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  1. That Bostik, if I'm not wrong won't do the job, you need those wood glue type as mentioned earlier not a sealant. My brick pond currently under construction, need to add one more course of bricks.
  2. You'll need 1L to cover 1.5 sqm and need to paint 2 coats. That blue color is very nice. Also during joining of your wooden planks, apply wood glue, such as liquid nail or PVA before screwing them together. For that size (1x2m) you'll need 16mm thick planks to ensure they don't bow.(I'm a bit worry about the 2m length) Another tip is to visit your local timber yard first to see what are their standard stock sizes before embarking into fixing your pond sizes. It can save you a bit of money there too. This way you can also have a good idea what's the total cost.
  3. I'm currently building a new pond out of paving bricks, just like the last one which I built last year. I'll take a pic and show you later, it's very easy and more permanent. If you are going ahead with using wood, consider painting it with PondTite pond sealer instead of using a liner. (1 L cost about A$29 only) http://www.bondall.com/titerange/pondtite.html I use all kinds of diys, from box, trickle/bakki shower, K1 and OHF.
  4. Hi Narny, Have you consider building one out of building bricks instead of using plywood? I made a little 100L one with 12mm thick plywood for breeding last year. It's still good even though it is exposed to sunlight and rain. I did not use liners but painted it's interior with a pondsealer (remainder from last job) and the exterior I just use Solar Guard paint over it. All in plus a low stand cost less than A$50 (my own free labor). Imo plywood is not durable especially if it's for outdoors and large in size. Also from past experiences, canister filters are not suitable for goldfish, it get clogs easily and create lots bacteria problems in Summer. My friend also uses those pressurized canisters type and all his his died one by one with mainly dropsy or those that are still ar are either with stunted growth or floaty. My advice, it pays do your planning carefully as this is your first pond. Cheers
  5. They look slim because I didn't pump them with food. They can look like a sumo too if I do that. Anyway they are super fast when comes to feeding time. Something interesting to watch.
  6. These are ranchus with a dorsal. I pick them out during culling as they look kinda cute. I think it's also possible for lionhead to have a dorsal too. You can clearly tell they are nothing like orandas.
  7. Yeah, 20 inch of water depth is a bit too deep for these type of fish. (I think ideal will be around 15 inch or less) The type of food is important but sometimes it is also due to it's environment. Fish tends to float if the condition is not suitable for them. If they have a tendency to float, lower water depth is the only effective method to counter this besides food and good water parameters.
  8. Very nice fish, Ryukin. Long time admirer of your skill in doing large scale breeding. (Youtube)
  9. This type of mushroom head oranda is rather hard to keep in deep water aquarium, even without any sbp, they always struggle to swim, usually with head dipping. Good suggestion Alex, with using smaller pellets. I grind my 3mm pellets with a pepper mill and can even cater for my fry.
  10. Nice big pond with very healthy looking fishies, are you from Brisbane?
  11. You are doing it exactly the opposite which in my opinion will not be good for them. I don't subject them to GW before my second culling. Laziness seldom produce good results, otherwise any one can produce champions, breeding is really hard work and you've to put in max. effort. I'll post some pics/vids soon showing the benefit of using GW.
  12. Nice fish with good color and development. Do they get any sunlight?
  13. I'm a GW user but sorry I don't really understand your goals either. My advice for you is to learn as much as possible about GW b4 actually putting your precious fish in there. The chemistry in GW/CW are relatively different and they need to be managed differently. Here is a link to help you.There is a GW section.http://vermilliongoldfishclub.com/
  14. Kangakoi's mind is not only affected by alcohol but also by those buffalo ranchu who are constantly banging his head.
  15. I suggest you start looking for a FGT for your new tvrs from Darian. You'll need at least a 1x1m x 0.3m to cater for 4-6 Nisai, Darian got some in black color ~$250 ea. If you are planning not to use any filters and rely only on w/cs then you've to get two large airstones plus air lines and an pump with at least 2 outlets. Choose the strongest one (with 2 outlets min) that your wallet can handle.
  16. Haha, that's a lot to ask regarding color. They are just CBRs remember, about 3cm in length(and FOC too). I've just dropped 25pcs at Aquotix yesterday. If you buy from then it'll cost you $12.95 per piece. Perth is not a big place as far as aquaculture is concerned so every one tends to know each other. "Good Thing" or not we shall see. (I've heard those b4)
  17. When do you want those babies and how many? Please be realistic and don't take more than your tank capacity, you have to allow room for growth. Too dense stocking level will always spell trouble either it's water quality, disease or poor growth. Rough guide for now is 1 fish needs 10L water. Just PM me thru' PCS. Yeah I got tvrs and also have been trying to collect a few seeds for future breeding. What's your story? Just use the edit button, RH corner within a stipulated time. (I don't know how long).
  18. Hey kangakoi, very long time no see. How come you only appear when there are freebies? @ Jellyballoo, Actually you got half the facts correct but square head not necessary a top view as a buffalo ranchu also has a square head. Most early pictures of Japanese ranchu has more of a rounded head. It's not just judging by their heads alone, there are more to it. Also there are current standards for each criteria.To tell a SVR not TVR easy but to tell a TVR not SVR difficult . There are some would tell you all are same ranchu. Anyway imo if you are not keeping them for competitive purposes none of the above are important.
  19. Sure Andrea. I think I'll post a separate thread later to offer my freebies but I'm also afraid to be swarmed like those parties advertised in Facebook. That's why coming to my premises is out.
  20. Ohhhhh...I want ranchus. You wouldn't consider moving to tassie would you? LOL....only kidding. Can't get any decent fish here due to stupid quarantine rules. Living in Perth is better..lol. Thru' those imports I got in 2011, I've successfully built my ranchu army, (next project will be tvrs and orandas) now I'm planning to do some charity by giving away my youngsters to hobbyist in Perth. I'm not set up to do shipping yet but if you ever come to Perth do look me up and don't forget to bring your packaging gears too.
  21. Unfortunately I'm living in the other end of the country otherwise I'll give you guys some young ranchus. Anyway as a start if anyone living in the West would like some 2-3 cm quality home bred Thai ranchu, please PM me. I can arrange them to be picked up at a Shopping center nearby (postcode 6148/6155). Any takers?
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