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  1. a small followup! He is still rather small but is quite the voracious eater. He still hasn't lost his fry pigment either, he's white underneath it though. He's getting deeper bodied as he grows, he looks a bit like a wild carp atm!
  2. I'm sorry about Opis perhaps once you move you can have goldies again. Japan has a good selection over there and many times they are much cheaper than in the states. Good luck!
  3. I'd honestly say switch the pleco out for a more reasonably sized species. Bristle noses and rubber lips are good smaller Plecos.
  4. BN are typically very peaceful fish but I have seen hungry ones go after dead or dying fish in the past. Were you supplementing their diet with algae wafers or something similar? Sometimes once a fish gets a taste for something they never seem to stop :\
  5. Picture would be helpful! Sometimes differently colored spots and such can mean a deficiency in a certain mineral or essential thing (it is 3am and the words escape me). note i did not make this image, ive just had it on my computer for forever.
  6. It's already pinned. Do'h I didn't even think to look (I'm on tapatalk)
  7. I'm happy to hear you guys were able to nip it in the bud! Alex certainly is very helpful, and so are you! These kinds of threads are also very good for others to read and learn from. They're clearly organized with good pictures and you stated what treatment was. Maybe this should be pinned?
  8. In my experience a strong salt dip will really weaken them. Lice are a pain, and majorly gross.
  9. I have seen even small crayfish latch on to tails of fish many times their size and hitch a ride which eating the fish's fins not good. Crayfish are definitely not suited for cohabitation with a species that enjoys foraging on the bottom like goldies. Their much better with tropicals that stay close to the surface.
  10. thanks guys <3 I'm not too bummed because at this size things are a bit out of my control. No one was acting ill and everyone was eating well so I really don't know whats going on.
  11. I came home to find another one gone tonight
  12. I agree with Alex. Normal temp swings over the course of the day are normal, as are general shifts in temperature. As long as it is not too sudden there should be no problem. With fish that experience swim bladder issues I've found that keeping them on the warmer end of the spectrum seems to help, but other than that I leave mine at whatever the room temp makes it.
  13. I cull like I would euthanize any fish, with some clove oil. These guys are so small it's more economical to so them together in one go to save clove oil. There are less humane ways to do it but I don't like culling to begin with but it is necessary and I want as little suffering involved as possible.
  14. I made the decision to cull the weak fry that were in QT. I have 7 now from batch one. batch two is still too early to do any major culls, I don't see anyone with big visible deformities so I'll play that by ear. I would suspect to find more babies that do not develop properly in a more heavily 'modified' breed like the pearlscale but I'm not sure how true this is. From batch 1 most are developing around the same speed with one fry noticeably larger and with much more finnage. Largest fry, longest fins More or less what all of the rest look like. Slight variation as far as forking is concerned but it's a fairly good 'average' fry. Sorry these pictures are sort of dark and grainy, I forgot to adjust my settings before taking them and when i realized it was too late!
  15. I used to keep my sorority girls away from the tetras food by holding some bloodworms with tweezers very firmly so they have to tug and rip to eat them at one end of the tank, while tossing in the tropicals food on the other end. Their strong scent combined with some intense wiggling action with the tweezers tends to get their attention for a bit.
  16. Ich is typically very easy to snuff out with heat and salt. I think the key many times is catching it early and not waiting to treat, because it tends to get worse before it gets better. I tend to keep treating for Ich at least a week after the last visible 'grain' is gone. Many prefer to use meds but I don't see the need when you can do it this way with much less stress on the fish's organs.
  17. I have two butterfly! \ This is Kimi, who formerly belonged to mikey but now lives with me! Her buddy and partner in crime is 'Ol One Eye. A big butterfly who was only a few bucks at my LFS because he had lost an eye in shipping.
  18. If I were them I'd probably just put it up higher on a study piece of furniture so the child can't really do much too it if it's out of reach. And then they could get a little step stool and teach the kid how to observe the fish nicely and feed them and such gradually. Better than one of those "my child fed all of my fish food to the fish " kind of things. I did that as a kid and it didn't end well for the tropicals involved!
  19. It's so funny how they seem extreme to you! For pearlscale they are actually very modest and not too round, which is partially why I think this ia s neat cross. You can see that they are too round because their gill plates are falling in line smoothly with the curvature of the body. When they start to get pushed out that's the line I draw for a bit too round! this is clearly not a ho ryu but a tiku, but note the gill plates are in the complete opposite orientation that they normally are. These fish can suffer from complications related to this. I'm sure you'll warm up to them given time! I was always more of a tiku fan, and now I love crowned pearlies. I just love seeing unusual crosses and these guys are really intriguing. I agree! I think the roundness of everything on the face (wen, eyes, etc) really is a nice addition to the rounded body. I found some videos! Mostly of the same fish but they move nicely too (this video is long but it is a goldfish show in japan which is really neat) All different sizes!
  20. I kept one of my ryukins alone for nearly a year and she never seemed to care. While goldfish may enjoy company they do not need it like schooling tropicals do. I think tearing away an older fish from his friends would be sad. But raising a smaller fish alone shouldn't be a big deal, the fish won't be lonely because it will have never have had company to begin with. I think to test the goldfish waters one is a good way to start, I'd probably suggest a 40b just in case she wants to add a friend down the road. That goldfish could be with the child for many years! I think it's a really cute idea and with your help I'm sure she'll be steered in the right direction.
  21. I was talking (or trying to converse) with a girl from Japan on instagram who was under the impression that my former crowned pearlscale Roos was something called a Ho Ryuu (Ho ryū, 穂竜) and not a hamanishiki; the name for crowned pearlies in Japan. Well I had no clue what a ho ryuu was and after a bit of googling and talking further with the girl(and with help from Shukura) I found out it is a cross between a hamanishiki and a demekin (telescope). I figured not many people have seen this odd mix so everyone meet the Ho ryu! This is a pretty odd breed and I remember a while back there was a topic about pearlscale crosses so I thought it would be neat to show everyone If anyone is interested in doing a bit of googling you just have to use the japanese kanji '穂竜' as the search term.
  22. This is the original video I watched a year or two ago! I tried to imitate it but I need to buy a bigger bowl (slight content warning as he does say d*mn towards the end)
  23. Thanks for the kind words Two others are looking weak as well so I've QTd them in case this is an illness of some sort. I've moved the remaining 9 fry into a breeder net and put it in the main tank after a large waterchange today. I prazi'd the water as well. The rest of the second batch never finished developing, so I ended up with 35 fry in total (if I counted correctly). After their first meal I'm going to move them into a 10 gal which I've sterilized so hopefully if the first batch has something I'll be able to keep it away from the second. Although atm I really can't see any cause for disease, so I'm just playing it by ear.
  24. I completely agree Alex. The only instance in which I do not QT is with fish from Cynthia. But they do get dips before they go in and I tend to prazi the main 'herd' when I add new fish regardless of source (even if they went through QT) and since she doesn't ship them to me they come home much less shaken up. But I've had fish not show ich for two or more weeks after QT starts. And I've had a few fish this summer that ended up passing and if I just added them I could've endangered my whole bunch. So if you don't QT you might get luck but there will come a time when it does have an impact on your fish. Better safe than sorry!
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