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  1. My big tank is close to a window, so they get slowly awakened....and now I am glad....I hate being startled awake!!!
  2. I don't think so....I THINK that is for marine....think. You can use sea salt, or aquarium salt....but I think there is diff between the salt you use for marine fish and freshwater.....Trinket's link has a list of salts you can do.
  3. Sad to see such a face with a sore like that! I have nothing for you other than support!
  4. Add salt to the water. You want to start with a 0.1% concentration and up every 12 hours until it is 0.3% and leave it at that level for 7 days AFTER you see the ich os gone. There is a link on Trinket's page that will give you specific instruction on how to use salt. She has the amounts on there to use too.....good luck! I just treated my new guys for it, and they did great!
  5. Thanks, Dennis! Then they are eaten....in my case. The water isn't cloudy or anything, I don't think there were 500 eggs-not even close. So, we might be in for it again. Hey-maybe I should commit my empty 30 gallon to fry! And then find a divorce lawyer!!! Just make SURE he's a fish-friendly attorney There's already a joke about them being 'bottom dwellers',it could work!!! You are hilarious, Susan!!!! Funny lady!
  6. I just bought two aquaclear 110's for my 70 gallon....and while a canister would be awesome, I have to say that these two filters are kicking A! My water is so clear and they are quiet.....so a canister is the best for bigger tanks, just throwing out my experience. I didn't get a canister b/c of cost....no other objection. Aquaclears are cool in that you can customize them like a canister too. I love them!
  7. WoW! Must be nice and healthy with all those eggs! Good job!
  8. It will be two weeks this friday....she is big and friendly! Thanks!
  9. Thank you, I am pretty proud. I am not an easy name giver.
  10. I hope she is a she....I am thinking she may be.....let's hope, because her name is Geisha!
  11. Thanks, Hidr. I do love them. I did just do more laundry too....weird how the family likes clean clothes.
  12. The are big jerks! Cool jerks, but they can be destructive for sure! Good luck!!! I bet they will be happy to get back to the pond! Probably will be better behaved!
  13. clweddell

    Close Ups

    Now that they have heated water, much more active.
  14. That is the little Hope-she has done a lot of regrowth on those fins....she is sweet and is the only one who comes to the top to see me....I love her. Thanks!
  15. clweddell

    Close Ups

    You know, I never thought much of them....they aren't as active as goldies and I wondered WHY people had them.....then I was "given" one and figured it out. They are kinda cool little fish!
  16. I would watch that Patch....might come up missing!!!
  17. Yay- what is the air set up? Filter or just air? I like that!
  18. ignore the water spots on glass....too bad I didn't wipe it down first!
  19. They look lovely! Sushi has such a great tail!
  20. I have some Seachem Stability...same guys that make Prime. Using it in my 30 gallon to jumpstart it.....hope it makes a difference!
  21. I like those blue guys.....I divided up a 10 gallon for my two...one is thrilled, and one is not so great. I am starting to like those little fish more and more!
  22. Mal is beautiful, Hidr! Daryl~what do moss balls do? I have heard a lot of people use them.......tell me about them! And thanks, ladies!
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