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  1. Okay.... Go get your keys, put them in the ignition and drive like you have never drove before! I would snatch him up before some "inexperienced" person does! He's toooo beautiful!
  2. Nope. You're not alone. See my post where it seems I'm freaking out about Sushi's color. LOL!
  3. Thanks guys!! Yeah...I tend to panic when I think something is wrong with him! I am very protective of Sushi. I think the brass is beautiful on him...but I do want him to keep his black. Unless they come up with a new breed...the Brass Moor, lol!
  4. Sushi is my Black Moor....(Pic Below) Ignore his glowing eyes! LOL! Now...his color is going more brass than gold over the last few weeks! Pic here Around his gills and sides is turning brass but still has black.... What is causing his color change? I've seen adult black moors still black but with brass under their belly's and sides. Does this come with age? Should I worry that he will turn all brass color?
  5. Being a horse lover myself...I wish goldfish breeding could be that simple!
  6. Adorable! I haven't seen a hardware/pet place combined since 1988!
  7. Very beautiful! Hahaha...I was checking out the Black Moors!
  8. They're all beautiful! I'd go with A though! I have a feeling he/she will be one gorgeous looker!!!
  9. Very true about their slime coat. I used to own an Oscar, beautiful and intelligent fish....he used to carry hoops and ring a bell for treats! I miss him very much.
  10. Alright... I dimmed down Sushi's light with some cardboard (Don't worry it will not catch on fire). It's not as bright. So far he is still sitting. Let's see how this goes in an hour, because it's cleaning day for him.
  11. Haha...I know the feeling Lupin! I work as a Pharmacy Tech. at a Pharmacy, so I'm always buying "certain" vitamins for Sushi. When people ask me, if I have ever taken this vitamin before, like Colloidal Silver, I say no, but my Goldfish does. There facial expressions is just priceless!
  12. I never thought about adding floating plants! I turn on his light everyday at 7:30 a.m and is on until 9 p.m. And yes...he sits until I shut it off. I might play it somehow to dim down the light.
  13. First four months I've had Sushi, he never had a fish tank light and only natural light. When he moved into a bigger aquarium, he first got introduced to the light. Never seemed to bother him all this time I've had him for over a year. The last few weeks, I've noticed he has been sitting on the bottom of the tank barely moving around. He just got over being sick not long ago. But it has nothing to do with the water lever or food...everything is fine. It's the light! So I turn off the tank light and suddenly he is up swimming around like he full of energy. I wait for an hour and I turn back on his light. Right away he retreats back to the bottom and sits doing nothing while before he was swimming, cleaning, ect! I turn off the light and he returns to being normal! Sushi is a black moor and I don't think the light has problems hurting his vision. Keeping him in a natural setting with no light will do what? He loves it when the light is off. I have green algae that grows on two plants for him to eat and I want to make sure they continue to thrive for him! Do goldfish hate lights? He's never had this problem before?
  14. Stunned. Shocked. Amazed. Can this get anymore bizarre?! My black moor would never do this!
  15. I already have a beautiful black moor male with the perfect body....NOW if I could only find a female black moor like him! LOL! My dream fish!
  16. No it's not golden but a white film on his head. But he seems to be acting like he's 'coughing' a lot! I don't know what his PH is....I ran out of everything and I don't get paid until Friday. I added salt and raised his temp. He is acting a little better BUT it's not good enough for me.
  17. Since I'm still very knew here. I see everyone knows each other very well, and their fish. So I would like to know what is your story about your favorite goldfish? Where did you find him/her? How did they catch your attention? My story starts with a different goldfish that died. I went to the pet store to pick up some bird food. I decided I was done with fish for a long time, and seeing I had an Oscar fish who died too, I retired myself. Until I walked by the Black Moors. There were 10 of them in a very small tank very high off the ground. I could barely see them unless I stood on my tippy toes. They were all sick and deformed looking in a way I have never seen black moors! I saw one swimming by, and he was the only healthy one, and very beautiful. I felt bad for him BUT I remembered I was done. He swam by the glass to come and greet me and pushed the other fish out of his way. He then took off in the back because he flicked his body against the ground. I was in love with him already. Yeah...so I fell for him. Got suckered in. I don't regret a thing. His cost was $10.37 after tax. I still have his receipt, lol.
  18. My goldfish, Sushi has velvet! And I am flat broke until Friday, the day I get paid! I don't even have any credit cards! Is there a way to treat velvet using home remedy things? What should I do?!
  19. Sushi has always been by himself since I purchased him. About four months ago I purchased a friend for Sushi, a black and orange moor named Tokyo. Sushi seemed excited to have a friend in his tank until a day passed and he began really bullying Tokyo around. I moved Tokyo out to a different tank and of course he died a few months later due disease. I have been thinking about buying Sushi a new friend BUT I keep remembering what/and how he did to the other goldfish. The tank is big enough, and I plan on moving Sushi to a 55 gallon in a year that I have put away in the basement. BUT he seems to only want the tank to himself. Don't get me wrong...I love my black moor, but I would love to add another black moor. I just don't know if it's even worth trying. What should I do?
  20. I've had fish for 14 years and pretty much seen everything in the book. Try this: 1. Slowly day by day raise the tank's temp to 77 - 70 degrees. Do NOT raise it that high in one day...you must do it over the next few days. And keep it there. 2. Buy Aloe Vera at the pet store and stress zyme together. 3. Add aquarium salt!
  21. Well I covered him last night and to my surprise he hasn't gone under the plant all day to sleep! He did refuse to fall asleep till 1 a.m. even with him covered I could still hear him cleaning rocks. Then at 3 a.m. I woke up and peeked in on him, and found him sleeping! YAY!
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