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  1. Princess peach is huge! I always forget until I go out to feed.
  2. Thank you!! Fattening up fish is my specialty Everyone needs a pond imo! My fish really thrive out there, even thought I'd rather have them inside. Yea I'm a sucker for one eyed teles too! I hope I have them all for many years, if my current telescopes are any indicator they will live a decent while! Telescope orandas do rock! Especially at a 10.99 price point and not several hundred dollars. Thank you! It feels good to be back at it. Thank you! I have a plain bowl as well so you can see finnage better but I really like this one the best.
  3. Have you tried soft foods or frozen foods with her? Because the gill arches also comprise the pharyngeal teeth I could see a high parasitic load in the gills having possible after effects on appetite or discomfort while eating; but after nearly 3 weeks of treatment she should be improving not worsening. How did she behave in the salt dips? What was her gill activity like when she was on her side?
  4. My 40gal breeder was completely empty before this so they're being QT'd in there and then I'll move some out to the pond when it's warmer or move them into another tank in the house. I am! I really wasn't planning on adding anything but the original three but when Mikey showed me those pictures I couldn't say no! I mean I've never seen this type in a store ever, so I couldn't pass it up. If they happen to ever get more in I'll likely buy those as well. Thank you!! In my absence I really developed a fondness for telescoped things it seems lol. Thank you!!
  5. A few weeks back I added the first fish in a long time into QT. A fantail (chosen by the BF), a crowned pearlie, and a celestial. All settled in well and are doing well! I have to get recent pictures of them but here is one from their first day home. Today I added four more fish into QT, all from the store Mikey works at! I purchased three gorgeous telescope orandas (demirandas? Orandikins? Telerandas? Idk) and my goodness they are cuties. A little black more with one eye made its way home with me as well. #1: #2: #3: #4: I'll get some better pictures once everyone has settled in.
  6. Nope. Nothing has changed since "winterized" it. That being said it is heated and never gets below 50 even if it's in the single digits outside.
  7. I finally managed to get some crazy green water in my pond the past few weeks! The fish have been loving it.
  8. I don't know what color temp you're dealing with but with my T5HO florescents I had to use the 6500K ones because they were out of the kind I normally prefer, these are warm and do cast a yellowish tint where as if you move towards the 10000K range you will get a bright cool light. I'm not sure if it's just my fixture but I prefer to have one 6500 and one 10000 or two 10000s. I think the brighter hue makes the fish pop more personally.
  9. I would avoid surgery if at all possible. Simply removing the air should be enough to keep him thriving. Hay being said it is likely his swim bladder has always been deformed but has became more severe as he's grown.
  10. I can help shed a bit of light on the xrays, as I have cut open many a fish in my day so I have a general feel of how things should look on an xray. The swim bladder is divided into two lobes, the cranial and the caudal, in fancy goldfish the caudal can be misshapen, tiny, or completely absent. In this case the caudal has seemingly migrated downward and sits below the cranial, which would explain the floating. The liver in goldfish is odd and is kind of a space filler, it just seems to fill in extra area not being utilized by the other organs. it and the GI tract are in the dark area circled, which looks normal. The other object should be the kidney but when things get so shifted around organ wise I could be incorrect. So it appears the only real issue is the location of the caudal lobe which is likely making it tough for the fish to keep balanced. The swim bladder will likely refill and need to be drained again, but it varies upon the individual on how long it will take. Hope this helps a bit!
  11. You can pm me if you'd like or DM me on Instagram (goldfishgalaxy). We can set up payment either via PayPal or money order. Just let me know
  12. Ah I'm in New Jersey so it wouldn't be a far trip.
  13. I have no problem paying shipping. Where generally are you located?
  14. I can take the pearlscales if you'd like. They will get a nice home in an outdoor pond in summer and a warm tank in the winter.
  15. They are not. The pond is around 2.5ft deep and I don't want to push these guys with anything deeper then a foot of water and low current systems. They'll either live with my TVR in a tub or have their own tub. I really love these guys but since they're SO round I want to take every precaution to keep them in tip top shape, I know how they were kept previously so my goal is to emulate they to some degree. I've only seen a few of these in pictures but I never thought I'd get the opportunity to own one, or three! The key is to go with pearlscales obviously!!
  16. Here are some pretty poor quality photos of the new pearlschus as they settle in. The orange pearlchu has a few bumps and bruises from shipping but is active so I'm monitoring it. The sakura is big fish and a powerful swimmer; I’ve always had a soft spot for sakura ranchu. The little yellow pearlchu is somewhat younger than it’s two friends, at 2 months old, this fish came from Thai buffalo lines so I’m excited to see how it’s wen grows out. It was far too speedy for me to get any good picture of it this time, maybe once it warms up to me more. For anyone who isn’t aware these fish are not a cross of any kind, they are 100% ranchu, spawned from completely normal ranchu parents. However it has been shown that when you linebreed goldfish certain oddities can arise, and in ranchu you sometimes get these funky pearlscaled ranchu (which I have uncreatively called pearlchu). ECR and I happen to share a love of pearlscales, and she entrusted these little ones to me so that I can make my sole purpose in life showcasing how dang cute they are. To the best of my knowledge, these fish do not breed true. But overall I’m so stoked to own these guys; they’re definitely one of the coolest phenotype combos I’ve ever seen. (Also sorry for the watermarks, I've had a few images stolen recently and I don't want to take any chances)
  17. I would use meth blue for higher egg concentrations because eggs can get stuck to one another, but yours are nice and spread out so any bad eggs will be easy to spot and remove. I hope they all hatch! As long as they aren't white by now they're likely nice and fertilized.
  18. When a fish flips it's typically because one lone of the swim bladder is malformed/has collapsed/is absent. When a fish flips it more likely the caudal lobe than the dorsal (but again depending on how it could be either). Could you get a video? Unfortunately in these situations management is key to reduce further stress or damage to the swim bladder. I've had a fish that flips and spins for almost three years now and with management it hasn't gotten worse and he lives a pretty good life.
  19. As long as he can eat it shouldn't be an issue. I have a few fish with pinched mouths, and while some can be caused by high fluke infestation when young just as many are just plain developmental deformities. Just keep it well fed and happy, you can always feed smaller pellets or small bits of gelfood if it shows signs of trouble eating.
  20. The current looks a little strong! If you can baffle it they'd really appreciate it I'm sure. Tosakin need still and shallow water to develop a proper tail form and to prevent health issues because they are not strong swimmers. They look incredible!
  21. I have more but these are my largest three...
  22. Thanks for your response. The other fish are not boated, just well fed I don't think it could hurt.I am concerned its a virus. I'm thinking its a virus too
  23. I would get them all on epsom because they look bloated to me (but I don't know your fish well) and get them on an oral medication such as metro and trisulfa or something of that nature in a gelfood. The sudden onset doesn't seem parasitic to me.
  24. Do you lubricate your impellers? If they get scratched up from sand you can pull em out and apply a thin coat of Vaseline. Works like a charm. I surprisingly never find sand in any of my filters. I have sunset beach in my goldfish tank and flourite sand in the lungfish tank.
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