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  1. only time i ever had a pleco attack a goldie was when one got trapped on the intake tube. but aside from that they were fine. plus if you had space, and something to entertain a pleco, i.e. spots and what not. then it should be fine. especially if they are baby sized. i had a 3-4 inch pleco with goldies a while back. and it was fine. in my 55 tropical tank. i had a common pleco, 6 inch, with smalll fish. no issues. both died though over time. odd deaths. now i have a small 3 inch rubber nose pleco. no issue. i dunno, i guess it can vary. the attitude of the pleco. but i wouldnt worry to much. just keep his belly full and you wont see him munching away on other things.. D:
  2. The six are in a 55. Dun worry, I do good water changes and I'll be getting a big tank once I move out. ...which is... sometime. ahh. i wasnt concerned about overstocking actually haha. it just seemed like a fairly big tank. figured it was bigger than mine. when its actually the same. but the illusion of bare bottom vs heavily planted tricked me. if anything, filtration would save you luckily though switching from tank to tank with a barebottom is a whole different story. as for me. if i ever go bigger. holy moses. the work i would have ahead of me.. D:
  3. haha looks like they are having a party! when they are all together. how big is your tank?
  4. i have a tetra heater, at least i think its tetra, anyways, the light turns on and off when it neeeds to change the temp to maintain it. which i assume a lot of heaters do. but if the temps are dropping. maybe something is wrong. have you tried contacting hagen?
  5. ahh yes, dumb me, i should have pointed that out as well. with the inverts, and ODing the fish. you mainly use though according to gallons and the amount of plants. like if you have a 100 gallon tank but 2 plants. your not going to treat the tank with 100 gallon dose ratio or else your fish shall be harmed with the supplement. great thing to point out Kateana! and C02 would be very nice to have. but $$$ is quite an issue. D: and space at times, to hide such a set up.
  6. holy smokes! some of thse are just... MASSSIIVE ! and some very attractive as well XD
  7. haha great shots! i love their wens! .. now we should, or maybe you should? to make it fair. a betta thread. that would be very cool. we cant cover alll fish obviously, but i guess various goldies and bettas would be cool. what do you think? shall we poll it?
  8. http://www.bigalsonline.ca/Fish_Plant-Care_Fertilizers-Additives_Multi-Purpose-Plant-Food-Supplement_9165569_102.html?tc=fish this. You can buy this online or at any Big Als location. great price, i bought one medim sized bottle for my 55 gallon. has lasted months, almost done it, but it works great, i need about 2.5-3 cap fulls to treat my 55 gallon. Doesnt promote algae, i treat my tank once a week, after every water change. and it doesnt have.. something which wont harm the fish, so it works great. its a multi purpose thing, you can always get this: http://www.bigalsonline.ca/Fish_Plant-Care_Fertilizers-Additives_Flourish-Excel_8065537_102.html?tc=fish works well apparently, havent owned it but i have heard good things. its a bit more precise, in the sense that it isnt multipurpose, supplement wise.They also have a phosphorous one which is good if you own red colored plants, they need more of that, plus strong lighting. hope this helps sometimes plants have their "melting" periods, but anubias are pretty darn hardy, so its a bit odd to see this happening.
  9. well then. i must admit, it took a while to read all this, but it was well worth it as i am still learning. interesting debate this has become here. all of you have great knowledge of this, and i feel that most of you know well enough what you are doing. bodoba makes a great point that the D and D section is more so your novice group, so teaching them that water changes is a must. is a good habit to teach. D and D though also consists of people , such as a lot of people on koko's that do know what they are doing, but at times. get stuck. it happens. i dont know much of this stuff, but i have learned from all this, so i do thank you guys for starting this.... formal debate i suppose. in conclusion though, i do feel that its safe to say that everyone here has good knowledge about what they are currently talking about, and maybe instead of being annoyed, or arguing with one another, it would be nice to TEACH one another as i have learned some interesting stuff as well. what i have noticed is that OP has their own method of keeping their water clean, and so do other posters. its just habbits, luck, skill and overall knowledge which i feel are unique to everyone, and of course some general knowledge and skill which more or less, should be followed. Now if i lost you guys a bit is, this is what i mean, OP has a barebottom tank it seems, but has been able to counter her argument with crushed coral, etc. while other posters have their own method to dealing with their water quality with substrate, sand, type of fish etc. so in the end. i say it would be nice if maybe we can get some more threads involving various techniques or ideas all shared together. almost like a wikipedia page. we all contribute. something like this thread, but maybe without the sort of arguing part as some people know more than others, so they cannot expect everyone to be at the same skill level. just my 2 cents!
  10. sounds like that i am one of the few tetra whisper owners that actually have it working 100 percent. and all the other ones go kaput! D: and this fluval 405 seems great, but its not cheap . just checked it out. 250 ! which is a bit much for me. i at least already have a filter, so i could just add in one more. but for you, if i am not mistaken, its a completely new set up. so i guess you could consider it. though if its too much, the biowheel seems great!
  11. never heard of it :S sounds a bit bootleg but gunbunnyj says its good. :S
  12. awww "( a fish with such a cool name too! RIP buddy. hes prob. rockin out in fish heaven !
  13. oh god here we go again. haha i had a very similar thread. but for a 55 gallon. though i will say, aquaclear is great, biowheels are great and so are the tetra whisper series. Though from much discussion, when cleaning or moving cartridges and you may get all the gunk in your tank. the biowheel eliminated that issue. though on noise, people said whisper. on price, aquaclear. all great in the end. you cant go wrong.
  14. hey thats a good price. i wouldnt mind getting one soon enough. dunno if i really need it but it would clean a lot which is good.
  15. aww and i like sand. if i were ever to get it. note to self, avoid fish that get scared easily XD aside from that though. did you try adding some sort of sock i guess or sponge to the filter? i think in your other thread, which i actually just commented on you said you are removing the sand. anyways if you have yet to remove it. have you tried that?
  16. oh i have had the same issue. i have had this tank for months! and in my old tanks, for months as well, and algae BARELY showed up. i got TONS of plants. if you check out one of my latest threads of my tank update you shall see. though once i upgraded my light fixture, algae is now showing up more often. not like. in a mother load, but a more noticeable load i guess we could say. i guess thats why i never had algae. my plants would rob it all, plus good water changes, i guess it never had a chance. until now though with 108 watts for 55 gallons
  17. haha their cheeks are priceless !
  18. when i owned a common pleco, before he went to the other side, he was about 6 inches roughly, and he never ate them. he would go on them, and chillax but thats about it. not once would he eat it. only way i would ever see any of my fish attempt to eat it if lets say a little piece came off and its on the ground. then maybe. even then they really didnt touch it. my Chinese algae eater, same thing. see see but no touch . hope this helpps.
  19. my lfs has them alone in their own small tank. which is a lot smarter. id suggest ebay or craigslost as a lot of LFS are like.. 8 to 10 bucks for one. while you can get 5 for the same price online. as for will they be fine in a tropical tank.. of course! i have about 5 of these moss balls and they are doing amazing in my tropical tank
  20. id poop my pants. id love to haven an entire room dedicated like this. the deal is amazing.
  21. ahh i love ..LLOOOVEEE moss balls! i got like.. 5 i believe. and one of them is bigger than a baseball roughly now. its cool how its all just algae what about java moss? seems very algae like.
  22. ahh id love to have my glass in algae thats not a quality lfs in my opinion ! i actually like my lfs, Big Al's quite the dedicated company and employees
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