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  1. I just hope these guys are actually fertilized! and that my hands didn't crush any while trying to maneuver the fish safely. As soon as they hit the bottom they stuck so I didn't get as much swirling as I would've liked but both boys gave me so much milt I figured it might make up for it. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a round 3, although if these all hatch I may not have room for them! It's so hard to tell when she's eggy unless the boys are chasing because she's so round that it's hard to distinguish.
  2. I woke up to find one very PO'd pearlscale being pushed around by the boys. However they seemed to be unsuccessful at getting the eggs out of her. So I got a bowl and hand spawned them instead. It was pretty easy because Ushi was so full of eggs that just her struggling a bit in my hand was enough to release the eggs. Then with some gentle coaxing I managed to get most of the eggs out. Both Cider and my new boy (who still does not have a name) both contributed lots of milt. (so much so that the bowl was pretty cloudy) I have her in a net box so she can get some rest since it seemed like they had been pestering her for a while before I checked on them. Cider doesn't understand why he can't be with ushi All the eggs she had this round. The other fry are all doing well! They're been in prazi since hatching and I haven't had any losses. They currently are eating baby brine shrimp and crushed up .5 NLS thera A.
  3. I've found with flukes they'll heal but slowly and often occur in the same area. May just be my personal experiences but I'd thought I'd throw it out there anyway
  4. Yay fry!! If Mikey is getting one put me on the list! you could even ship them together since we're relatively close
  5. I've hand spawned once and if both parties are 'ready' it doesn't take much pressure to get eggs and milt. I just do a soft motion moving from the anal fins to the vent and no more pressure than you could comfortably put on your eye(if that makes any sense). I hope they are fertilized!! Fingers crossed.
  6. I have two butterflies out in my pond (one who is missing an eye) and they still get plenty of food. They're with ranchus, oranda, ryukin, Singletails, etc. honestly you can just hand feed them or feed in the same spot consistently. They learn very quickly and become very tame. I've never had problems.
  7. Me too!! They've started a little but it's not something that the camera can pick up because they're almost always moving.
  8. The little guys will be ten days old tomorrow! I decided to give the Marina hang on breeder box a try. It's a half gallon and when attached to an air pump circulates water from the tank through the fry box. These guys are still a bit small so I don't have the function running but I think it will be a neat contraption. He thought the bubble was food ^this shot is from below! Look at that full tummy! Everyone is happy and healthy. They've been in prazi the whole time and the main tank is being prazi'd as well.
  9. That sounds a bit gross imo! I'll have to try it for myself. I however LOVE real candy corn, just not the candycorn-esque punkins!
  10. I'd like to point out that demekin is the same thing as a telescope goldfish. It is merely the Japanese word for it. if you look at the japanese terms for goldfish and many types of goldfish you find the "kin" in many words; it does not necessarily mean that the ryukin is involved. Kingyo (goldfish), ryukin, demekin ('pop-eyed goldfish') wakin , shukin, shubunkin. Not all contain the kanji 金 (which literally translates into gold). Not every japanese goldfish breed holds that kanji, but it is important to realize that while ryukin are commonly bred into telescope lines to make them deeper bodied, it does not denote the term demekin simply because the fish has more prominent of a hump. Regardless it is a very lovely demekin indeed!
  11. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but honestly If you can feed green peppers jalapenos should be fine. As others have said capsaicin shouldn't affect the fish, and it shouldn't particularly matter given that you said they are not very spicy. I say do a test run, worst comes to worst they just don't like it.
  12. Thank you!! I managed to get one singular good picture the past few days. Look at it's little eyes! Here is a larger version too if anyone is interested in seeing more detail. The little one is in a half teaspoon of water. Thank you!! I'm excited to see how they grow as well
  13. Took a video of the babies at 6ish days! they are living in a larger sterlite tub but I was in the middle of cleaning it out so I scooted them into the glass dish(which looks nicer). Everyone is eating and doing well. One fry developed without a swim bladder and was stuck on the bottom so I had to cull but other than that everyone is healthy and defect free. They're are 12 babies in total C: all with very full tummies.
  14. Oh ECR chus!! You definitely wont be disappointed; cynthia breeds great stuff.
  15. A picture of the roots would be helpful. Does it have a rhizome?
  16. Plot twist she's a boy! Within a few hours of her being in the main tank he started showing breeding stars on his pectorals. It's a shame because Ushi is gonna be really hassled when it comes to spawning. Luckily he's still small, I can separate them if spawning gets too rough.
  17. I would probably take it easy and try metro first and have the kana on hand as a backup. The not eating concerns me because it would be easiest to medicate orally. Have you tried soaking the food in garlic? Also is this guy a confirmed male? This time of the year and so suddenly makes me think egg problems but I have difficulty sexing pearlscales because their vents always lie.
  18. He is definitely pineconed imo. you can see this on the peduncle (form the top view) and on the lower abdomen(from the side view). Even though the pearls make the surface of the skin bumpy there should be that slight lift to the scales that I'm seeing. I've circled the areas where it's most obvious:
  19. Could you gets some pictures? I always feel more comfortable suggesting treatment if I can actually get a look at the fish. I'm pretty familiar with pearlies and nearly every thing that can possibly go wrong with them so I'd love to help in any way I can. A sick fish is always distressing, hand in there!
  20. Just kidding it totally is! I figured now that she's out of QT and in the main tank it's finally safe to make a show off for her. I bought a tiku back in June from my LFS that didn't make it through the first night of QT, and when I was talking to a friend that worked there a few weeks back he was really bummed the little guy passed and offered to replace him for free. I can't pass up a cute hamanishiki, and much less a free one! I had chosen a different fish initially but the woman bagged the wrong one and I had no clue until I was out the door, and by that time I was smitten. She is missing some pearls on each side but by time she is large you won't even notice it. She is still a bit skittish so some of the pictures aren't as good as they could be. I'm also open to name suggestions! I got cider around fall of last year so I'd love to have another pearlie with a fall themed name. Next to Ushi as a size comparison! And of course this topic wouldn't be complete without Ushi and Cider
  21. Definitely an oranda! My lemonhead started off looking similar wen wise and now he's growing a ridiculous amount! This picture was taken a few months back so it's not as large as it is now, but he started off with relatively no wen like Cloud 9!
  22. Regardless of their past conditions they certainly aren't "suffering" from it now! Just give them the right amount of food and clean water Health is not necessarily determined by the amount of growth a fish exhibits. This is also true for humans; just because I am 5'2" doesn't mean I am any less healthy than someone who is 6'2"! Genetic variation plays a huge role in each individual regardless of species. Especially a variable like growth, which has so many sides and contributing factors.
  23. The first is very short because Ushi managed to get all of the repashy out of my hands in one go... she's very fast! The second clip is a bit longer but Cider hand feeds as well! My little fry Izoku (who is going outside this week!) and my new unnamed pearlie are still to shy to hand feed. (video quality should improve a bit as these get more processed)
  24. Lots of salt stuff and corals, some odd freshwater stuff, for goldies its completely random what my manager orders. We typically get in ryukin, oranda, telescopes, etc. In the fall he orders some lionheads and pearlscales (I bought my pearlie Ushi here last year before I worked here) but the quality of the fish we get in is really variable which is what sucks. Sometimes we get in gorgeous fish and others seem like a shipment of culls.
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