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  1. my LFS, big als, is where i got the cave. BUT if you are interested in their products or the cave, well they do have an online store http://www.bigalsonline.ca/BigAlsCA/ctl3664/cp17371/si4152008/cl0/threecavemountain and i like your set up btw very nice. haha. bettas ftw !
  2. here is my most up to date tank shots. took them like 5 minutes ago. LOL got some new plants, so i had to post up
  3. i love mansons color scheme! very nice fish you got there !
  4. hey !! nice betta!!! what a thoughtful husband. nice color.
  5. nice tank your ISO is really up though. hence the grainy pictures. but nice fish you got there
  6. oh noes! it doesnt look like its in good condition! hopefully things go well for you!
  7. CatfishSoup

    I Am Bad Bad

    haha knowing me, i would also have tons of small tanks with bettas in them. LOL xD if only you can have MORE than one in one tank. mine always seems to be a nice friendly betta. LOL
  8. yay! nice stuff , glad your water is now up and running properly.
  9. call him. prince charming. LOL seeing he is a crown pearl scale.
  10. did i just count right? 8 fish in a 30 gal? sounds like a mistake i would have done if i had a 30 G. LOL i got 4 in a 10G.. not smart haha anyways, hmm. i have obviously never moved, but chrissy makes a point, in the sense that you should drain it all. i would suggest giving the gravel a good clean then, might as well just to get all the waste out of there as i assume there is a lot. she also suggest bare bottoming the tank, but i dont know if you are wanting to do that. how are you going to transport them btw? maybe bags how they do it in the fish stores? or a rubber-maid container? i dunno, im just brainstorming, but we seem to have the general ideas here. i agree though in the sense, that i dont think you will need them in tank water during the moving of the fish. as long as the peram. are all set before you chuck them in, its all good.
  11. ugh that sucks that it cannot be shipped. and just keep on looking. stuff are always posted online constantly so you may have luck. best of luck, and keep us posted
  12. oh lucky ! thats a big tank! and glad all your troubles are now over! no one likes having fish tank problems, some users even considering ending fish kepeing because of it! hopefully you shall never give up. and yes pictures pictures! we all want to see!
  13. sounds like a good deal to me! go for it !
  14. omg that sucks! : ( poor you. we all have our bad days : ( though my goldies have a lot of stuff as well in the substrate as well. but you just need to clean it right thats all
  15. $10?! WOW, you can get them on eBay in the uk for 99p, which is about $1.55! I just bought another 3 a few minutes ago! Try elodea? Can do well even with relatively low light and grows quickly. Not too much gravel though, maybe another thin layer of small stones just to anchor some plants in place but be careful it doesn't get too thick. oh wow less than 2 bucks?!?! i should consider that then!! ask me parents, hopefully they will be nice. LOL and yeup, i have some areas in the tank that just need a BIT more gravel. def. wouldnt waste an entire bag again. LOL
  16. sooooo true! I think it's worthwhile to point out that adding gravel will only take away from the water volume that your fish have available to swim in and to dilute toxins. This is bad because you already have a large bio-load on the tank. But the good news is that both hornwort and anacharis are plants that don't even need to be planted in substrate. They can be floating or drifting plants perfectly fine. So if you do plant them, it won't be a big deal if you don't have much gravel. ahh yay! okie i shall look around tom. hopefully after school at me LFS and see if i can get another plant thanks !
  17. OOPs, i dont think i mentioned that i DO have 1 moss ball in the tank! xD its been there for a while too, seems to be doing well. as for the honrwort and anacharis. i shall look into those! maybe see if i can get those. i wouldnt mind another moss ball but they are like, 10 bucks each! which is a lot for a ball of algae. LOL also might need some more gravel, as i dont think i have enough for proper planting.
  18. oxygen wise, or bubble wise, i can solve that, i have an airstone bar, and a 1 inch airstone anyways, in my goldfish tank, so instead of having both, i can just put the 1 inch in the betta tank in the corner or something at least. and most of my plants are all live plants. atm, i have crypts, java fern, java moss, and micro sword leaves. so i guess best bet, is get that airstone to the other side for the loach, add MORE live plants, i love adding those anyways and then changing the light. sounds like a proper plan? OH and scrubing algae on in the weekly water changes.
  19. what maintenance would you guys suggest? this is the first tank in which i have actually had a algae problem, as my other tank, well, either luck or a good pleco doing its job as janitor. LOL so i wouldnt mind figuring our how to work with algae... snails? or something? i dunno, you guys tell me the way and i shall follow ..lol xD thanks for the help btw . makes sense, i do feed it veggies as well though so algae obviously wouldnt be its only diet. it does have a lot of hiding places, so he seems to be having fun. i do understand that they may require more than one, and colder temps, but i have had him for a while and he has been doing great. anyways, lighting wise, the tank warning says dont add lights more than 15 watts.. :S not too sure what the stock lights are,but would i get a strong incandescent light, or a fluorescent light ?
  20. So i have a hillstream loach in my tank with a betta and some tetras. and i am starting, or have been for a while, getting brown algae on my plants, mainly my crypts, and now i am getting it on my glass. the loach just glides around everywhere, but its not much of an algae eater. especially, well because its mouth isnt designed like a sucker fish. its just, well.. a mouth. so i was thinking, i want to solve this issue, via a fish. a pleco, therefore it will be maintained, rather than using those scrubs to get it off the glass and what not.. i am saying this, or asking, because i dont think the hillstream loach serves much purpose. its kind of just there. so i was thinking, what pleco would i be able to get? that WILL STAY small. i wont make this my final decision, but i am just curious, what would be a good pleco anyways? and i dont want to give away my loach, because he looks soo cool! and i get attacked to all me fish..LOL so, whats out there?
  21. ahh well, i understand where you are going with this, i too have had tough times with my goldfish. it seems as if the more you try, the more sick they become. but to be honest, i think its a great hobby, something great to look at in my opinion, and having more than just goldfish, i feel make it more fun. maybe you can possibly be trying too hard? i understand that there is a lot going around in your life at this moment, so i say if you can maybe just tone things down a bit? because personally, i would try to continue it. i think its just something great to have in a house. i dont know, i can give my opinion, but in the end, its your call. but in conclusion, i say stick with it, and see where things go, because 4 goldies and a 55 gal, is a lot to five up in my opinion. you can pull through
  22. ahh yay ! congrats mine is also growing a nice wen , however he sinks like a rock,.. and has been sick for months..LOL anything i try, wont cut it.
  23. im actually in the same boat here.. i shall try gel food though and frozen foods. see how that goes.
  24. i really like those tiki statue guys ! i wouldnt mind some! nice find BB. i like your set up
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