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  1. Alright I have been doing everything by the book! Both tanks have no signs of ich...but I am not taking any chances! My babies look awesome! And since being on the AP food, I haven't seen any signs of white poop either from both fish! Hopefully this all good signs!
  2. BUMP: I decided to bump up this topic because I just got an email from my Land Lord.... I get to stay for another year!! Sush Sush, Chopstix, and I get to stay where we're at! I'm so happy and relieved at the same time! I was panicking because I haven't found a place at all and only had a 1 1/2 months left! Thank God everything turned out great! My baby goldies can stay put.
  3. I rehomed many of my cichlids in the past due to their fighting or I was getting stressed over their fights. I remember even rehoming many of my cichlids because I found a prettier one than them. I was selfish and dumb when I was younger. Now I have goldfish. I am very protective of them and rehoming them is not an option for me.
  4. LMAO .....that is funny.....Honestly I dont know how old they are, I've only had Jacob and Bella (who I just found out is a boy) for 1 month, and Simi (female) and Akari (male with Breeding Tubicles) for 4 days..lol Jacob and Bella are smaller then the newbies: Simi and Akari... Ohh I hope the 55 gallon cycles fast...lol If I remember correctly the goldies need to be a year old to become sexually mature if that's even right.
  5. Alright I started a poll for everyone to decide her new name here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/81959-sushii-or-sushiia/ I am very torn right now between Sushii and Sushiia! So I need others votes!
  6. It's a good size tank. How old are they? You might have little Twilighter's swimming around soon.
  7. It might be breeding.... How big is your current tank they are in? If they are crowded, they sometimes bully the other. My sister's goldies did this all the time and they never bred, it was because the tank was really small.
  8. They're cute! I love Lilly's color!
  9. Thanks Lupin! Actually Newbiefishgirl, there has been other issues with one of my goldfish since the introduction of an unwanted goldfish some time ago. It's just not the white poop (which was pictured in a previous thread sometime ago that resembles a worm) which has me concerned, but Sushii's rapid breathing and sitting on the bottom of the tank, gasping for air on the surface, erratic behavior, and much more that I can list and my water levels are always good. This issue has been going for more than a month and has been discussed in much of my threads. So I know what has been going on with my fish! It's just not ich itself! I was told by many other fish owners besides the ones here, but others on different forums to put my fish on AP! I know what I am doing. I've had fish for 14 years. And when something doesn't look or feel right...I will act to help my fish!
  10. Chopstix is Sushiia's new tank mate....well almost! Chopstix is in QT at the moment. I purchased her two weeks ago, and here's her pics: 2 weeks ago: NOW: She has grown and gotten fatter! And getting pictures of her wasn't really easy, she hates the camera!
  11. I hope so! But is it okay if I feed Sushiia her peas still even though she is on the AP food? I know with this food you can only use this and nothing else...does that include peas?
  12. This is what I saw from both fish: Chopstix had really long stringy white poop on her tank decor. Sushiia had really long white poop on the bottom of her tank. Both are still in separate tanks, but I decided to feed them the AP just to make sure!
  13. Thanks all! Amyn- I know it doesn't do much for ich...but I just want to make sure they have no worms. HC- Thanks for the tip...even though it's different, the tip did work! I tested it!
  14. I'm starting Sushiia and Chopstix on their very first day of Jungle Anti-Parasite food. They battled/still battling ich BUT I have not seen it present in almost five days now! They both got their first dose of the anti-parasite food, and both didn't seem to mind it. I just want to make sure no one has worms before I put them together in two weeks. So how long should I keep them on it? Sushiia is the one I do have concerns about the most! And can they have any other food while on this stuff?
  15. Can you buy a very big baby net to place her in? I remember when my Oscar was doing that. It was killing me on the inside to watch! Sometimes miracles can happen!
  16. What a cutie! I saw your money fish bowl! Also...if you have any unnecessary things around the house; try to sell things on Ebay to make a few extra $$$ for a bigger tank! I did that so I could buy an additional filter.
  17. Does sitting count as a game? LOL!
  18. Like I said before, stupid people! I don't know what's worse this video, or videos of people throwing beautiful goldies/not feeder fish in a tank of hungry BIG fish!
  19. I told my Dad this morning that Sushii is a Sushiia...he didn't care, LOL! He just likes her size and looks. I think everyone is right about my Dad wanting to participate getting involved, because my Mom wants to get a 55 gallon for her fish, and he tells her right off, NO! She has offered to switch tanks...my 55 gallon for her 30 gallon and I said, No. Sushiia is way to big and Chopstix is soon to be joining her.
  20. Am I the only person a little worried by these comments?! LOL! I seem to misspell at night the most. But can female goldfish bully males/or females around?
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