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  1. Never mind. I just rechecked him...he's got dots or whatever you call those things on his side fins! Does that mean male?
  2. Thanks Lupin! I just found a Black moor male..he's got tubercles on his face! I might get him! I wish I knew if Sushi was male or female!
  3. Hopefully this can go here...if not, I don't mind it being moved. I am now looking into purchasing a GF online in the US only. Where are some good places?
  4. I know! And that bothers me too. What happens if I got one and he rejects him/her...then I have a new fish on my hands, lol.
  5. Sushi is in his 55 gallon. I know he favor's his "Bed" plant, and yes, every night he goes to sleep under there. He gets so excited when he sees me and he'll come out to swim BUT towards the afternoon and evening time he just swims under his plant and sits until someone comes by....only me. I don't know if he is depressed or just lazy! He did this in the other tank. I WAS considering getting him a friend but in the past he beat the crap out of a black moor...and it died a month later due to injuries. I was thinking maybe he does need a friend...someone his own size! Many of you have seen photos of Sushi and he is not small! I am thinking about buying a black moor online...if I know it won't be expensive! I am NOT going to Pet$mart or any other place...the ones around here are always filled with sick fish! I got lucky when I got Sushi from Pet$mart. What should I do? His levels are all good. I am torn about this...and if I do get another moor, how will I know Sushi won't become a bigger bully?! He really doesn't like other fish.
  6. Sushi is very happy! Of course he still sits under his green plant to rest, lol.
  7. I love everyone's nicknames so far!
  8. Just enjoy buying all the fun plants you can!
  9. Thanks all! I wouldn't of done this for another few months if it wasn't for all your advice! I see I made the right choice.
  10. I own a black moor and I don't see myself with anything else. And I always thought if I was going to buy another goldfish, it would be a moor. I am not much of an Oranda person like others who are not crazy about moors. It's like certain people like certain dogs...to each of their own. IF you don't have the tank then hold back. It may be a phase you're going through too.
  11. So....I want to ask everyone. How many of you have nicknames for your goldfish? I do! My nickname for Sushi is Sush Sush or P.I.B. meaning Pain in the Butt! LOL! So admit it...what nicknames do you have for your goldies?
  12. Here is the link: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80790-i-got-pictures/
  13. Thanks everyone! It's why I made the decision to keep him by himself. He is not going to be small! I've only had him since July 2008, and he was already bigger than everyone in the tank at the pet store. He needs all the room he can get. His tail gives me signs that he might reach anywhere from 8" or 10" I had an Oscar that was 12" long, and I housed him in the 55 gallon BUT when Sushi gets bigger, I will move him to a 90 gallon when that time comes!
  14. Yay! Great to see him move! Spilling the water during the drive....priceless.
  15. What a surprise! Goldies have love on the mind besides food! LOL!
  16. Thanks! I forgot these ones too!
  17. I finally got pictures of Sushi in his new home! Playing in bubbles! Foraging for food! Smacking the corner and always scaring me to death! He loves his cloth plant filled with green algae! Loves to eat it everyday. Posing for the camera! Seems to favor the right side of the tank! He ignores the left side a lot. :| Foraging again. Being cute: Showing his gold belly: Hanging out with the thermometers!
  18. I've known people to use bleach in the past...but after hearing that woman's story, both her Oscars were nine too when it happened! So I won't even try it! I am so excited you got the 55 gallon! Hahaha...you'll going to go crazy/fun at the pet store! Do you plan on getting anymore fish?
  19. Okay...okay. I will be getting pictures this afternoon. LOL! I was up all night with him so my energy is drained. So give me a few hours and I will post them up.
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