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Been a drummer for about 4 years, loved that great hobby and then got fish about 1.5 years ago.

interesting story with that. my mom won two common goldfish which were a center piece for a table at a banquet, and so they went from a bowl to a 2.5 Gallon tank, were there for about a year, them moved up to a 10 gallon, unfortunetly they got hit hard with a sickness, both died, but were then replaced to what i have now. (see the fish i have on the  "how many fish i have") had some other ones, but the filter got their fins sucked up because they were small so that was the end of some lol. though now the ones i have are a bit bigger and now wont get stuck. Also got a common pleco which has been there for a long time as well. just chillaxin. xD

A big music listener too, screamo music ftw! dont hate haha

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