make it through the first molt (Shipping stress most likely) and while I took everything out I could I'd rather trash the substrate and start fresh when it warms up. If my tank wasn't in my room I wouldn't care as much but I want to keep the chance of mites and other nasties to a minimum as well as keeping my room smelling appropriately. I'm fairly certain it was a PP that attacked him only because all of my Es were up on the top level resting when it happened. They're way more skilled at climbing than my PPs and spend most of the time resting on the higher level or as far up as they can find. I've never had any aggression issues with them and they will eat and rest with my PPs. They certainly are more vocal however, if another crab is trying to climb over them they'll protest quite loudly. I do feed fresh foods as well but they love the NLS far too much to pull it out of their diet, NLS is also a fantastic food, and I really am not worried about trace preservatives and the like. Perhaps I'm a little old fashioned but these animals have been thriving for millennium and tend to thrive on nearly anything I give them. I wouldn't be feeding it to them if I wouldn't eat it myself! (not that I eat fish food, but I am satisfied with the quality of this food) I want to start feeding them gelfood as well, particularly Repashy Beach Buffet as it wold make a great staple for them. They love the repashy super green I pack with bloodworms and daphnia that I feed the goldfish so I'm sure they'll take to the beach buffet fantastically.
  21. I'd just like to add my 2cents and say that flourite is definitely not 'too sharp' for goldies. I use it in my 55 with goldies because I plant and have never had issues of any kind, they treat it like any other substrate. Now this is very good to hear. I well clean what I have and put it in the tank. I was hesitant initially but it's been well over a year now and I've never had a problem.
  22. I'd just like to add my 2cents and say that flourite is definitely not 'too sharp' for goldies. I use it in my 55 with goldies because I plant and have never had issues of any kind, they treat it like any other substrate.
  23. The angle is a bit odd but I do admittedly need more substrate. It's around 4in in the front and more like 6-7 in the back. I'm waiting until spring to add more because I want to toss all of this substrate and start fresh. Hopefully by the end of next month it should be warm enough to lug the tank outside and rinse everything out really well. Nearly all my crabs have had good molts with me (I have 1E that still has to molt and 1PP). My smallest PP had two successful back to back molts and came up only to be attacked :/ He's in a hospital tank right now and should be alright but it's a shame he grew back one leg to have the other torn off. I feed my crabs snake shed from time to time and they love that, as well as nori to produce good molts (the iodine in it really helps which I learned from keeping crayfish). My crabs favorite food funnily enough is New Life Spectrum pellets, normally mine are all quite shy but they will sprint to the bowl when they catch wind of it, it is hilarious. It's pretty easy to tell actually! Eccies most noticeably have larger eyes where Caribbeans have beady eyes. Caribbeans also have the characteristic purple pincer, which Eccies do not. I love my Eccies man, they're SO active and zoomy. My one has discovered that they can climb up one side of the tank and then scurry across the lid to the other side, he spends a decent amount of time like this:
  24. Pond fish (when you remove predators) tend to live longest by default because of metabolism changes seasonally, a pond fish regardless of type may outlive an indoor fish not experiencing these fluctuations. Because even in a cooler aquarium you're not getting the extremes you see outdoors which set up fish for low metabolic demands for a decent chunk of the year. This in essence prolongs their life a bit more. With body types as you go from singletail nearly wild carp body type into a compact and deep bodied animal you are more likely to experience issues related to the changes in body shape which will obviously effect lifespan. However this varies greatly between individuals, because it is heavily genetics based. Alex sniped me
  25. Alex, I messaged luckyfins but at this point is is too late for overnight anyway. I may just see if my LFS has pure metronidazole, as I'm fairly certain they sell some kind of metro powder (although I'm not 100% sure) I can stop there tomorrow after class and mix it up in some repashy. Luckily she is in fairly good shape, I'm fairly certain she's impacted because there is only very slight general pineconing and swelling. She still has a fantastic appetite, and is very active. I may need help measuring out the powder for the gelfood though so at some point I may message you on FB or here for a walkthrough if I can't manage on my own.
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