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  1. This is one uncommon disaster on aquarium tanks, I'm glad you caught him on time. I can't help noticing that you are using the Ehiem canister instead of something less powerful like maybe a sponge filter. Does it not generate too much current? Also this kind of canister system is suppose to work by gravity, meaning the tank should be placed higher than the canister and once it is running even when there is a power outage during your absence it can restart the water flow by itself when the power come back on again. Can you test it by switching off your canister for a few secs and see whether it works or not just to be sure?
  2. Thanks everyone, an update is coming very soon.
  3. Hi lionchu: reading your posts I see that we both have very simular view to treatments. this Summer ,here in Europe passed terrible heat wave and at peak i too lost fish, many fish to something like yours has and gave very similar treatments . Final results which stopped the deaths was a treatment with Sera cyprinopur ( containing dihidrovibenceno,fenol) as disinfectant as i had run out of acriflavin and in food first metro with no results and then passed to heavy dose of ciproxin and cefixoral in food. this worked . My microscopes are the simple cheap type connected to computer via usb. up to 350x and work very well for common parasite ID. also got a pocket one that works too. but like you said most problems we know very well and usually sove them with the standard recipe. Hi Mikroll, global warming is upon us and there is no where to hide even for our fishies. I've more problems with a few weeks/months old fry than with bigger fish but they don't escape either. I've had more cases of Columnaris/fungus, fin rot and cloudy eyes than usual. Now I've arranged the unique way of using my house aircon and place the fry tubs beside my house and open the windows during those hot days. The downside is, I can't go anywhere with all windows open lol. Those medications you mentioned are out of reach here but what I got can also do the same job. I still can't decide how good/cost of a microscope I should buy. Thanks for your input. Cheers They are very normal (perfect) all along, no white string, hollow casing or air bubbles. Hi Nicole, How are you? Thanks, your taste are expensive lol. Nikon, Leica/Leitz, Wild are out of the price range for me. I'm still not sure whether I need one. My daughter is a Biologist, she use to bring one home during her university days and I did get to play with it. I'm afraid I don't have the time to use it. I may just find a cheaper one on ebay, I think it should beat using a magnify glass.
  4. Thanks for your microscopic infos. So far I get by using a strong magnify glass but I can't really see those smaller nasties lol. I saw your Aussie jungle contraband, very good idea. Yes, I would like some Fenbendazole if you have some to spare. I never bother to buy it b4 because it comes in such large quantity. For Levamisole I got a 100g bottle. My fish really hates it. They took a long time to chow down and I had to put a few drops of fish sauce in there to make it yummy. For smaller tanks I just put in the water. Can you PM your details and I'll arrange payment and delivery. Cheers
  5. The only antibiotics is Metrogyl (Metronidazole) which I've been feeding so far, it has past 14 days already. Levamisole is a one dose per week for 3 weeks or repeat once a month. Prazi in water is a minimum for 48hrs or repeat as many rounds as necessary. I don't own a microscope as most common infestations are either from parasites or bacteria or fungus, so it's not very far off to pick the right treatment. I think the fin rot were due to the heat where everything has amplified very rapidly. It looks like the bacteria is the main culprit to have caused that. As the fish bottom sit, alot can go wrong very quickly in this heat. Worms are also a high possibility due to feeding of live worms. My main worry now is the dropsy. I have to get it out of the way b4 tackling the fin rot. With my Acriflavine, salt and good water it is very effective with the new tissue regeneration on the fins. If the dropsy takes hold and damage some internal organs then it will be very prone to it in the future and he will have a much shorter life. Since you mentioned about microscopes, I might invest in one rather to rely on doing a guessing game. I saw lots of cheap ones on ebay. 400x ok? Or you've any recommendations?
  6. Perth has gone thru' a heatwave from X'mas last year to New Year. Lost quite a lot of fry outside but the only casualty is this oranda. One moment was fine during the day but the next was bottom sitting at a corner in my 1300L pond. As this fish had one episode like that last year, I thought I just fish him out and did a QT with 48hrs of Prazi. (100% w/c daily). Apart from bottom sitting, I cannot see any other signs of problems. After that, he took a turn for the worst. The water became slimy and smelly and his fins, tails became white and started rotting, even some pieces of his wen were falling off. I had a few options as treatment here, either using PP, Docxycycline, Acriflavine, salt and Metrogyl. I chose Acriflavine and salt 0.5% (safer bet) on 26/12/12 with 100% w/c daily. Improvement has been made after that but slight pineconing showed up on the 29th so I started feeding Metrogyl in gel food and reduced salt to 0.1%. Pinecoing subsided after 3 days but con't with Metrogyl and Acriflaqvine and also up salt to 0.5%. On 6th Jan returned fish to Pond (big mistake) when he looked almost fully recovered and con't hand fed with Metrogyl food. On 7th Jan noticed slight pinconing again, so took him out and QT indoors this time around, with an established OHF filter running instead of using a filter-less system. Added 500mg of Metrogyl tab (11/4) in water (zero salt) to 85L of water and feed also Metro food. 100% w/c daily. On 9-11 Jan fed Levamisole in food to counter internal worms All along has been feeding Metro in food 3xpd. At time of writing he seems to have responded well (actively swimming and eating) with scales closing except towards his tail end. Stomach is not bloated or soft and is kinda firm. I think that's a good sign but something internal seems to be bothering him. Helen, is there anything that I have missed? Some area of his tail and dorsal are still ragged but have to wait for now. Thanks, cheers
  7. This is my favorite 2 yr old home bred Thai Oranda. I posted this vid just in case he cannot pull through. It's is not a request for help but however any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  8. In Asia the climate is a lot different, with their constant high temps and stocking level, fish can get sick very easily so I can understand why they need to take preventive measures. For the very same reason I try to raise them as healthy as possible as I'm not a big fan of using medicines unless I really have to that's why I only keep the essential items. If they got ill and don't respond to what I have then I'll reach for the clove oil as a last resort.
  9. The Thais farms use Amoxicillin to treat gill disease and other bacteria related problems. In your States, you can buy almost everything (except DMZ, which I can get it here.), so you can be selective. Over here we've to make do and improvise otherwise it's not possible to keep anything for long. Imagine losing your favorite fish and not able to buy a new one again for a very long time. do they use it as a preventative or as a treatment when they discover a fish is ill? because Amoxicillin takes about 3-4 days to kick in and in most bacteria/infection cases, that's too late. we have products available to us for treating fish Jeff.. just not over the counter. you just need to be paying $150 for a Vet consultation before you get the prescription for meds which will see you out of pocket a further $20-$40AU minimum. I've no idea, whether it's for treatment or preventive. I just saw they put a couple of capsules in their pond. Fish looks ok. I know, that's why no point go to the vet, we've to train ourselves..lol AquaMaster brand suppy is not consistant, sometimes it's branded as Aristopet. Maybe Blue Planet is also re-branded.
  10. I just ordered this Blue Planet brand instead of the AquaMaster brand. It's a lot cheaper. http://lealean.com.a...ablets+100+tabs
  11. The Thais farms use Amoxicillin to treat gill disease and other bacteria related problems. In your States, you can buy almost everything (except DMZ, which I can get it here.), so you can be selective. Over here we've to make do and improvise otherwise it's not possible to keep anything for long. Imagine losing your favorite fish and not able to buy a new one again for a very long time.
  12. Gee Helen, I always thought our customs are a bit slack and they can't physically check every parcels as online business traffic has increased tremendously. Thanks for the heads up, I don't think I'll go there. It's still safer to stick with my doc mate. Another thing, why do you prefer PraziPro over Prazi tabs which are easily available here? Do you also know why they allowed it thru?
  13. I've not attempted to order any b4 but I think there is a good chance that it will go thru' if it's from a business rather than from an individual and also it's important on how it is being labelled. If it is declared as fish medications, then I'm sure it will get confiscated. What the customs do is to look at the declaration after their cute QT dog jumped over it and cleared it at the conveyor belt. Btw how did you get your PraziPro thru'?
  14. Hey thanks, I've already made an appointment with my GP on the 4th of Jan, I will see if he can prescribe me some flagyl or even better some plain metro tablet, if not ill pm you to buy the med off you. For now I still have enough metro for about 2 weeks I got mine under the name Metronide (with 21x Metronidazole 400mg coated tabs). Just be steady and tell you doc you got very bad gum aching problems and you've no money to see a dentist. I even got one repeat script and also an alternative antibiotic, Amoxycillin 1000mg (use for throat/sinus/chest infections). Amoxycillin can also be used against dropsy if treated earlier (within 3 days after symptom appeared). According to eBay they do ship to Australia, did any one try ordering them before? http://www.ebay.com....dazole&_sacat=0
  15. Good suggestions Alex and I think it's also best not to break the skin and allow bacteria to enter from the outside. Which in that case may lead to a full blown ulcer. (area around it is rather red) From the way this ranchu swims I think the problem started when he floated for too long.
  16. one possibility is that your ranchu could have been floating when idling.
  17. It should be ok for those 25 one inch babies until you are back next year. If they do get too dirty, just up one or two w/cs per week. One tell tale sign is when you've to do w/c or remove poop daily, then it's time to upgrade tank size or separate them.
  18. I've just added 8 of these guys, they are my first and second batch of my self breeds.
  19. You are welcome. 25 fry in a 20gal is good. As a matter of fact, if you can keep your water in good condition (watch ammonia level), you can grow them easily to over an inch. At this stage you have to feed them fairly heavy inorder to get those round bellies. For me, my fry are about slightly bigger than 1/2 inch and I'm using a power head with 250L/hr output (65G/hr) and connected to a diy overhead small box (flower pot) with cycled media, (foam and white filter only). I just set it to the lowest setting and also wrapped an old sock over it as an added safety. I rinse this sock whenever I see the water flow slow to more than half. The flow is so slow that not even food can get suck up.
  20. Don't use power any filter yet as they are still very small, generally if their sizes are about 1 inch then they should be fine but it also depend on how powerful is your filter and kind of fry are they. 8 inch of water is ok but not go above that yet. Not good for their swim bladders as they tend to overfill their bellies at this stage.
  21. You can jump straight into it @2.39 mins to skip the crap. Enjoy. http://english.cntv....04/105072.shtml
  22. Thanks everyone. I'm glad you all like them. These are all female loaded with eggs that's why they look so big at the tummy. I'm keeping my males away as I do not wish to breed them now. (no time and space anymore). This morning one just couldn't hold it anymore and spread eggs all over the tank, so many eggs..looks like have to do w/c this evening and cause more eggs to drop tomorrow....phew.
  23. My friend in S'pore breeds and sells Jap TVRs and I can also get my daughter who resides and works in S'pore to source for the fish and take them to the transhipper too. That will certainly can get the ball rolling. We'll see how that goes. Thanks for your offer on those medications, I think I've already got all my bases covered.
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