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  1. C and D has the most impressive head growths, the are like berries, very nice and soft. My dream is to have ranchus with that kind of head growths. I got only one fish like that at the moment.
  2. Hi Clone, those are beautiful Calicos. Allow me to comment based on my preferences. A= Good color,nice body curve and tail angle. Should be a fast growing fish, with little risk of becoming a floater. B= Nice color but tail angle too flat, head is ok.(can always develop further) C= color average, body too short and tail slightly too long and not nice angle but head is gorgeous D= Near perfect fish, except too much white on body. If you like a white fish, this is it. My preference will be: D, A, B and C as third choice. It all depends on what you like (that's most important of all). To find a perfect fish is almost impossible even at fish competitions. cheers
  3. Since you are planning to buy an air pump, why not connecting it to a sponge filter? I had 4 of these, one in each aquarium and they are quite useful to retain the biological bacterial.You can squeeze out the sponge and inoculate another filter too and is cheap and easy to clean. http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/sponge_filters.php
  4. Relax, your fish will be fine, new fish are shy, likes to take cover and hide.It's better not to feed it on first day, you'll find after 4th day your fish will come forward as you approach your tank and also nibble your fingers when you are cleaning your tank later on. Always remember, healthy begin and end with water. Keep your water right, you'll have nothing to worry about.Welcome to fish keeping.
  5. Hi, I keep my Ranchus outdoors in a 1300L (330 Gal). I am using a pond heater to keep the temp above 65F,at night I cover it with a thick pond liner to prevent the temperature from dropping too much.I found that 1 to 2 inch fish can do better in low temperatures such as yours but the bigger fish don't like temp below 60F. You should also not feed them at temp below 60F (maybe just small amount once a week will do if they take the food readily). To move your pond fish indoors, it may be wised to transfer 50% of your pond water indoors too. While reducing your pond water and heating it up to as close to your indoor aquarium.You should also place your outdoor fish in a plastic bag and float them in your aquarium for about 20mins before releasing them as a further precaution. Avoid big changes to the temp, that will kill your fish for sure. 5F deg variation shouldn't matter. Good luck.
  6. Yeah, I made sure to buy sinking pellets low in starch and ash, and the omega one was the best I could find, I do soak them too so they sink extra fast. It's funny because he doesn't have a swim bladder disorder persay, because he moves around fine and is quicker than my other boy. He just has problems with his back end sometimes, although he can even himself out quickly if he wants to. I'm going to try some gell foods but I need to but the gelatin first xD so thatll have to wait till the weekend. Hi, raising your temperature to 78F also helps your fish digestion system.
  7. G'day, I'm from the West, just joined this forum a few day's ago. We don't get stable weather too. Up to 20 deg C fluctuation a day is very bad. I'm still covering my pond and have use a heater till end of Oct. cheers
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