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  1. I want to see growth in all of my fish but with temps fairly low outdoors they're only being fed once or twice a week and then grazing on algae. Indoors however I've upped the amount and frequency of feedings and I definitely think it is paying off. I've seen growth in all of my fish, especially my youngest (Izoku who hatched back in may). My fish outdoors are experiencing the seasons but I am running a heater so it's not getting nearly as cold as it would. It will be interesting to see long term how they grow and age seeing as most fish in there are a year or below; which the exception of harumi my TVR who is two.
  2. A bit late to the party here but I would definitely do a few days break in prazi, a salt dip and then start a new round of prazi. I've had fish that were for some reason more susceptible to flukes than others (most notably my large pearlscale Roos) and I would give her a salt dip any time I saw signs of them, like the spots you are seeing on your fish.
  3. I answered you on tumblr but everyone has said more or less what I have!
  4. So I rescued a betta a few months back (august maybe?) and got him severely reduced because he was pinned to the surface looking quite pathetic: But after weeks of gradually raising the water level and doing a bit of physical therapy ( ) he's managing to live a fairly normal life.I suspect that his swim bladder is malformed most likely due to his shortened body that doubletails commonly possess, but he's fairly stable now in a tank with no current what so ever. I moved him from his smaller tank into a 3 gal and set it up as a low tech planted tank. The tank is around 3 gallons and has a few anubias, some small java ferns, duckweed and some kind of moss. I didn't have a light on it for quite a while but I had reward points to redeem so I picked up a small light for it this week. He shares the tank with two orange bee shrimp, and I plan to add a few more shrimp to it as well.
  5. This is always a fantastic sale, I wish they did larger tanks!
  6. My aunt lives in Watsonville! It is really beautiful! I visited a few summers back. I probably would boil the sand before using it but I don't see why it would be a problem. I imagine many of the microbes wouldn't thrive in freshwater anyways.
  7. They look great! my fry from around that time is doing awesome too. Do you know how much yours weigh? I'm interested to compare especially since I felt my guy was growing slowly a bit at first. He's really had a growth spurt recently and is getting huge.
  8. I have never had gravel in my tanks but I can tell you from when I worked at a petstore for over a year that even a small layer accumulates an enormous amount of waste. I've had barebottom tanks with some river rocks until I got my water changer just to make cleaning easier, after that I switched to sand which my fish loved. However I was using a very fine grained sand and the pore space size between grains was causing compaction issues with my plants so I looked into planting substrates. Now I have a very fine layer of sand in my pond (so I can see my black fish ) and flourite in my tank. I had less than an inch of substrate and would consider my tank fairly well planted. I don't vacuum it much to be honest, as disturbing the substrate too much can damage the root structures, but it stays fairly clean and the plants use whatever waste does make it down there. My fish also do not have any foraging issues with it thus far, and I've been using it for around a year with many fish of many sizes.
  9. Pom poms are very common at my Lfs from spring through summer. They sell for like 8-12 bucks and normally are chocolate with red bouquets. They're pretty but not really on my list of things to breed. .
  10. If they hatch in shallower waters then you should try to transition them slowly. Especially pearlscales who by design have swim bladder issues. I tend to prefer shallower tubs with more surface area to allow better gas exchange, but I'm pressed for space atm. It's up to you whether or not you "believe it" but they do not hatch with functioning swim bladders so the first week or two are critically important. Too much pressure can cause stress on the swim bladder causing malformation. Shallower is preferred not because deep water will kill them, but because it helps lessen the chance of issues forming down the road.
  11. It has nothing to do with breaking their backs but a lower water level helps the swim bladders develop correctly. Their backs are very fragile but water pressure alone won't break them. If that was the case then none of my fry that hatched in my 55 gal would've been able to swim to the top like they do. I started raising the water levels at about a month old and raised it two inches daily until it was full.
  12. My tanks are on the opposite end of the house from the nearest sink so water changes by bucket or using gravity to empty the tank simply doesnt work. I was originally going to buy a python but a few months prior my LFS actually stopped carrying the python in favor of the Aqueon. What I really enjoy about Aqueon is their customer service. They are really great and take defects and breakages seriously from what I've seen. I haven't had any problems with my 50ft model and I've had it for over two years now. I used to cart it back and forth between home and school too and it has taken a beating and still does not have any parts that leak.
  13. They look great! I have a soft spot for butterfly teles!
  14. He is most likely not in pain however I think it is important to evaluate his quality of life. I would try floating him in a colander for a few days to see if you can straighten him out a bit. It may not have any effect but it were my fish I would exhaust all possible options before throwing in the towel.
  15. Helen I definitely see fluid sacs around the eyes, it looks like a bit more than is normal for a tele. The gasping and periodic bottom sitting also concerns me. When was the last time he was treated for flukes?
  16. ^I do have a sponge filter running on the fry tank, and a airstone on a very low setting (in reality I just spilt one airline into two and divert more air to the sponge filter). This is a pretty old picture but there's the sponge filter, and the airstone on low. That was when I was still raising the water level from 6-12 inches but it's full now. I honestly can't wait until summer because I'm just going to put all my fry into tubs outdoors with lots of water lettuce and let nature do it's thing.
  17. I don't see any particular issues, unless you're referring to the fact that they're so round that their gill plates almost forms a 90degree angle with the head.
  18. Neat set up! Although the pearlies are so round and lethargic I can't imagine they're any fun to watch :/ I mean I love pearlies but even I have limits when it clearly is putting a strain on the animal.
  19. I raised fry before (well okay ONE fry) and he is 8 months old now and doing fantastically. But I am feeding BBS, daphnia, micro pellets, repashy super green, and NLS thera A. I've tried keeping a moss ball or something similar but it just collects too much waste, and since I'm not really sure why they drop dead I'm hesitant to change too many factors. They seem quite healthy and have good appetites and then just die... It's just frustrating because I consider myself a bit more competent than this, so I'm a bit embarrass as well. The water temp is easily 74-75, but I'm going to add a small heater to see if it makes a difference.
  20. Well I lost a few of my larger fry in one day quite unexpectedly. Ushi was having trouble releasing eggs again so I handspawned and I have a bunch of babies from the past week or two so I'm going to try again. I still have 10+ from my last batch but most are small and only a few are looking good developmentally. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong at this stage? They get perfect water conditions, are treated for flukes early but some just fail to thrive? It's pretty frustrating to be honest
  21. They're very cute! Although the gravel does worry me!
  22. They show up as broken links to me. I've tried this on both my computer, AND my phone. Well!
  23. ^Alex your eyes must be going! The pics load fine for me!
  24. I was going to ask where you live that they just frequently appear on shore! But I see you're from AUS so that answers that .
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