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  1. I am going to do a before and after!
  2. I've owned fish for 14 years, and I, yeah, have done it too. So I will not say a word, I am very guilty too.
  3. Sushi's 55 gallon home is only a few weeks away! I just purchased the 55 gallon glass lid! I'm so excited! And I've noticed Sushi has also grown in the last few weeks! He is definitely ready to leave the 20 gallon behind now!
  4. The other goldfish was another moor that was in with him in the 20 gallon when he was a little younger, I think he was being a bully because the tank is small compared to the other one he is getting. But he seems protective of his cloth plants that grow all the green algae on them and that's where he bullied him the most. My sister keeps advising me against getting him a friend, and she has has goldfish longer than me.... Ugh! I'm so torn up in decision. :| I want to expand the tank and I saw a beautiful black moor online for sale! The same size as Sushi!
  5. Yes... The fifty five gallon is on it's way to being set up for Sushi. Everyone keeps telling me to get him a friend. I am highly considering getting another BlackMoor.... BUT what other type of fish can go with a Moor? Well that doesn't have good vision and is a slow swimmer too?
  6. I had the same problem BUT with the Cichlid community. I had a bully. I thought everything would stop....but then one day I woke up, and 80% of my fish were dead! Guess what...I put the fish in a zip lock baggy and drove to the pet store and dropped him off. I didn't care. I lost all my favorite fish, and of course I still get angry about it. Present Day: Now when I got a new gf some months back, Sushi bullied the other goldfish, I had no other choice but to give the new GF away to my Mom. I'd put that comet in the bucket for the night! And then bring him to the store tomorrow. I know it sounds heartless BUT who was there first? You might wake up the next morning to discover your fish had the same fate as my old fish!
  7. What do you mean? http://www.raingarden.us/4507a.JPG http://www.raingarden.us/4785a.JPG http://www.raingarden.us/4786a.JPG http://www.raingarden.us/4787a.JPG and more BABIES!!!
  8. Don't feel awful! You did the best you can!
  9. Alright.... I called Pet$mart and they sell 55 gallon glass lids for really cheap! I told them I will be in on Tuesday! Just three more weeks! Now the joy of buying filters...yay. :|
  10. So my precious blackmoor is moving to the 55 gallon within three weeks! Yay! I went down in the basement to examine the empty tank and I noticed things were missing: 1. The fish tank hoods 2. The two filters 3. The heater I called my mom, and she told me she tossed them out about two years ago! I need to buy new ones!!! I only have the tank and light left. I plan on using the old filter is Sushi's tank to add the fishy things he needs. My mouth hit the ground when I saw that I might have to buy a new light and hood together for almost $100.00 NOT including the heater and filters! I was thinking about using glass lids I've seen on some tanks. Is that possible? I am NOT happy about what my Mom did! I am against keeping the lid off because I do have a bird and I fear him falling in and drowning! Just my luck! I'm also considering buying Sushi a buddy, yes, a friend BUT I am afraid he might lose his personality. Can he be by himself in such a big tank? I really don't want him getting stressed or sick.
  11. Must be very sad human being and desperate...he needs a good hobby and goldfish breeding is NOT one of them. He should sell nuts as a living because he sounds like one!
  12. Alright, alright. Sushi will be moving in his 55 gallon home in January because the Christmas tree is in its place right now, so he does have to wait. BUT I am not sure if I want to buy him a friend...it would be a other black moor like him but the last time I did it, he bullied it to almost death!
  13. Seems like everyone agrees with the idea....but don't I need to let the tank run for 30-90 days w/out fish even though the tank has not been used in a while? I do need to buy a new filter and lids too, but I won't be able to get it until January. Oh when I was younger how I used to throw a fish in water without knowing any better. Yeah. Let's not repeat the past. LOL!
  14. I, too agree! I have always used table salt, sea salt, and aquarium salt. All three work fine with me, and I've been doing it for 14 years. My old Oscar always had table salt in his tank and he lived to the age of nine. Never bothered him. Sushi has it too, and he's fine.
  15. When I first purchased Sushi...he was about the size of a silver dollar and he lived in a 10 gallon tank. I upgraded him three months later into a 20 gallon. It's been over a year now touching two years in September 2010. Sushi is 3 1/2 inches in body/4 inches in tail fin alone. He still has plenty of room in the 20 gallon BUT I have a 55 gallon downstairs in the basement that my old Oscar (King) used to live in. Miss my Oscar to death! R.I.P. The tank has not been used in 2 1/2 years. I tossed out the filters and the lids STUPID ME! I am highly considering moving Sushi to the 55 gallon in April BUT he will be so small in a big tank. Should I wait one more year? Or move him in Spring?
  16. He should be fine! It's better than nothing!
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