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  1. I'm like 15-20min away from philly. Really though forget those ~koi people~ I'll organize and hold my own shows! honestly there are no koi clubs in my immediate area anyway.
  2. ^That would be fun! I could totally host one (I have a fairly large yard!) but most members are up north of me!
  3. I would but we have several inches of snow where I live, and then I have a late class (if I make it there) Thanks for the offer though Mikey
  4. Hey everyone! I had just thrown out my last MM bag at the end of January and of course now one of my fish (Ushi) has pineconed. I've already went ahead and ordered a new bag but it may take 5 days to get here, and that may be too long. If someone could overnight me just enough pellets to last a few days I would gladly reimburse you for your trouble and time. Shes probably around 45-50g, it's been a while since I've weighed her. She's just over a year old and I will not lose her to this! Thanks in advance.
  5. All these cool shows! We never have any in my area (that I've been able to find).
  6. Looks amazing! Your dad has some real talent!
  7. Your tank looks fantastic! And you have such large whales, OSHA will be calling you soon!!
  8. I really enjoyed reading this! My hermit crab tank gets mould on the drift wood occasionally but I squash it with salt water misting which is obviously not a fox in this situation. Regardless plants in my experience can be much harder to keep alive than fish! . I hope the glossy bounces back.
  9. Sometimes you get very passive ones! But in my experience they are the exception rather than the rule. Even well fed mine would go out of its way to stalk and hunt fish.
  10. i really enjoy NLS thera A and omega one pelleted foods. I like feeding super green and typically bulk it up with daphnia or bloodworms. I've fed a lot of food but NLS, omega one, progold, and hikari lionhead/oranda are the best pellets. You have to realize that nearly any pelleted fish food is going to have a preservative in it. In fact the U.S. Coast Guard requires that fish meal that is transported on boats be treated with ethoxyquin. Not only that but "there is no legal requirement for pet food makers to disclose substances that were added to an ingredient before it reaches the pet food manufacturing plant." While food with no preservatives may sound fantastic some sort is typically needed to prevent the fats in the food from going rancid (which would certainly not be good). I personally think that the lifespan of the average goldfish will not be impacted either negatively or positively by having a food which contains a preservative or not. I think it's best to disregard the preservative and focus solely on the main ingredients, because they will be the ones that make the food good or bad in the long run. Also never be afraid to feed a food that isn't goldfish specific. Honestly the best foods I feed (repashy and NLS) do not have goldfish formulas, and that doesn't really matter. The fish can't read the label, and the ingredients are nearly identical to things like omega one or hikari lionhead goldfish formulas.
  11. Wow, you have a local store that sells high-quality goldfish? That's awesome! I don't have any place like that in my area. They all buy from the same supplier. For me it's either buy the $5-8 fish from the store or buy online. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk Yes! It sells a ton of fresh and saltater fish and normally has a great selection of goldfish (Especially in spring) http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/105603-the-aquarium-center-nj-review/ ^here are more pictures! But they're all pretty old!
  12. Hey at least you haven't had those fish 'sperm' in your hands and have it splashed all over! I added handspawning to the list of the strangest things I've ever done for my fish.
  13. I agree with alex about not supporting sellers that do not treat their fish well. My LFS treats their fish quite well, and over the summer I purchased a one eye butterfly telescope from them. She had been injured and they nursed her back to health and sold her to me for a few dollars (where most of their butterfly goldfish go for 30+). She is beautiful and a big pig!
  14. Thank you! It is very bad for crabs to live in or be around painted shells. They are known to try and eat anything and even something that may not kill them can certainly cause issues. Not to mention they need to have access to both salt and fresh water for bathing and this will wear down paint quite fast. It's not so much that I enjoy a natural look, but their needs require certain natural aspects. They need a substrate mix of sand and ecoearth (things like gravel or stones are unacceptable) and they need to have places to hide and climb. Not to mention all hermit crabs are wild caught so I feel like it is a bit sad to put them in a environment that is not at least somewhat natural.
  15. Crabitat- a habitat for crabs. I recently redid my crabitat and thought I'd share some pics! I currently have 3 Ecuadorian hermit crabs and 4 Caribbeans living in a 20 gallon tank. The tanks has a UTH attached to the side to keep it toasty warm and I finally got a mister I am pleased with (exoterra monsoon RS400) I read both good and bad things about it online but the hermit crabs don’t care as long as it mists the cage and it seems to be working fine. I know there are higher quality alternatives like Mistking, but this is fine for now. If it kicks the bucket I’ll replace it with something better lol. I added more sand and made a shelf/hiding place with two log hides and a piece of slate tile. So far everyone is quite happy. Next task is building a net hammock on the right side and filling it with shells (that i have to order). So far the mister is fantastic, it is very quiet (it runs at night without waking me) and it mists them every 2 hours for 8 seconds. Can you spot the difference between the two species?
  16. My crayfish loved mealworms. Crayfish like many crustaceans are primarily scavengers and will do fantastically on almost any omnivorous or carnivorous good quality fish food.
  17. I hope googs perks up! I treat my fish a few times a year for flukes. I think it's practical to treat biannually.
  18. The thing with sand casings (where the "poop" is just sand) is that they are heavier than normal poop. So they tend to fall off in very short lengths and sink immediately. Then they get mashed back into the sand by your goldies foraging. So I think this is why some of you don't see it frequently. I saw it quite often when i kept my goldfish on sand.
  19. I agree with Alex. It is a very natural occurrence as their wild carp relatives sift through sandy bottoms their whole lives with no issues. i have my goldfish on sand for quite a while with no issues, my pond also has a very thin layer of sand that the fish enjoy sifting through.
  20. I'm curious to see how the epoxy sand looks! I've seen it a lot in SW setups but it could definitely be a good idea for goldies I think!
  21. MM have been a lifesaver in many instances with me! I hope your boys recover from whatever was bothering them soon
  22. Both Cider and Ushi have been with me for over a year now (as well as sharkie, orange peel, shokin, and ikura who are outside) but I figured I could do a little before and after comparing when I got them to them now! These guys have been with me though a lot and are both rough 5 times their original weights. Both are really growing into large and beautiful adults!
  23. I have no clue! It can't be very much however because I have not heard complaints from my parents, so it can't be enough to raise the bill substantially. The heater is absolutely fantastic however, and was worth every cent I spent on it (it was quite a few cents let me tell you!). The pond is warm enough that my water lily came out of hibernation and it slowly growing a pad. And it may be anecdotal but I've noticed that in the now months the pond has been around 50 (on some days much warmer but never much cooler) I've seen a significant increase in wen growth. At least much more than I expected to see given the temps, but I suspect this is because increased sunlight when the pond is normally full shade has caused algae to grow thick on the pond walls, which the fish eat. Honestly so far the fancies have taken winter fantastically and I have no doubts about leaving them out for years to come.
  24. Thanks everyone! I really enjoy the lack of work this tank takes, the duckweed is currently taking over the tank surface. Honestly I've had this tank since I was a child. It was my first real tank and at the time it was called an Explorer? I think Emperor made them because they came with an internal filter that was hidden in the hood that ran a biowheel. It had a plastic rim as well but I removed that too, so now it is just a sad acrylic shell of it's former self
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