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  1. Sushi is in a twenty gallon tank right now, and eventually is moving to a 55 gallon in a year, or two that I have put away. He ONLY eats HBH Goldfish Discs only once a day for six days out of the week. Sundays are peas only. He also has two cloth plants that grow green algae and they are covered in it. I never take them out, and I never wash them. To him, they are his gold mine. He pulls off the algae and eats it throughout the day. I also use water softener salt for his water. And his temperature remains at 81 degrees all year round. I do not feed him flake, and once in a blue moon he get's a few small pieces of banana's that I give to him. That's what I do. It's how he's been growing. Hopefully this helps.
  2. I think I have no other choice. :| If this keeps up...I might have to move him somewhere else.
  3. Hi Everyone- Sushi my black moor is refusing to sleep at night. Here's the thing, he always sleeps underneath his favorite plant. When he used to sleep at night, once the lights went out, he'd go under there, and now during the day he sleeps and NOW at night he swims, cleaning rocks, swimming around having fun, smacking underneath the filter and scaring me to death when I am sleeping like it's day time! At first I got scared but I remembered he did this a year ago too for a few weeks! I moved his tank about a month ago and my tv is on at night, but it should not be bright enough to keep him awake. Last year I put a towel over his tank and he went to bed and stopped sleeping during the day. I feed him at 5:30 p.m. every night, and only once a day! His tank is cleaned once a week. Levels are very good! Temperature is always kept at 81 degrees. Has an excellent diet. He's the only fish in the tank. And I turn off the fish tank light at 9:30 p.m. Sushi kept me up all night by making so much noise that I lost a lot of sleep and I did poorly at my job, and yeah, I got in trouble for not staying on task. I love him, but I can't keep loosing sleep too! Any suggestions?!
  4. Thanks so much! His tail is soooo big and bigger than his body!
  5. I love feeding my goldfish HBH Goldfish discs since I discovered it never made him float on his side. I removed flake from his diet seeing it always hurts him!Every Sunday he is fed peas. I want to expand his diet to good things. Tubifex worms never makes him feel good. Vegetables and vitamins too. Any suggestions?
  6. Wow! I never burn candles because I have birds! I never knew it can hurt fish too!
  7. Here are pictures of my baby boy Sushi: Here is a picture where I've had Sushi for three months 9/3/2008: Sushi now pictures taken 11/25/09-
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