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  1. So far so good! I got it at my LFS Atm nothing really is in my fish room, both upper spare rooms were just redone, so there is a rocking chair in there but not much else! There will eventually be a day/night bed or a couch of some sort when I find one that fits in the room. I will! It originally took a beating because Ushi likes to eat it but now that it's behind the anubias it can get a bit more time to regrow. Mine grows SUPER fast and they're bulbs so they're pretty durable plants. Thanks for all the compliments guys!
  2. I don't have any oranda. I have hamanishikis and tiku pearlies, a defect ranchu and a comet.
  3. I re-scaped my tank and added a big anubias and driftwood (my aquascapers were Dan and Shu ) So I figured I'd share a few pictures! Giant anubias bataeri, smaller nana, an aponogenton behind it and a crypt. Amazon and Melon swords, crpyt wendlii (or something like that) And some nana on the rocks. Corner of the room Hirohito portrait by Blackie that I still have to frame. The vase will be filled with shells too c: Thanks for looking!
  4. I love the look of bubble eyes but I feel like anything more delicate than a pearlie I am just not ready for! Plus I tend to enjoy celestials better, they're like odd eyed cousins! Your bubble eyes are so pretty, I love the black one.
  5. They are SO cute! And your pictures are wonderful! What camera are you using if I may be so nosey?
  6. pearlie babies! I hope they're fertile for you! Also Pics of the parents!
  7. ^Whenever you do 100% WC just replace the salt? You dont have to reacclimate it over 12 hours if the fish has been in .3% the whole time. With salt that make ammonia more dangerous, so 100% WCs are important and essential, especially with an open wound. EDIT: sniped by alex.
  8. Sodium Nifrustyrenate is also marketed as Furan 3 in the states I believe. I think it would be okay to use, I read it is Elbajo is very popular in Asia and among goldfish breeders. It is an antibacterial and if it's a serious wound should help decrease the chance of infection greatly. You can stick with very clean water and salt but use this as a back up if things start to look bad or if the fish isn't healing well.
  9. http://www.marinefishculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Elbajo.jpg This is the madication that it is "Elbajo"
  10. okay I've found out it's called "japanese yellow powder" and here is some information I came across - Anti Septic / Anti Bacteria Agent CONTENTS: SODIUM NIFRUSTYRENATE 100mg / g USAGE: For Koi stomach or intestine inflammation or Perciformes ・ Mix 10g of ELBAJO well with adequate amount of Freshwater. ・ Spray to 1 kg Pellet Feeds and let dry in room temperature and coat feed with binder such as fish or squid oil. ・ Feed it to your koi fish for 7 days. For fish bathing treatment due to external infection and wounds Use 1g~3g ELBAJO with salt for 1000 liters of water. Put fish into solution for 2 hours or more. Maintain good oxygen level by using air pump. For live fish transportation : ・ Mix 1g-2g of ELBAJO with 500 liters of Freshwater. ・ This is to prevent fishes from getting infection during “catch and scratch” handling process. AVOID SUNSHINE WHILE TREATMENT ! Packing : 100g per pkt (10 pkts / box).
  11. A lot of that is kanji with hiragana interspersed , which I'm very very new to and unfamiliar with. Shu has a degree in Japanese if I remember correctly? Maybe she can help.
  12. I'm the opposite of most people here. I had my tank bare bottom for a very long time and then one day I decided to try sand and haven't looked back. I really love watching my fish dig through the substrate as it lets me see some hint of their wild behavior that other carp species exhibit. I really love that about it. Sand and thin gravel is relatively maintenance free if you have plants. But if you don't have a siphon bare bottom is definitely easier. It comes down to personal taste really.
  13. They're very pretty but they are still marble and will likely turn one solid color as they age. Still super pretty though!
  14. Even on my very low bio load tank (with houses tropicals) I do a water change every other week regardless of parameters. It is just better for the fish to have fresh water!
  15. You can feed dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, and nori. You can also feed frozen foods like bloodworms for extra protein! You could also try a gel food mix like repashy
  16. Really pretty tank Alex! And your Goldies are lovely as always c:
  17. That was really odd but it's good luca is Back to his chipper self!
  18. I noticed when I changed from barebottom to sand that my largest goldfish went from hovering while resting to sleeping on the substrate. She has done it ever since then, and is now on flourish and still sleeps on the bottom. goldies are odd.
  19. I would honestly be dosing with aquarium salt, not epsom. But typically popeye is caused by gram positive bacteria if I remember correctly? So you might just want to buy a med that will quickly nip it in the bud.
  20. He has such a smooth back already! He's gonna grow up to be such a stunner c:
  21. She'll probably be like "YES! Someone who has less of a caudal than I do!"
  22. I use the bottle method in my tropical tank, it does a good job. I've never found there was a current that my goldies don't enjoy! they swim head first into the fluval outflow for fun it seems.
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