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  1. I'm a bit late to the party but what cuties!! Tikus were my first love but I've slowly been dragged into the land of the hamanishiki I expect loads of photos.
  2. I think it's also worth noting that soilent green and other repashy gels are not purposefully color enhancing like most pellets. The yellowing you see occur on white fish when switched to soilent green, super green, spawn and grow, etc. Is due to the high algae content. That being said I don't see how melanophore migration and color enhancing foods could be directly correlated. As many people already stated retaining of black pigments is mainly genetic. And the best way to keep a black fish nice and dark is to put it outside and let it get plenty of sunlight. A true black will hold it indoors as well but a bit of sun never hurts
  3. I wasn't trying to imply that at all! Just trying to clarify. Again I blame this kind of thing on typing my whole first post on mobile. I'm going to eventfully try and produce ho ryu so it will be an endeavor!
  4. I think we'll all feel like novices the rest of our time in the hobby. I think that when you feel like an expert, that is when you need to step back and say "What else can I do to learn?"The only thing I have to disagree with in MK's post is that "You shouldn't just breed what you think is pretty." I understand the desire to keep certain types of fish alive with good lines. But I also would like to point out that we have seen many new goldfish in the US like the 'Telescope Eyed Ranchu' that Ken is importing quite a few of and Steve Hopkins' 'Pua'a.' Fish like this were probably at one point considered 'deformities' in the goldfish world that could pollute the lines of fish we have, but have since turned into favored 'oddball' goldfish and could in the future be recognized as actual types of goldfish. I think it could better be worded as "Be prepared to take into consideration what you are looking for, especially with established types." Or something similar. Just my Things like telechu and tele pearl crosses (ho ryu) as well as other oddballs are not that uncommon in asia. The have names and are considered breeds but have not really been recognized outside of their respective countries yet. I didn't mean you shouldn't breed what you want but if you're breeding for a show quality goldfish you can't keep all the culls and expect to win. And if you're (collective you, not you personally) new to goldfish breeding and do not understand the genetics behind it it is quite hard to produce something like a telechu by chance due to the recessive nature of many unique goldfish features. You cross most goldfish breeds and you will typically yield fantails. So things like telechus would rarely come about if not being purposefully bred for over multiple generations. But having a goal in mind is very important imo. I have had countless people come to me on Instagram and ask me "why aren't my babies turning out to be a cross of the parents?" Because they don't understand the genetics and thought that mixing parents would result in fry that express the phenotype of both parents.
  5. Here's a few words of advice and I think they are essential to anyone looking to breed goldfish either as a hobby or on a large scale: (not directed at you solely! Just for anyone reading this since I feel like I've seen a few posts like this recently) 1) Know the breed standards. Don't breed something because you feel it's pretty. If you have the intention to breed and show highquality fish than you need to be aware of what makes a fish 'high quality'. Have a 'ideal' fish in mind when you breed, what will you be selecting for and how will you establish that in your lines down the road? Talk to other breeders, see how they raise their fish and select for culls. Read A LOT. I think Fancy goldfish by Rich Hess is a great starting point as far as reading goes but there are a ton of resources online as well. 2)Do no expect to make any money, in fact, expect to lose money or at best break even. Fish are very expensive and buying broodstock to start lines is often not cheap. The easiest way to get good babies is to have good parents, and that means starting from fish that are higher than pet quality. I'm not going to say exactly how much I spent on my 3 pearlscale that I'm using for my broodstock but it was quite a bit, and even then I wouldn't say they are the highest quality out there. Then factor in electricity bills, water bills, filters, medications, food, tubs and tanks, etc. The list just goes on and on, and it really adds up to a lot of money. 3)Space. You need a lot of space. Baby fish start out small but imagine having 400+ baby fish, where are they all going to go when they're 3+inches and ready for sale? you do cull many of them but you need a lot of water, filtration, and water changes to keep them all healthy and thriving. 4) This brings us to my next point; culling. Culling involves euthanizing fish who are deformed or do not possess trait you desire. Many less desirable but yet not imperfect fish can still be raised and sold off, but that is a personal decision. You have to be mentally able to cull fish that are deformed or will not thrive. There are also many other factors to consider before you delve into the wide world of goldfish breeding and I certainly don't mean to discourage you! But raising goldfish and breeding in general is expensive, time consuming, and at times quite hard. Really make sure you know common illnesses and how to treat as well as making sure you preventatively treat all your stock for external parasites. This will help keep your fish healthy and avoid system wide crashes you see happen when these factors are overlooked. For me personally, I bought pearlscale broodstock with the sole intention of making this breed more widely available in the US. Most of the pearlies that are sold in LFS or chain stores are very low quality, and I don't know of anyone who breeds them. So my goal is more or less to get them into the hands of hobbyists and breeders and increase the number of high quality pearlscales overall. With just 3 fish atm though it will definitely be a pretty long journey!
  6. Maybe they added sand or something? huh, idk. Either way 50 degrees is fine c:
  7. That mustve taken a steady hand! I'm glad she's perked up because of it. Everyone looks great!
  8. I know this is old but I had to search to find it today so I could copy and paste what I'd written here. Any chance that this could be pinned?
  9. I bought mine at CVS (i don't know if you guys have them down south?) but I'd imagine any pharmacy would do. I had to ask for mine and they had it behind the counter where you pick up prescriptions. GNC or other health stores should carry it as well because it's commonly used to relieve tooth aches, but my local GNC was out of it last time I needed some.
  10. Aww that makes me sad. What's the best way to cull him? o; I think the most humane way is to use clove oil, like you would a large fish. It wouldn't take much for just one fry. If you have a lot of fry it's best to check all for deformities and round up a cull batch to save on clove oil; that's what I do at least.
  11. Yes that is a spinal deformity. It's kindest to cull fry who have major deformities as they likely will not survive into adulthood.
  12. Everyone looks great! How much do your babies weigh? I'm curious because they are so close in age to my fry from last year and I felt he was a pretty slow grower.
  13. you want to do 10x the volume of the tank. So for a 60 you want a filter that does 600gph or two filters at 300gph. A 306 does 300gph, so you would need two to provide adequate filtration. The advertised "up to x gallons" is typically for lighter stocking with tropicals and such, not the heavy waste outputs of goldfish.
  14. I run two 306s (well actually a 306 and a 206) on my 55. I would say running just one on a 60 would be underfiltering quite a bit.
  15. Make sure to give them a good boil to leach out salts and disinfect.
  16. I was going to suggest usui is a pk cross but apparently i was beat to it! He lookss a bit stressed out however which is why he sometimes appears paler in color. Try adding more hiding places and make sure your water parameters are in good shape.
  17. As long as the fish is a good swimmer I'm game . I wouldn't want to own bubble eyes just because I'm too nervous about them bursting.
  18. I encountered something like this last summer when I lost a few fish in QT to a very strong strain of ick. :/ Hopefully the coppersafe can knock it out.
  19. Yay new fish!!! I wish you the most boring of QTs.
  20. I think with many of the more extreme traits they are an acquired taste. I know I didn't find many types visually pleasing when I first got into the hobby and now I keep and somewhat breed one of the most extreme varieties. Fantails are lovely, and I think most mature goldfish are very attractive fish regardless of breed.
  21. I keep both salts (aquarium and epsom), as far as meds I have prazipro, metro tablets and powder(pure metro), metromeds, trisulfa, and kanaplex. My LFS is just down the road so I could grab almost any medication but it is nice to feel prepared (which has not always been the case in the past). Goldfish connection does not ship internationally, but you can always make your own medicated gelfood using a mix of trisulfa and metro.
  22. He's lovely!! I'm jealous of everyone getting their DO fish today! I'm having mine held in case I can pick up another.
  23. The tails on your fish man. THE TAILS! Also I'm very jealous you were able to dig your pond into the ground, it looks lovely.
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