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  1. Looking good! I just picked up a chocolate hamanishki recently as well. Definitely a great color on this breed.
  2. The issue is fish are not made to come into constant contact with anything. Regardless of the material. Their first protection against infection and disease is the slime coat and when it wears off through contact with a harness not only is the fish being physically injured but it's making them more susceptible to infection as well. Weights can be used either in the body or attached to a fin to "even out" a fish. But honestly we haven't come far enough in aquatic veterinary care for this to be s practical method of treatment imo.
  3. Looking great! Hopefully we'll both have fry this season and can do a trade for some new genes
  4. Are both the red and black mangroves the same price? I'd like the two black mangroves in planters since I only have reds, and maybe a few used planters if you have them.
  5. I did something very similar quite a few years back, then decided it was best to just euthanize the fish. :/
  6. It's very possible there is a scrape on the wen but as Helen said a web ulcer could be beginning to form which could be a serious issue.
  7. If you have the space I would just try and make her as comfortable as possible. I have a fish that is a sinker and I keep her in with my top view Ranchu. The water is only about 6inches deep and she moves around much easier and seems much happier.
  8. Many bettas can be picky when settling into a new place and are stressed. I would offer him some frozen bloodworms, and forgo the freezedried. He will learn to eat pellets soon enough if you are firm and only offer them.
  9. When you refill the tank you want to have the new water quite close to the current tank water. I try to shoot for within 1-2 degrees of the tanks water temp.
  10. With my supergreen I normally just add a cube of bloodworms and a cube of daphnia to the batch. Theres no scientific basis for this but the fish love it.
  11. I remember you saying Tropiquarium isn't that far from you, or maybe it was far for you? I haven't made that trip in awhile. Might be time depending on responses. Or you'll be getting 6... Free this weekend? I'm not free this weekend however I am next weekend! I typically have Saturday's free. I'm free Wednesday's as well. Tropiquarium is pretty far away from me (I'm closer to Atlantic city or Philly than up north) but I've been up there before so if you wanted to meet there that would be fine. I can take as many pearlies as need homes I will never complain about a surplus!
  12. I'd love some! I have a 300gal pond, a 55 indoors and numerous tubs as well. I have a hamanishiki line I'm trying to get started and Id love to have a tiku line going as well. I can also drive to meet you if need be
  13. Thanks; I do have one question actually - how much water do you use when hand spawning? I have seen so many different opinions, from spawning the male then the female in a bowl full of water (what I did) to getting the female to release the eggs on a dry surface and then milking the male on top of the eggs before adding water! My mom was thinking if I used less water the milt would be more concentrated and more likely to fertilize the eggs, which I had also read. She knows nothing about fishkeeping, but she does have a very logical mind! [emoji1] I typically use a few smaller bowls and then submerge them completely in a tub filled with a few inches of water. The key to getting them fertilized is speed. Milt is only viable for around 60seconds, and eggs are around 30 (If I remember correctly).
  14. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling? My tapatalk works fine.
  15. Cynthia (and any good breeder) won't block or ignore you without good reason. Which makes me think there may be more to the story, however, try looking around locally as well. ECR definitely has some of the best fish and very reasonably priced. I suggest reading up on Ranchu grading as well if you're trying to buy broodstock quality, show quality, pet quality, etc. Here is a fish I have from ECR who is growing very nicely.
  16. Keep sand under a half inch of not planting. This will help avoid anaerobic pockets because the fish will overturn all the sand frequently and "fresh" water (and therefore oxygen) will be present at the bottom of the sand bed.
  17. I've hand spawned many times and the water will only become cloudy if you have a really milty male or if you're using multiple males. If you ever need to ask any questions about it feel free to message me!
  18. I used to have glass lids on my 55 but they are such a pain to clean. I'm currently running that tank lidless with no issues. It's not like my pearlscales can breach the water like whales . I have a secure lid on my 40b because I'd read lungfish can be escape artists, although I have yet to see any evidence of this myself. So it boils down to personal preference.
  19. I'm going to be the person here who says yes pearl scales are definitely more delicate than most breeds. They have hands down the most extreme body type and depending on how extreme it is per individual you could potentially run into a lot of issues. I see peas a relic of a fish keeping, much like under gravel filters. There are much better alternatives to feeding peas (red lettuce, or any dark green actually). For pearl scales you do not want the main staple to be a pellet, because as the fish grows larger the body will become more round and this will increase the chance of swim bladder issues. I would recommend feeding a moist food diet with the main staple being a gel food such as repashy, supplemented with frozen foods like bloodworms. Pellets can be fed but should not be a main staple imo, just because there are far better options. A moist food will digest easier and typically create less gas, which is essential when you have a fish with such a odd body shape, because even a slight issue can put pressure on the swim bladder and over time deform it.
  20. The only thing that I've noticed is that they dissect crowned pearlscale and hamanishiki into two different catagories, when in most other countries they are one in the same. :/
  21. Don't most people run at least a stock tank heater in their ponds when it gets really cold? But that's not correct either, really. Fancies can handle really crappy water just as well as singletailed fish. Just ask all of us who started out with fancies in tiny tanks and no knowledge of the nitrogen cycle. Most people don't keep fancies outside in the northeast, let alone in a stock tub. I had a few people tell me even with a heater the tub would freeze solid. I only own 4 Singletails (one of which is half ryukin) the rest are fancies. And they did just as well as the Singletails during winter. I forget... most of Koko's aren't "most people."I do know of quite a few koi ponds in this part of the country that are like that though. Half ryukin? Which one and why have I no pics? I keep those, ya' know. Yea koi are more popular here as well. And it's Izoku! He's from my calico ruin Kai and my hibuna Shokin. He's wild colored too. This is a very old picture of him though. He moves fast and is very dark so he's hard to spot in the pond. I'll take a picture for you next time I move everyone out of it for maintenance.
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