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  1. Thanks everyone! Sooo...I used the Top Fin heater last night and it did a beautiful job lowering the tank down to 79 degrees, it can keep going lower if I want it. I was also up every hour last night checking on his temp. So I barely got any sleep! When the weather gets better...hopefully later this afternoon, I am going out to buy a new heater!
  2. UGH! I hate this snowy weather! I am trapped in the house because I would of left to get a new one! I have a other heater that is 115V 60HZ by Top Fin but if I remember those also gave me problems! I don't understand why the heater was fine for the last 24 hours and now is refusing to work?!
  3. Okay the tank heater is 200W...it was fine yesterday and it kept the tank at 80 degrees, and it's setting is at its lowest. NOW it wants to keep climbing in temp! I don't want Sushi to get hurt. What should I do?
  4. You must be exicted Roano! My parents purchased me my 55 gallon when I was 18! Now being 27...the tank is still with me. Are you sure you want to use bleach? One woman did that some years ago with her oscars and the bleach was somehow still in there even after it was cycled for a long time, and it killed them. Sushi is destined to be a loner. I am going to buy him more cloth plants when the weather clears and maybe a nice background.
  5. I don't know what's funnier that he races across the tank to get to his cloth plants or plays in the bubbles. His tank is slowly climbing back to 80 degrees, which is fine, it was his old temp a month ago. Kelsang- Sushi is about 3" in body length and his tail is 4" and he is showing more signs that he is getting bigger. I might be his favorite mummy for now..but give it time, he'll favor someone else if they give him food. LOL!
  6. At 8:00 a.m. I got up this morning and I was ready to start the transition of moving Sushi over to the 55 gallon. I had a slight problem that his temp in his old tank was at 75 degrees while the 55 gallon was at 80 degrees. And I did take much of his water from the 20 gallon and placed it in the 55 gallon. Fearing he would get sick, or get dopsy, I refused to put him in until the 55 gallon was dropped down to 75 degrees, so I unplugged the heater. Meanwhile as the temp was dropping I was moving his plants over and the bubbler. Talk about getting the floor wet wearing socks...not a good combo! I added the salt, other good stuff. Checked out the water and everything was perfect! The tank then has dropped down to 75 degrees. Now moving him was very tricky, I didn't want to grab or net him. I always transferred him by using bowls. I placed a big white bowl in his 20 gallon, and like a good boy that he is, decided to swim right in it! I picked him up out of the water and walked him over to his new home. He didn't move or even panic! I placed the bowl gently in the water and he swam right out! The first thing he did was forage through his rocks and then he greets his two cloths plants filled with green algae that he always loves to eat! He got spooked when he realized he could go further than he used to! He kept swimming and going faster and faster! He went to the surface and it was higher, so he panicked and retreated back to the bottom, and yes, I did laugh. Over the last several hours he has NOT stopped swimming and greeting everyone! I have never seen him so happy before! When he was in the 20 gallon, he always sat and barely swam...I guess he was bored and crammed! NOT ANYMORE! He loves his new home and I am very happy that I came here and asked everyone for the advice! My sister and I talked and we both agree that getting another goldfish is out of the question...Sushi has really grown over the last month, and besides I fear getting a new fish, seeing how it might get him ill! Sushi is much bigger than I thought, and I have a feeling he is going to be a very BIG black moor. He has NOT stopped swimming NOR has he sat under the plant at all! He keeps begging me for food but he ate this morning in his old tank, so not until tomorrow. I will be posting pictures tonight!
  7. I've always kept Sushi at 80 degrees ever since I purchased him. I just decided a month ago to drop him down to 75 degrees. The heater I have right now in the 55 gallon is refusing to go any lower than 80 degrees. The tank right now is 80. Sushi is still in his 20 gallon and his tank temp is 75 degrees. I have no choice but to slowly move him back to 80 degrees. Of course it never bothered him. Any other options? His personality never changed with the temp difference.
  8. Woohooo! 55 gallon fish tank as a Christmas gift, I remember when my parents did that for me! I still have mine, and I have been setting it back up over the last three days for my blackmoor to move in. Now did I get anything? Nooo. I was going to go out today, but there is a lot of ice and snow on the roads, so I am going to wait. Not risking it getting hurt going to the pet store. Stupid weather!
  9. Same here! He is has grown since I took those pictures of him back a month ago! He doesn't like the fact he's got no rocks right now in his tank, lol.
  10. Alright I got the tank on the stand and I have one light over it. I put Sushi's rocks from his other tank in the 55 gallon, along with one of his plants. Tomorrow I will be adding the filter. The pictures are not that clear. And, yes, I have two heaters in there. I was testing which one was going to do a better job. His old home is 9 x 20" His new home is 12 x 48" Just two more days!
  11. Thanks Everyone! Whitner- I had an Oscar fish in the 55 gallon for eight years, after he died, I took a very big break from it! The cleaning just always put me off, but now Sushi is getting bigger. I decided it's time for him to move in.
  12. I was going to setup the entire thing tonight...but I got invited to a Christmas Eve party soooo...I got it cleaned up instead. Tomorrow I will fill it up with water before I go see family. Saturday I will be setting it up more. Sushi's old home 20 gallons: Sushi's new home in the works: Sushi is hiding underneath his plants in the first picture...I turned the lights on him, lol! I've had this 55 gallon forever. So I will be using his old filter to cycle his tank and using his rocks, water, and with some plants. He will probably be moved in by Sunday.
  13. Tomorrow is the day I bring up the 55 gallon from the basement and move everything in my bedroom! Yeah this is what I am doing for Christmas Eve...I'm single so, I have an excuse! I get to fill up the tank...and move Sushi's filter into it so I can get his bacteria in it! NOW I have been thinking of buying Sushi two new friends!
  14. On Friday....or Saturday the 55 gallon will be setup! The lids have arrived! I am sooooo excited!
  15. http://www.oldtownaquarium.com/ NOT to far from my house....plan on taking a visit in Spring!
  16. TORTURE!! TORTURE!!! I have the money BUT I have horse riding lessons coming up soon....so there it goes!! LOL! How about we pitch in all together and share him/her...he can stay with me! Huh? Good idea? LOL! It won't happen.
  17. Pick him up? I am afraid to do so. It is a thought though!
  18. I have a Blackmoor and he is strictly on HBH Goldfish discs that float to the bottom. He loves them and never has a problem but he is also by himself too!
  19. I feel like pulling out my hair! I want to move Sushi so badly in the 55 gallon fish tank! The lids have been shipped and so has the filter! I plan on using his old filter in the 55 gallons for a few days before I transfer him over. The tank is just sitting downstairs empty! The stand is too! :( I want Sushi to have this big ocean and be free instead of being stuck in a 20 gallon! This is killing me! Boooo! How can any of you do a 60-90 day wait? I cannot even wait anymore! Anyways my question is.... How should I transfer him over? I have only taken him out in the past with a bowl and never a net. He is bigger and I don't want him stressed. I might get a BIG bowl and set it in his tank and wait for him to do that...he always seems to go in it. Any other ways?
  20. Almost two years old... I tried getting him a friend, he kind of bullied him almost to death. I'm not sure if I will get him a new friend when I get the 55 gallon setup.
  21. Yeah...I wanted to kill Sushi last night! Not literally but I was getting aggravated with him! I kept having anxiety attacks, and it's something I suffer from. Now when it would stop, I could finally get back to sleep...3x in a row after the anxiety attack stopped and I closed my eyes, Sushi would be smacking the top of the tank at 1 a.m. 2:15 a.m. and then 4 a.m.! It would be that SMACK in the same corner of the tank! I wanted to flush him down the toilet last night, especially suffering from anxiety attacks is very scary! This is something new he is doing! I noticed his appetite is increasing a lot more. I feed him 2x a day. He is also getting MUCH bigger. He is getting the 55 gallon on December 26th or January 3rd...depending how fast things get here with the Holidays. I noticed his attitude has also change over the last week. He is not paying really much attention to me. All he wants is food, food, food! He also has been bullying his green algae plants until they are out of his way. He is aggressively going through the rocks looking for food. He is the only one in the tank. His temp is at 75. I won't go any lower than that due to the fact he will get sick. I'm not sure is he is happy anymore. Is the fact that he is getting older that he becomes more demanding? Usually after he eats, he goes through everything...then an hour later sits underneath his favorite plant for about 15 minutes and becomes playful. His activity has changed. The water has not changed. His levels are good too. Why is he becoming more demanding suddenly?!
  22. Right now I'm on a 15 minute break from finals!! So about four days ago, I bidded on a 55 gallon glass lid. Someone out bidded me, and so I moved on! I found someone else on Ebay who was selling theirs for cheaper and I purchased it. To my surprise the old lid I was out bidded on, now says I am in the lead because the person retracted their bid! It now has seven hours to go! I emailed the seller explaining to them, I am no longer interested in bidding on their product, someone else out bidded me, and so I moved on and purchased it else where! The person has not responded yet, and I cannot even retract! Sorry if I win, I am NOT paying for it! And I'm not sure if this belongs here or not, but I am very fired up about it!
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