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  1. Sakura-so so sorry! You are having a hard time! I hope you can figure it out, just so you know! I am sorry! It just sucks.
  2. I slowly have been taking the smaller rock out of my tank too....I know have large river rock....crap just can't get trapped as easily and it is WAY easier to clean.....I love the look of nice gravel, but PAIN IN THE @@@!
  3. I can only imagine! That is just horrible! Do you have any idea which fish did this? How is the injured baby acting???
  4. Oh MY! Did you take him out? That is the most horrible thing!!!! Poor poor baby! I don't have advice, it sounds like you did some good things! I am so so sorry! Keep us posted!
  5. Your kids must be SMART~~beautiful fish!
  6. It seems like there are some on the auction this week....or close.
  7. Thanks-that is Hope, she was a sad mess when I rescued her from Petsnotalwaysmart. All the white on her fins is regrowth from major fin rot. She has been such a sweet little fish, so glad she pulled at my heart!
  8. My first guess would be that changing 90% of the water everyday is not going to get your water cycled. You are introducing new water everyday, that isn't going to speed things up. I know you are doing it for the fish in there, and that is good. But, that will slow down the cycle for sure. And, no-you may get that 70 gallon cycled before the smaller one! It is hard to fight a tank. I hate it!! Have you ever thought of adding any Stability by Seachem? Or Nutrafin has a product too that I heard is good for establishing a new tank....
  9. I have no idea what "quality" she is, but she sure is pretty! I love her white! It is so pristine!!!
  10. I tend to just go with what I like. I have bought both. There is a lot of satisfaction in getting a itty bitty and watching them grow. But, I also have found a few big guys that I just had to have....I don't think I have ever bought a fish that was totally full grown...they all do some growing.
  11. Good work! It looks so nice! Your fish are cute too!! Don't you love seeing your hard work pay off!
  12. Would need pics to be sure! Plus, we love love pictures!
  13. I see why you just had too! Very pretty!
  14. Nice job! He looks so much better!!!!
  15. Thanks, Buggy! She is better! I hope her fins continue to grow out....Susan's gorgeous oranda tails are what I can only dream of Hope's becoming.....
  16. That looks like a Rick Astley fish.....rare breed in this day.
  17. NICE SCORE!!! Doesn't it feel like an accomplishment?
  18. Those are some cool looking tele's! She is round!!!
  19. Nothing better than Susan pics!!! Love the oranda tails!
  20. Multiple tanks is a pain! I have three going, and WOW! That is a lot of water and a lot of testing....oh, wait-4 1/2 with the bettas.....
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