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  1. Nice calico!! I'm sure he/she will grow up to be gorgeous.
  2. What a pretty fish! He reminds me of a Rorschach Inkblot test
  3. I thought I spotted some on the mainly oragne boy when I first bagged him haha, it'll be really interesting to see them grow from such a young age. I've decided regardless whether they turn out to be male or female in the future for now they are both recieving male names The mainly orange boy I'm naming Winston, he has a white patch that vaguely resembles Great Britain: = http://www.satprints.com/ProductImages/Great_Britain.jpg ? haha It'll prolly change but it's a good thing to base a name on anyway And to go along with my WWII theme I've named the second one Hirohito, the emperor of Japan during WWII.hehe
  4. Uh, Message?? and thanks guys, I was talking to some goldy hobbiests at the fish store yesterday and they suggested it for pearlies so I'd thought I'd ask around here.
  5. No, not that I'm aware of. Haha, I've always used my bare hands and never had any problems.
  6. In the earlier stages there won't be much change in behavior, but as the fish becomes more and more bombarded by the parasite it will clamp up and become more letharic. The betta in the picture is in a fairly advanced stage hence why there are so many spots, ich have a life cyle where they will attach to the fish, fall off and release more, re-attach and start it all over again. So if you were doing water changes or treatment there may be periods between where there arent as many spots on the fish, although the parasite is still in the water.
  7. Looking at the spots on the fish in the tank are the white dots salt grained sized? Here is a picture of a confirmed case of ich to compare to your guys, hope it's helpful.
  8. Ich is generally the size of grains of salt, I dont know how large your fish are but chances are if they are larger than that it's not ich. Are there any particles of gravel floating around in the water?
  9. I know many pearlscale breeders recommend keeping higher calcium to help promote healthy scale growth since their pearls will stay strong and beautiful. But I don't know the best way to administer it? haha this sounds like an absurd question, but would I look for foods with a higher calcium content, add it into the water, etc. I'm currently feeding my two young pearls a combination of Omega one small sinking pellets (which I also presoak), frozen bloodworm (Hikari), and I will be feeding them fresh veggies and such during the week. Any info regarding the subject would be much appreciated
  10. As said above I'd treat for up to two weeks until all the ich is gone. This includes very frequent 100% water changes to further stop the life cycle. I know I always used Quickcure on my betta for ich (only had to once thank goodness) but I would be more wary of using it on goldies as meds leach oxygen from the water and gf don't benefit from breathing air like betta do. If you are going to use it anyway, keeping the water well oxygenated is essential both because of the meds and higher water temp.
  11. It's a shame that most of the general population who goes out and buys a generic pet fish (betta, goldies, etc) either don't know or don't care about what the proper care should be. I've caught myself dozens of time stopping someone lurking in the bowl section or holding two betta and one tank. I've found that most time it's misinformation, and that once you nicely explain to the person the real care a fish involves they'll either listen and learn, disregard and buy anyway, or leave without a fish. It is sad when people think you don't know what you're talking about because they have it in their head that "they're just fish". I gotten angry at a couple people like that over the years and told them to come to my house, and see my fish room and then tell me that "they're just fish". If they don't care about their well being, why even buy one?!
  12. It does sound like a parasite of some sort, but its strange since you've treated for them already...Perhaps he's lonely? Strange behavior can be explained when normally social animals are isolated for long periods of time.
  13. My two pearlscales are a little short of an inch maybe? So they're pretty young, it'll be interesting to see if either develop wen. They weren't marked as crowns but you never know haha.They are so round, it's adorable to watch them swim! Both of them still need names, so feel free to suggest! Mainly orange one: White and orange one: :3 enjoy!
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