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  1. That is a ridiculously pretty betta! Wow! I would have grabbed that guy too!!!
  2. Good for you......that is great. Glad to hear he is doing well!
  3. Personally, I would do what is best for the fish....you can worry about the cycle later. Give him clean water-salt is good-and keep his environment free of stress-NH3, etc. Medicate-make him the priority over the cycle. You won't have any reason to cycle if your fish isn't around....I hope this helps, and I hope he gets better.
  4. I have a sitter too.....she just is mellow, I have done everything to make sure she is healthy, I think it may just be her way. Sushi may be like that too, especially since nothing has changed with the new fish.
  5. You have some great looking bettas! I love them!
  6. I think you should! They are so fun and easy!! Do it!!! I have to admit something......I got a THIRD!!! WHAT?! Here is Solo-he just was so pretty, I couldn't leave him! My daughter named him....and on the way out of the store, she says, "This one's mine. You have enough fish." He is in a 2.5 gallon tank....although if I could find a more decorative, I would change it. I got one of those tiny paddle looking heaters, and it is doing a great job-you can bury it under the gravel...he is warm and toasty and busy!
  7. Yeah-you are lucky that I don't live in the Disneyland area.....just sayin!
  8. I put a lid on mine at night, mostly because of the cats.....I do keep my water level lower on the 10 gallon.
  9. WoW! Those are beautiful! Where did you get those for $10? Love them!
  10. Oh, I am so sorry! Such a pretty fish!!! I am so not experienced with diseases, but very bummed for you.....feel bad....I hope she gets better...dang.
  11. I love the length of it! I bet your fish are loving it! I dig your plants too!
  12. What a great tank! that is a beauty-I bet they are loving it!
  13. clweddell

    Close Ups

    Yes, the are loving the 5 gallons, for sure....swimming swimming! Thank you guys, I love Loco-I hadn't seen a white one before...he is fun!
  14. LOVED Woolworths! Dang they aren't around anymore! I am so glad my tanks are tall, she might show the 20 month old a thing or two and I wouldn't have such great fish!!!!
  15. I change water at least 50%-sometimes a bit more. I wipe down the glass in the front, but leave the back for the pleco-yes, there is a pleco in there!!!! GASP! I just pulled out the silk plants and washed them-but honestly, don't do that regularly. I do keep an eye on the filters and wash out the sponge-replace them as needed, but only one at a time. I hate cycle bumps. I always vacuum the rock, and hoping that gets easier as I am in the process of switching the gravel out for large river rock.
  16. I am glad you didn't go with your first thought! It is so hard to know what to do sometimes with these little guys. They are so much more removed from us then cats or dogs being that they are in water and all and we can't hold them (although my daughter keeps trying to convince me that we could). SO glad she is doing a bit better!
  17. Beautiful! I saw that tank on ebay and thought of you....now I know why! You fish look great in there!!!
  18. I love your tank...that is a nice one. I am thinking fantail.....very pretty!
  19. Or, once you name it a gender specific name---like my Luther.....then they are the opposite gender...like my Luther. DUH!
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