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  1. I'd forgoe egg yolk all together just because it is much messier than most other foods. Normal brine shrimp are going to be too large, you'll need baby brine shrimp which you can buy frozen or hatch yourself. Good luck!
  2. Right now I'm feeding bbs and crushed NLS Thera A. How big is daphnia?
  3. No they live in a 10 gal tub (there is a picture on the previous page). They're getting nearly 100% wc daily but I think I'm going to up the amount I'm feeding and see if it increases growth a bit. I'm honestly more concerned about overfeeding leading to water quality problems. Their parents are also on the small side (one of the possible dads is young) and the other dad and the mother aren't very large fish either so I'm wondering if genetics is playing a role as well. Anyone have any suggestions on how to bulk them up a bit?
  4. It can happen so fast in pearlies they're pretty delicate. I'm sorry for you loss .
  5. Fry are 3 weeks old. I feel like they are a bit small? but there are definitely some larger fry and some that are a bit behind growth wise. I lost two right are a water change last week :/ but everyone else seems to be doing quite well. I only have 1 fry with an obvious defect left and he managed to avoid the first major cull round so I'm letting him live and seeing how he develops I can always cull later if his quality of life degrades. You can see them in the video!
  6. thanks I tried to make it clear that I was once a frequent viewer who will no longer be supporting the channel because of the programming. Animal ethics aside ratings matter, and less viewers is never good, so perhaps that will make the message a bit more poignant. I also took the liberty of making a post on facebook about this, as well as tumblr. I've already had one friend write in, and hopefully more will follow. I'm gonna take tanked down!
  7. I wrote in because animal planet's programming has been a let down for quite a few years. My letter is a bit harsh so I really don't advise you use mine as a template: I had begun watching Tanked hoping to see a quality show that educated viewers on not only on tank builds, but also on proper stocking and housing of the fish. I was sorely disappointed. All of the tanks they build end up overstocked or stuffed with incompatible species. The episode where they stick dozens of fancy goldfish in a small baby bottle shaped tank with nothing more than an airstone was particularly disturbing. As a marine biologist seeing fish treated as objects and sticking them in drumsets or skate ramps is really disappointing. Animal Planet should be trying to properly educate the public using their TV shows as a platform. Shows like Tanked that portray fish as disposable and expendable objects rather than animals are sending the wrong message to the general public. The team on Tanked can build any fish tank but seems to lack fundamental knowledge of how these organisms actually function; and also lack proper knowledge on the species they stock their tanks with. I will not be watching Tanked or giving any of your other programs my viewing time until Animal Planet as a company cleans up its act and goes back to making programs that are actually based around the animals and not the people.
  8. The peduncle definitely has raised scales.This is a very non scientific way of putting it but pearscales who has dropsy tend to have disheveled looking scales on their sides, I can even tell in the side view because the area where the abdomen curves up into the body is abnormal looking. I would get his or her weight so you can start a course of Metro Meds (if you have them).
  9. Cool! I was gonna say if not he is quite the find from a store!! They're both so lovely, chus rock
  10. They're both so cute!! Is buster from ECR as well?
  11. Well I can officially call him a boy! he has lots of breeding stars all over his gill covers and pectoral fins. He's all grown up now! seven months old and ready to have his own babies
  12. I had a fish with this earlier this year and I treated with MM which helped it recede very quickly. But it was a particularly large cyst and that is why I chose to treat. One of my Ranchu has a small one atm that is nearly completely healed. As long as they act normal and are eating it should resolve on its own like Alex and Helen have already said. Theyre always in that spot too do either of you guys know why?
  13. I have a fluval 306 and a fluval 305 and they're both fantastic filters. They prime easily and cleaning is very easy.
  14. My first batch isn't doing too hot, out of the blue my biggest guy dropped dead and the other few are looking okay for now :/ but I don't really have high hopes. Batch two however seems to be much stronger for whatever reasons, they're just past the two week mark and most have already started developing tail spreads. They're in a black tub so it can be hard to see them grow but every few days (they get twice daily 100% changes) I collect them all up and scrub the tub down since it gets scummy. I tried to count and I think I have 30. Their tub! It has a small heater and an airstone, I'll pop a sponge filter in when they get a bit larger. Where they chill while I scrub down the tub, do you know how long it takes to catch 30 fish against a black backdrop?! the answer is very long. Everyone should have a dragon china bowl for fish pictures What a nice tail on the one in focus! thats all of em! I hope these guys continue to grow well and do better than batch one did.
  15. A agree with you initial observation. The only other 'worms' I know that stick out of vents constantly are camallanus worms but this is definitely not them.
  16. The problem is when you breed an oranda to a telescope, or any corss like that, that you will not get a spawn that looks like: Because many of these genes may be recessive and the like (I'm still in the process of learning about it myself), you would most likely get a mish mash that may look nothing like either parent. You would have to choose the best and breed them back for a few generations to get fish the have both traits. Also when you cross types/breeds there tend to be more culls, because much more can go wrong developmentally.
  17. I fed pro gold to these guys when they were younger but I ran out back in July and switched to a floating hikari because they were out in the pond. Now that their indoors they get omega one(because I had it and didn't want to waste it), NLS, and repashy super green. They get bloodworms and brine shrimp as well. Id rather them grown gradually than putting them up to their adult weight in their first year. There is a fine line between growth and over feeding and with pearlies being so round I can't afford to risk some of the health problems that comes from being overweight.(heart problems, fatty liver, etc) Right, that is a generous amount to risk with rounder fish like pearlscales, especially if they don't seem to be growing that quickly. With Clementine I saw massive growth in length within the first few months of transferring her to the 40b and that made me feel a need to feed more to support this growth. At this point she doesn't seem to be overweight but I could totally be wrong. She just keeps getting longer and larger every day. I worry one day I'll wake up to a fish that is so big she cannot turn around in her tank. When I look at fish shipped from overseas (Namely Ken's at DO) I see quite a few of them are already at their adult size and weight while still being between 1-1.5 years old. I don't know if that is because the breeders bulk them up or because the Chinese just know the little secrets of raising them, but it doesn't worry me / I haven't thought that that they could be unhealthy because of it. Fish that go for auction are fed heavily when they are young, where as fish you buy in chains stores may or may not be (more likely not). Both of my are from non chain stores, but are by no means show quality fish. It's very possible that they were underfed when developing or are just genetically slower growing. Fish you see up on DO are typically the fastest growing and 'best' of the spawns. Because they are chosen for a high buyer demographic, they aren't meant to be cheap and disposable like the majority of goldfish sold commercially; so more money/care is put into them. My biggest pearlie Roos never even broke 100g, she was around 90 when she passed away but she was 7.5in long including tail. Her estimated age around purchased was under a year old and I had her for 4 years. On the other hand I have a TVR that is two years old and was raised by a breeder and then kept by cynthia and she is 125g. I mean regardless of how big these guys get I will love them anyway, but I want to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  18. I fed pro gold to these guys when they were younger but I ran out back in July and switched to a floating hikari because they were out in the pond. Now that their indoors they get omega one(because I had it and didn't want to waste it), NLS, and repashy super green. They get bloodworms and brine shrimp as well. Id rather them grown gradually than putting them up to their adult weight in their first year. There is a fine line between growth and over feeding and with pearlies being so round I can't afford to risk some of the health problems that comes from being overweight.(heart problems, fatty liver, etc)
  19. Here are some pictures of my pearlscale crew with my hand as a size comparision. ^Ushi ^Cider ^unnamed (confirmed male) name suggestions are welcome! I've had Cider for a year now (almost to the day) and Ushi I bought the weekend before last thanksgiving so both have been in my care for a year. I have kept track of their weights so I can see how they develop and grow. I'd like them to be a bit larger for their age but not knowing their genetic backgrounds and the conditions they were kept in prior to my care I'm just doing the best I can. I've been upping feedings recently and receiving relatively positive results so I'm going to continue from there and see how it goes. Here is a (poorly) made chart illustrating their weights from the time I bought my scale onward. Pearscales can stay smaller than other breeds but I'd like to see them both be over or around 100g by their second birthdays. After this growth will slow considerably so I want to try and put as much growth on without being excessive or unhealthy. My newest pearlie is smaller, but I have not taken the time to weigh him. He has already grown some since I purchased him roughly two months ago.
  20. It normally hovers around 76-78 as per a breeders instructions. I had to cull two last night and I may have to cull a few more but it is too early to tell. I had another one in batch one that wasn't growing or feeding well and it became very weak so it was culled as well. It sounds horrible but I want to maximize the amount of healthy fish in spawns where the breed is already notorious for being delicate. Not to mention I caught my boys heavily chasing my female twice this week. Not sure if anything came of it but I didn't see any eggs and I don't have the space for another batch atm. But it looks like she's wanting to spawn after every waterchange.
  21. I'm glad googs is all better! My sinker used to get those blisters from time to time. I always just aspirated them and then did a swab with a disinfectant. Mine ever only had them on her fins so I attributed it to the constant contact with the tank floor.
  22. ive never saw the orandas.Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2 I'm fairly certain she's put of oranda for the moment and I don't know if she's planning on breeding them again. When I was there in august she only had a few left. Regardless her Ranchu are amazing. Tommy is just an importer like dandy orandas right? If so and they're coming from china I would do a strict QT as Chinese imports are known to be especially fluke heavy.
  23. I forgot to mention batch two is doing well! They'll be two weeks on Sunday and I've only lost one (who died a few days after hatching). I have them in a 10gal tub with an airstone and a small heater. They get twice daily 100% wcs, or as much as I can remove without he removing them, and I have them on 4ish feedings a day. There are 34 in batch two
  24. Took some of the first batch earlier this week, everyone is growing dorsals. I have one fry I don't think will make it however. It seems at this point some are really thriving and others simply aren't. One of the smaller fry the largest fry (who is even larger now nearly a week later) Second largest fry.
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