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  1. LOL! That is how Sushiia got her name...I love eating Sushi! It's one of my many weaknesses.
  2. Well.... When I first got her...I thought it was a girl, so her original name was Sushiia. Over the months, I thought it was a boy, and named him Sushii. Sushiia was the the original. So I wonder if my screen name becomes affected?
  3. Nothing stays the same forever.
  4. LOL! Well, Lupin you were right! This was actually Sushiia's first time ever in the net since getting her two years ago. I always moved her in a bowel. Strange saying "she".... Her tail was so blasted long, I couldn't see anything. And she doesn't even like to be touched...so getting in her the net was very rare!
  5. I had the fish net in the fish tank to scoop out some left over food, and Sushii swam inside the net. DUH! So I knew this was a rare chance and I scooped him up by the surface and got fish water in my mouth!! I removed his fins just to get a glance at the vent and long and behold.... Sushii is a GIRL!!!! I saw the nub. I quickly let her go and she seems upset. Sorry Sweetie! I was kind of sad BUT actually happy he is a she! So I wonder if Chopstix is a boy?! I got a girl. So he is no longer Sushii but Sushiia!
  6. Yeah....I plan on checking Sushii when he is better. I really want to know! Congrats on your finding! You should name the other one after the guy who plays the wolf.
  7. So my Dad actually likes/cares for Sushii a lot, he's not to sure on Chopstix yet, because she is fairly new to him. He had known Sushii has been sick, so he's been buying everything for him: salt, stress coat, medicine, and food. I'm always at work, so he'll take time out of his day to pick things up. Well my Dad found out I removed all rocks from the tank a few days ago and I put a few glass stones in there. Well my Dad comes over to my house today with 10 bags of glass stones for Sushii! Blues and greens! My dad was so excited he wanted to put the glass stones in the tank while I did the water change. So as I was changing the water, my Dad was putting in the glass stones, and don't worry I boiled them in hot water! My Dad wants to pick up more glass stones and I said I think we have enough. He did comment Chopstix is getting bigger...and I said hopefully she can join him in two weeks! I told my Dad he should get a few goldies...he'd said no way! I only like yours. I love my Dad!
  8. I hear silence!! I have glass stones scattered on the bottom on the 55 gallon just to give the tank some color. And since I removed all the other rocks, Sushii lets me sleep, and what's even better, he is sleeping too! He doesn't even clean the bottom at night anymore since I removed the rocks. He does like to push around the glass stones but that's only when I feed him and food hides under the stones. BUT now Chopstix likes to make the smacking noise under her filter at 6 a.m. So I conquered one problem...but now small fry is doing something new, so I am removing some water from the tank to stop her smacking.
  9. So cute! I love the one with the scared expression!
  10. I am very tempted to bid on #37....but I know I wouldn't win. LOL!
  11. Day 2: No sign of ich on either fish. The last time I did a water change on both tanks, and that was Sunday night. Should I do a: 1. 30% water change on the 20 gallon today? 2. 30% water change on the 55 gallon today? I don't want to stress them out, or should I do it tomorrow now?
  12. I would go in a heartbeat IF I had the money!
  13. Since I installed the Sun 6500k fish tank light for the 55 gallon, it's been going through these weird stages. Every morning it seems light it's very dim and takes about three minutes to think about turning on. It makes a weird clicking noise and then I'll tap the bulb just to make it work! Any ideas what to do? I barely have ever used the light. It's about seven years old, and my only used it during the Spring/Summer Months for only three years.
  14. I might try that now. Thanks for sharing the funny story.
  15. Explain how your protective/compassionate side shows when it comes to being a Goldie Mommy/or Daddy... You can only pick out your TOP three reasons: 1.) I will call my sister when I'm at work just to see how Sushii is. 2.) I do a body examine every morning on both fish just to make sure I see no sign of illness. 3.) I always make sure they get a little snack before bed.
  16. LOL! I was laughing when I saw she does backflips!
  17. I will have to agree with Amber. Once Chosptix goes in with Sushii, and I'll be sure to crush the pellets for her, it's everyone for themselves! She will need to learn fast and quick with him, because I feed the fish and off to work I go.
  18. I examined both of my babies today and did not find a trace of ich on them! BUT...I know the parasite is still in there, so treatment will be going on for a while. Good news, I am dropping the tank from 84 degrees to 80 degrees over the next five days, so I don't shock my fish. Both tanks seem happy.
  19. So if we get all our money together, we can buy the $1.00 ranchu and share it. I'll keep it at my house. Deal? Great! I hear noooo's.
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