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  1. hey guys. here is a really cool find on how fish go about eating. via some generic techniques and some of other various techniques. really cool in my opinion. Its funny to think that fish eat like this.
  2. Honestly, saltwater tanks arent that bananas. BUT.... they can be. There is a lot of high tech stuff involved but it all depends. My tank is as the following 10 Gallon tank, rimless starfire 15-20 pounds of live rock 10 pounds of aragonite wave maker (aka power head just with a control module ) power filter that I sometimes put on with a poly filter to remove extra stuff 16 x 3 watt PAR 38 Full spectrum LED and thats it (aside from coral) Also got an algae scrubber (two little fishes nano mag) then all you gotta do is top off evaporated water once a day to keep salinity stable. I live in Oakville Ontario for my schooling, from Toronto, but anything around here, at times it can get real hot. and I live in an apartment with no ac, plus two tanks, and a giant computer makes a lot of heat but the top off of fresh water is that bad. What im running now is about as simple as it gets. Of course the initial expense can be a bit more, i.e. salt, testing kits, and the small things here and there but after that its normal. At the very most I have been consider an auto top off system , which tops off the fresh water for me, but again, doing it myself in a small system has been fine, so atm , its not something i NEED but rather want. haha Corals get expensive. I have spent from 5 dollars for a frag, to 40 dollars, with just one head, and frags can go up in the hundreds too. BUTTTT, what i love about saltwater tanks vs freshwater tanks, is that they really pay for themselves. In a fresh water tank, plants arent that expensive. So when they grow, trimming and selling them is a small profit. On the other hand, I can buy a 40 dollar frag, with one head, and as it grows over the months, now lets say I have 20 heads, and I frag it to single heads... the profit margin is huge. I have seen people with 200 plus gallon tanks, with rooms for sumps etc, and with the coral growth they get it all back financially. Some equipment carries great value as well. A small scale nano tank, like mine, can run you 300-500 bucks. lots of stuff I got for free from my local community forums. So all in all, its not too bad..... yet. hahaha as later on ill sell my soul im sure. As for the dojo, I didnt know they get banned. Pretty sure I see them in most if not all LFS i vist. lol havent seen any yet 0_0 I know I have three crabs in there, but all fine. Not sure the names. Same goes for the snails I got floatin out and about. (okay not literally floating haha) I may call them and ask. The store though deals with massive frag tanks, plus dosers and all that fancy stuff. and spending a lot on supplements for such a small tank is a bit daunting, BUT, ill call and ask and see what they do. Because i do really like this coral.
  3. well I feel like I have plenty of light. 54 watts on a 10 gallon seems more than enough, flow I got that, but supplements I dont. My concern is the supplement dosing may change my params in such a small body of water. dont know if I should do it or not. I could get coral food, but the corals I carry arent that demanding food wise. Im stumped. well, I guess i gotta do more research. Tis how we learn. hha on the funnier side of things. before i went to bed i saw this I watched him for 15 minutes and he had no chance of escaping. so i saved him, and oddly enough he was realllllyyy wedged in there. He has also left the tank once. - i may not own the smartest turbo snail out there. lol
  4. make it a shrimp or betta tank! or both. lol . I had tons of fun setting up nanos. Get some soil, some live plants, PC lighting and presto! maybe be fancy and get some co2 running
  5. much thanks! Its my first saltwater tank, which im happy with ! Yeah right? I clicked marine, and I saw how old these posts were. But I mean, its called Kokos goldfish, so something tells me we dont got no saltwater goldfish hahhahaha
  6. hey long time no seee!! I got a 54 watt PAR38 LED, "full spectrum" over a 10 gallon so thats more than enough. I got some medium to high flow from a wp10, lights on for 8 hours, flow 24/7 on else (random) mode) I dont dose anything except magnesium to keep it at 1400. With the daily water changes I figured id be okay with supplimenting naturally. Also with such a small body of water I fear changing one thing, to then change everything else. I did think about it though. Was contemplating getting reef roids but havent bothered yet as again, with a 10 gallon most of these corals are fine with thats in there. Been using poly filters to see if i could remove anything that could be bothering it. I went back to the store a while back to get more frags, and they had the other half of what they fragged mine from , and its beyond healthy, and I asked about it. They have it under some serious light ( some powerful LEDs), and high flow and it looks great. So he recommended the poly filter which would be very similar to carbon. when I placed the coral closer to the surface of the water, with a higher flow zone, it seems to be doing better, but it doesnt seem like its growing though. Its the only coral giving me issues, aside from a small colony of zoas were dont wanna open all the way.
  7. I think if im not mistaken I have been on this site since 2009. thats the time I started this hobby so around then. I love looking at my tanks. So peaceful, and its really great knowing you can sustain life in a small tank, or just a tank in general. - at least, sometimes sustain life as we have all had some bad crashes xD so your post count is based off of games and not actual posts? (or well both but you know what i mean)
  8. Much thanks on the replies!! jesus, you guys have some serious post counts hahaha avid users no doubt. sorry for the out of focus stuff, my iphone is meh. not too sure how many reefers are in this forum, but any one any advice on the pipe organ coral? All my frags have done well except that coral.Its been closing up and dying slowly. I have no fish aside from hermit crabs and a turbo, daily 1 liter water changes, params are stable, and i got plenty of light and flow. I added a hob and stuffed more poly filter in there to maybe remove more metals or anything that could be harmful. I only dose magnesium once a week or so, Also use RO water. Oh, and im also redoing my 55 FW tank due to a LOONNNGGGGG battle with bearded algae and algae on my rocks. So i said screw it, redoing it. So im working on a log hopefully in the next few days ill have it all done. Trying to do this around my work schedule - also got my rocks drying out in the balcony so that the algae can dry up and die! Doing a vinegar bath, and hydrogen peroxide 27 percent baths (not mixed, two baths) to clean up my power heads
  9. Hey everyone!!! well, its been a fairly long time since I have been back on this forum. I used to be a goldfish owner a few years back, when I started, and then went my way to small 10 gallon tropical tanks, to 55 tropical, then also was running a 10 gallon starfire shrimp tank. all live plants, pressurized co2, lighting for days, and dosing here and there. Then eventually, as with all progression, I wanted to start my first reef tank! and here it is. tore down my shrimp tank, and made it into a nano reef. May upgrade to a 22 because the guy gave me more live rock than I asked for which is always nice. no idea who is still around theese days from the names I could remember. I used to post a lot, had nearly 1000 posts before I stopped a while back. Lol. Branched off to other niches of the hobby. Anywho, ill try to be more active - im on one too many fish forums Also, Koko, your site has improved greatly since what I remember it. Looks real nice!! Smashing Pumpkin Zoa still opening Golden Sakura (one of my favorites! Pink Hippo (sorry for the under exposed image, havent bothered taking out the DSLR
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