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  1. The male.. so her partner, died about 3 or so weeks ago, dont see how she would dislocate it now. when they did mess around, he would chase her around the tank for bursts of .. less than a second and she would flee and thats about it. there was never a bite or some sort.
  2. curious what on earth it did to do this. my only guess is that it smashed its face against the betta container.. which is actually empty as i relocated my bettas . ugh ! but alright i shall keep this thread up to date if anything else goes wrong :S thanks
  3. is that it? i just let it slowly close up again and then hopefully it will heal again? ill feed them only blood worms then for now i suppose that way its nice and moooshy.
  4. and now its opened :S maybe its dislocated or sort of broken? so maybe it opened it again and now its stuck open
  5. killifish lay eggs on leaves :S and i dont see how it would get eggs anyways if the male died a while back. the UPDATE ! the mouth is almost 100 percent closed now :S anyone knows what happened?
  6. i just took a look at my killifish.. the female one, as the male offed itself a few weeks back.. anyways its bottom jaw looks like this D: literally. i swore it was fine earlier when i fed it not too long ago ! anyways, i have had the fish for.. i have no clue, over 5 months now , water is dandy i promise you that, my kit is running low so i need to buy a new one soon. i had plans on doing a water change today anyways too. every sunday. anyways, lets swimming fine and what not.. but its face is quite disturbing. no cuts no blood though which is good.. but what do i do ? i have had the tank running for almost 1 year now, so dont worry about it not being cycled etc.
  7. yeah i honestly dont think there are.. meds for such a case, and as for eating glad to hear that. as for his breathing it varies a tad bit. oh and as for the face.. i shall take pictures of my other bettas tom. then and compare em, because they dont look like this one glad to know.. well not glad, but good to know that im not the only one this has happened to... wow okie im struggling here. the point IS that im glad that at least yours recovered in a sense and swam and ate fine. so lets hope mine has the same fate at least.
  8. first picture is a huge fail, i couldnt get the best angle as he wasnt really doing much, and .. well through my standards as most of you may know, i am .. or well studying to become a professional photographer, so posting pictures like this i dont like anyways, the first one i tried raising the exposure in lightroom as it was a bit tard, .. cropped the image too to blow it up more, anyways, excuse the bad picture, .. as you see his face is differently shaped as is this gill i was talking about, you kind of see it as black.. in the second picture, it shows more his color which i liked, as the first image made him look ugly. anyways, there you sort of see better how it sort of sticks out. D:
  9. tried feeding just now.. no luck, though what i have realized is that well.. bettas usually have the same shaped head, and there mouth is sort of .. like a bird, with a beak. but this one isnt, has a more round face.. why do i have a feeling, he may be born differently. he actually went to go eat it, and it wouldnt fit.. or he just couldnt eat it :S it was a really small hikari betta pellet as well and he ignored the blood worms as well. though parshly because he gets really scared when i am near him . as for pictures, give me a second as i have to shower first XD
  10. yesterday i got myself a 2.5 gallon tank, some dividers and 2 new bettas because i got tired of using the smaller containers which float in my 55 gallon. impossible to clean. anyways, i got 2 new crown tail, and my usual halfmoon some of you may know. so i did everything right.. except one mad fail. when unbagging one of my crowntails, i opened the bag and tried to carefully pour it in the tank.. i did that, except the only thing i poured out was the water! leaving the betta stuck inside . the bag crumpled last second on me and so he got stuck, it took about 10 seconds or less to try to get him to slide out, which he did, but im not too sure if i hurt him. now before i explain whats wrong with him, im just confused if I did this, or if it was like this when purchased, and i didnt noticed. anyways, i dont want to return him because thats not nice to bail out on it like that. so have you ever seen a betta flair up? and underneath its side gills, another set of gills show up behind them? you know what i mean? well one of the sides, flaired or not flaired up, it has in a way curled outwards somehow if you follow. so when he breaths you can see its some heavy breathing, and this is causing him to SLIGHTLY and ever so slowly float a bit upwards enough to get about 1 cm underneath the surface. i think this is most likely my fault.. i feel really bad for it, hence i dont want to bail on it. it hasnt noticed the food i have attempted to give it so i dunno. im not entirely sure what to do guys. i could post pics, put i will have to do that later. thanks in advance.
  11. what would be the difference out of the original and this.
  12. seen it many times in tanks with fish, small fish, but aside from size, i have never heard anything bad, if anything, seal it if its hollow just to make sure shtufff doesnt get in there and stay in there
  13. yup any media that has that good (but not so attractive looking) bacteria should be going in the new tank. not literally in the tank of course, but in the filter. anyways, do that, and transfer some or all if you can, of the 29gallons of water that you already have, which shall help speed things up a bit. better for the fish too as its not a 100 percent water change. i did this a few months back and had no issues. if you are getting a filter, and havent gotten one, aquaclear has good power filters, so does tetra (tetra whisper ex70 for instance) umm.. marineland biowheel, the 280 i believe its called, even getting a 400 would be fine. but if you want to get better filtration , id get a canister, eheim 2213 or fluval. not to sure whats the model of fluval, but those are the two best brands it seems. canisters will have less GPH though then power filters, though they will cotnain A LOT more filtration media then a power filter, so .. i dunno, if you were to do x10 filtration as many recommend for goldfish.. that may get really expensive.
  14. maybe you can try this? http://www.bigalsonline.ca/Fish_Foods-Feeding-Equipment_Feeding-Tools_Feeding-Dish_8150785_102.html?tc=default maybe the fact that he visually sees a feeding station, he might always be distracted
  15. i use this http://www.bigalsonline.ca/Fish_Additives_Water-Conditioners_Multi-Purpose-Water-Conditioner_9164033_102.html?tc=fish its my LFS version nor well their product. works great, and its 5 bucks less for the same amount , which is 16 oz for like 12 bucks instead of 18 or so. works great, no complaints, as worked well for me, and lasts for quite some time. though i would agree with the other poster, koko users love prime XD
  16. hey thats cool. i havent hand fed my tropical tank but they definitely know when its feeding time. as for your boy bugging the girls during feeding, id say best thing is train him to eat on the other side of the tank. i used to do that with my betta, he would eat on one side while the other fish would eat on the other side.
  17. hey welcome! glad you joined! i love the back substrate
  18. holy bananas! they look like giant catfish/goldfish with giant mouths.. scary but so cool! nice post !
  19. the glass canopy came with a plastic cover you can use for the remaining open side. but i didnt use it because , well you can also cut it but i felt that cutting it would make the tank look kind of weird and when i had it sort of on, it grew quite a bit of algae so i decided to take it off... D: thanks though
  20. that WAS my male killifish.... im sure we can take a guess at what his fate was 2-3 days ago was. just like all other killifish around the world. every day im here in my room and i hear a splash every now and then, and of course, its my male killifish. golden wonder to be exact. i look back every now and then, see what he has done. in the past, he has eaten algae eating shrimp.. maybe my flower shrimp and small vampire shrimp. he has eaten rasboras though that was my fault. anyways despite his.. flaws, i didnt want to get rid of him. and he would always be with the female. i brought them together from the start, and they have done well. got along well. anyways, 2-3 days ago i heard a giant splash again, as usual, while i was in bed and the lights were off. and of course, i brushed it off and went to bed. next morning i was a bit early on schedule, and i was talking to my mom in my room. she says why dont you feed your fish. so , i listen and i do so. as i feed, im waiting for all the splashing my killifish , the male does, during feeding time. i didnt hear it. i look around. didnt find him. i look around like a crazy man, nothing. eventually i found him, behind my .. stand/drawer thing i use where my tank sits. near the heater out take of my house.. BROWN AND DRIED LIKE A PRUNE ! so die he actually SHRANK in size. he was a full sized male, and he shrunk qquite a lot! so sad got me pretty bummed out. even with a glass canopy he escaped through maybe a 2 or so inch opening at the back. so he cleared my spray bar some how as well. so now the female is a lone, dont think i will get a male even though she looks lonely now, mainly because if i were to get a male now, he will be like half the size. then lets say she dies, and the cycle repeats. RIP buddy
  21. its the priming that irritates me. I prime it hard and i keep hitting my knuckles against the hard tube screws. and it hurts really badly. Once I started bleeding cause I hit it soo hard. It takes 1hour to start up. :/ i agree with the other posts, something "fishy" is happening here. it wouldnt make sense for you to prime it that long. where the propeller is, is there any debris touching it or maybe a plastic cover or lock? my eheim has a lock on the propeller. you unlock obviously during use. thats odd though. id call up customer service if we cant find out whats going wrong
  22. my friend has the 404, discontinued as they took out the 405, but i heard priming was easy. and well interesting, you just turn some stick apparently, that primes it. you sure your canister is full of water and running? as for the others who are getting sscared of fluval, i wouldnt say go rena. if anything. go eheim! i got one a few weeks ago and i LOVE IT! when i first starteed it i had to disconnected the quick connect valve and suck on it just to get the water going. after that, i have never needed to do anything else. everytime i do a water change, i turn off the eheim, (2213) and then when i start her up again, i just plug it in and bam. it starts to run again. :S they have priming equipment you can use except you have to BUY IT ! so i was like no thank you, ill just suck on the tube like it said, then gravity does the rest.
  23. haha seductive indeed the orange face with the black eyes. ... O_o ! very beautiful ranchu. id say its in the top 5 of the hottest ones hahah
  24. D: ! this looks really really nice! best one i have seen yet! so how does it look like now ??!?! as for summer coming back. im sooo down for that.
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