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  1. Hi all- Something's up or wrong with Sushii! I checked her water quality and everything is fine! Today nothing was on her fins..... NOW on the back tail under her fins and not on the rims but on the fins itself are white blisters and they are white and they look like pimples! Nothing was there this morning and now it's all over her and underneath! I have no idea what these things are!
  2. Well after 2 1/2 weeks of observation, ect. I diagnosed Sushii with swim bladder disorder! I need to know what is the best way to treat and hopefully defeat this issue! She's had it now for 3 1/2 weeks. She bottoms sits and head dives or swims oddly. She still does the 'coughing' swims backwards and hit the ground. Her water levels are fine. My hands are up in the air with this one!
  3. Thanks Sarah and Amymitchell. She seems to be doing slightly better since I have started feeding some AP food.
  4. Okay I got a video...I am uploading it now. Sorry the quality is not that good....but you can see something is wrong. First video: She does a spiral slam comes up to greet me and then slams in the corner at the end. 2nd Video: She comes up and spirals and slams her head in the gravel and you can see her coughing.
  5. Thank all. I have actually been crying since seeing her like this. I did a 50% water change and it still hasn't had an effect.
  6. Something is very wrong with Sushii! All water levels are normal! I checked it all! Food and diet has not changed; only added peaches, strawberries, and corn and she is fine! Two weeks ago she was up and swimming, foraging, and being a goldfish! Since the heater was accidentally "shut off" and the tank was 79 degrees and dropped to 63 degrees for two days, and I slowly reworked the tank back up to 79 degrees over four days not to shock her! She no longer swims but sits! When she gets up to swim she coughs, spirals down, and slams on her belly! She only acts normal when it comes to eating! Chopstix is falling into depression but Sushii is ignoring her! I checked for dopsy, ich, velvet...nothing! Poop is normal! Ever since the temp drop she has never been the same.
  7. Oh Wow! BIG hugs to you Amber! I hope your fish will be okay!!
  8. Well I came home and both were sitting! Chopstix is still small enough to hide under Sushii's tail, so after freaking out for a few minutes I found her! They don't seem that happy right now, so I am raising the tank again by another 2 degrees. I feel bad for my babies! I didn't mean for this to happen to them.
  9. I did both. One gorgeous one not so gorgeous.
  10. Well the tank is 66 degrees...so I've only raised it slowly and to my surprise Sushii is having a ball?!? She is up and around being goofy in the bubbles and swimming with Chopstix. Okay....odd. The cold water doesn't seem to bother her as of now. Huh? Should I keep her at 68-70 degrees? Oh. And it was my sister who unplugged the heater! She told me she thought the thermometer said 90 degrees, but her vision is not that great, and so she unplugged it and forgot to tell me. She said she unplugged it on Monday night! Which explains why my room was so blasted cold over the last several days! I forgave her, I mean I would understand why'd she freak out because her goldfish died when the tank heater didn't shut off and she was at work and it cooked them in other words, so she panicked over mine. I told her the heater was fine! Ugh. The moors are eating now and seem to be fine.
  11. I just gave her a small snack and she seems to be snapping out of her cold front and she getting very aggressive right now when it comes to eating. I don't know WHO touched my heater...but I will find out! I am very fired up right now, you have no idea!
  12. I am seriously scared! Sushii came up to see me, and Chopstix is nudging her to swim...it looks like the dial was even played with on my heater! I am trying to fix it right now! Sushii is not like the cold water either! I will do what you say, Sarah! Thank you!
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