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  1. The tank is too small for three goldfish... You need to buy a bigger tank and that should stop the problem!
  2. I lived in Minnesota for a while...I plan on moving back! I am soooo checking out that Fish store when I do!
  3. Thanks all. I am going to stop by the pet store today to pick up some things...not a fish BUT I'll take a look.
  4. He does want me to wait until he updates the telescope photos...so I'm not sure if I have him/her yet.
  5. Wal-smart should be open 24 hours....well maybe by me, and Top Fin is really cheap and works good! Do you have a Meijers near you? They have good cheap heaters too.
  6. I would not take the risk! I had a heater fill up with water and it began sparking electricity in the glass! Can you go out to wal-smart and pick up a cheap heater for the night?
  7. Is it possible he took in two rocks and swallowed one? The rock may of injured his mouth too. It happened to my mom's old fish...the fish had a injured mouth for about a week and then it went back to normal.
  8. Well...I got an email back. He wants to update the photos on the group of telescopes. I might have to wait this week or next to see photos....so IF by chance I drive to the pet store in the next town..I might pick one up instead.
  9. Alright! My biggest fear someone may of purchased him/her! Hoping it's a girl. She and Sushi will look very pretty together.
  10. I am still waiting for his email! Argh! It's like Christmas morning all over as a kid,lol.
  11. You should see the fish in my town! :| My view of pet stores have changed! The goldfish are half dead or diseased.
  12. Alright...I made my decision about the fish. I will get him/her! I just emailed Steve asking if he can hold him/her! I want quality NOT crap! I got very lucky with Sushi getting him at a regular pet store!
  13. Now I'm torn! I gotta think for an hour while I clean Sushi, lol! Steve emailed me earlier and says he's got a few black moors coming in too! I am becoming obsessed with gf!
  14. I know! My family thinks he/she is ugly! They want me to hold out until I go back to the pet store on Sunday because they get their shipment on Wed. What should I do? Wait till Friday and visit the pet store that carries beautiful fish or email steve? I really like this guy BUT my Mom a beautiful GF from the store that I will be visiting Sunday.
  15. http://www.raingarden.us/4604c.JPG This guy/gal! I think will be perfect for Sushi!
  16. I have no credit cards! Boooo! I wonder if he can hold him/her?
  17. Ugh! I found a beautiful fish on Rain Garden BUT I don't get paid until Friday! What should I do! I would love to have him/her!
  18. Yeah...he is growing up. He will be turning two next year. Hahaha...I remember when he lived in the 2 gallon, 20 gallon, and now the 55 gallon. Very spoiled. Well...if I see a black moor..hopefully girl, I will get her. All males are a no no with him! You guys gave a good laugh tonight. I needed it...seeing how bad my day was earlier.
  19. Can goldfish get jealous? I noticed when I walk away he will swim around for a few minutes and then go back under his plant until I walk by, and he comes out to say hello. I swear my old Oscar fish hated me back in the day when he was alive...now I have a goldfish that is attached, lol.
  20. LOL! You two are making me laugh so hard! I just noticed he's has tubs slowly appearing on his fins but nothing on his face yet....does that mean my baby boy is becoming a man fish?! LOL! Probably explains why he was so aggressive to the other moor in the past! Now if I can find a female moor....
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