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  1. So far I have 34 hatchlings with more on the way. Also Ushi was being chased his morning so I've got her in the net box until I can deal with her later. Not sure if I'm going to fertilize the next batch. Also lost a baby this morning for batch one not sure what the cause was since they've been in prazi for a while now.
  2. I actually just stocked up! I spend so much money at my LFS and you get "points" and then you can use the points as money to buy stuff. I was also just given a gift card to my LFS by my friend as a belated birthday present, they know me well. She told me when she went in and mentioned who it was for the cashier knew me
  3. I do not want to bring them to any store! I would take them to my LFS as a last resort but I'd really rather give them all away. Worst comes to worst I'll ask Cynthia to help me find homes. I'll give them to anyone who wants one provided they pay shipping, as I do not have the means to pay for shipping for any of them. Of course I'm always opens to donations to help continue to fund things like this I love breeding purely from a hobby standpoint, you can learn to much about an animal by watching them develop, and I'd love to produce show quality fish at some point! But honestly this is just for fun, I'm not looking to make any sort of profit off of them. Honestly even if everyone who took a baby paid for it, it probably still wouldn't equal the cost of prime and prazi that 100% daily waterchanges cost in the long run! Also! some crappy iphone shots! These are from the new batch.
  4. Well they hatched...today. Or are hatching... I do have 12 from my last spawn but those are only like 3 weeks old. I'd say at least 4months but it all depends on growth rates and this is my first big batch of fry from this pair so I have no clue how it's going to go! I'm fairly new to breeding. All parties involved are technically calicos but only one really expresses it heavily. (the two males are orange and white with one black marking) So it will be interesting to see what the babies look like! Also both 'fathers' of the second batch are crowned pearscales, and the mother is a tiku (non crowned). We have varying tail lengths and 'roundness' as well so I don't know enough about the genetics to predict what they'll look like.
  5. If you want one (or ten) let me know! I'm gonna have a ton of babies and no where to keep them.
  6. I'd like to add a bit in reference to the streaks. My lemonhead oranda had a few very dark streaks in his tail when I bought him back in early spring probably from poor water conditions or something. They did lighten but have never truly dissipated and he is otherwise very happy and healthy, so it is something that can be permanent. Along with the fact that when a fish has a lot of tail there needs to be more bloodflow to it, and it is more evident in fish with lighter tails. You can see a few veins on my pearlie Cider too, since he has much longer fins than his girlfriend Ushi. They are more noticeable when you hold the fish out of the water as well, partially because the fish is under stress which makes these things more apparent.
  7. When they are developing slowly due to temps watch their swim bladder. Don't feed them too much too soon and expect their growth rate not to even out with the other batch until after the first month. Mine spawn in the pond so there definitely isn't an issue but mine also don't have the growth rates of other fry on the forum. Thanks for the heads up una! Honestly the temps in my house seem to be pretty stable +/-5 degrees yearround (we keep the air on pretty high in the summer) so I don't know why it is taking them so long in retrospect since it was probably around the same temps as the last batch and the few fry I had in May. A few fry have hatched (5 so far) and another 30ish are very close. Then there are some that look to be a whole like day behind developmentally so I'm not sure it those will hatch or what. I'm going to set them up in a ten gal eventually but my mom is giving me grief about all these babies so I have to find somewhere to put it. I just can't justify NOT letting them spawn or assisting them to spawn because it's not something that happens every day and if their babies end up being pretty I'd love to spread them around and give them away. It would be so much easier if it were warmer out! I could just put them outside and call it a day.
  8. If everyone hatches I'll have around 85-100 fry this next batch. They are developing slowly but most are wiggling in their eggs as we speak.
  9. I actually spoke a bit too soon. I didn't have time to clean out the bowl and when I came home many have eyes and spines forming. I guess the coolers temps in the house are leading to slower development. Temps are stable in my house just a bit low, it's actually cooler in the house than it is outside at certain times of the day, and we just turned our heat on yesterday. There are definitely some that aren't fertilized and I want to remove them but I'm going to wait a few more hours and get the bad ones in the morning just to make sure I only remove the bad ones (none are fuzzy yet so there is a bit of a gray area where I'm not sure).
  10. Thanks for the well written answer! if you do get the up aqua soil at some point let me know, as I'm probably going to try a similar set up at some point down the road, especially knowing it's possible. I want to try co2 with just the flourite first and see how that works as well, because I get decent growth from my plants with just excel and flourish but I'm plant hungry and I want more growth!
  11. Moving back and forth from college I've become a pro at moving even decent sized tanks (although the largest I had setup at school was a 30). Hope everything goes smoothly!!
  12. Have you tried doing salt dips between prazi rounds? I always do a dip if a fish seems particularly bothered when I add prazi.
  13. It looks fantastic!! A few questions: They don't squish the ADA when they forage? And have you had trouble keeping the ph up? those have always been my big concerns with using an aquasoil-type substrate but it looks so wonderful! And also is that a stand your light is on? (sorry for all the questions, I just love the setup!)
  14. Well none of the second batch ended up developing. I'm not quite sure why! Ah well there's always next time.
  15. I would agree with the others in saying that guy isn't worth your time or frustration. I have been 'called out' many times for various things people felt I was doing wrong. I've been told "sand irritates the gills" and recently someone told me that because I planned to breed some of my fish I was "cruel and saw animals only as objects for monetary gain".(as if I would be making any kind of profit) People are idiots sometimes! You just gotta ignore them and do what you know is right.
  16. Oh boy! If this is the case, then my Nemo is really a female. Maybe I can get some picture for a gender ID. Usually on female fish you see a little "outie" vent, in other words, a little protrusion in their vent. Observe her closely and maybe you'll see one! Also note that my male pearlies both have outie vents! But both are definitely confirmed male.
  17. I'd move him into QT asap; assuming this was sudden? It's most likely a physical injury and not an infection of some sort. I'd say to get him into QT and get him up to .3% salt. Superficial injuries are often not as bad as they look but the key is to encourage healing and discourage secondary infection with good clean water. Another good reason to QT is so the other fish don't try and nibble at it. Sending healing thoughts your way <3
  18. Lets see if I can get all my numbers right: 6 ranchu (5 SVR and 1 TVR) 3 ryukin 2 butterfly telescope 3 single tails (1 comet, 1 common, 1 shubunkin) 1 fantail 1 oranda 1 other (ranchu mix with partial dorsal)
  19. These are from a few days ago but they look more or less the same I'm sorry they're a bit dark! Everyone has tiny little tails growing! some are longer than others but because Ushi has a shorter tail and Cider has longer finnage I'm curious to see what they'll end up with.
  20. Cynthia's fish grow in really good conditions and she feeds them several times a day so they tend to grow pretty fast (and mature pretty fast!) I have several fish from her who I'm sure have spawned this year but in the pond atm everything tends to get eaten and I won't be set up to have smaller spawning pond until next spring.
  21. That is mating behavior! The male will 'rear end' the female in her...rear end! this is supposed to be a physical way of the male to induce spawning and they also try and munch up the eggs as soon as the hit the water.
  22. YAY MERMAIDS. I'm gonna go pay off my college loans with these mermaid eggs.
  23. Definitely yes! Although not all females can always release the eggs without help from a male and can become eggbound.
  24. Thank you!! I use a macro lens and then I crop the images (since they're so large) so it looks better. Any guesses as to whether or not they're fertilized? I'm still so bad at telling. It's been about 6-7hrs.
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