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  1. I have three tanks of goldies.... 70 gallon has 6 fish 30 gallon has my two telescopes 32 bowfront has my 3 ranchus. Do you ever rearrange your fish? Kinda like furniture....just for something different? I am debating.
  2. Beautiful fish! I love Steve too....he is great! You look like a kid at Christmas! So cute! Enjoy! I love my raingarden babies!
  3. My black moor has a bit of ryukin in him, and is currently fading to a nice orange.....he is in my picture...Cinco.
  4. clweddell

    My New Betta!

    He is pretty! His fins look rough, but he looks pretty healthy overall! Nice find!!!
  5. Ugh, bummer. Have you contacted Ken to pick his brain? I would salt....that couldn't hurt. That is all I got. Sorry not more helpful!
  6. They are all beautiful! Really! Keep those pics coming!!!!
  7. Why thank you, Dennis! I miss seeing Cinco in the big tank...he might be a visitor!
  8. He is handsome!!! LOVE that tail!!! Nice score! Name yet?
  9. I saw a orangish colored one....like a copper, kinda. I don't know enough about bettas to tell you it was orange for sure, but he was a pretty color~and I hadn't seen that shade before....kinda like a bright penny.
  10. I bet so~those are some serious stars!!!!
  11. I think it is the size difference between this one and the 70 gallon....and then I think that Cinco (the orange and black) misses the space....just me.
  12. That is what I use....and it has been pretty good. I haven't had any floating issues, and things seem OK... I like it because there isn't a lot of "by products" in it. My water doesn't cloud with it either....I like it so far.
  13. You guys made me feel better.....I will let them be for a while, although I do want a better filter....
  14. I am working now, I have to at least realize that I COULD upgrade if I wanted.....with MY cash!!!
  15. Maybe it is just looking at the 70 gallon and then looking at that one.....and they have both grown, not 8 inches, but some. I am not finished with the decor....I put that plant in from the big tank for Viv...she is a hider. I do have to say that I THINK Viv is happier in the smaller tank.
  16. I am sure I don't know what you are talking about.....that NEVER crossed my mind..... here they are~
  17. I put my two telescopes in my 29 gallon....just the two of them. I think it is too small. They aren't small fish.....ugh. I am going to have to upgrade to at LEAST a 40. And that is if I don't want to combine them with any other fish. They just looked so cramped....I will get a pic up.
  18. Good question-my cucumber was raw in a clip-and they ate it. Didn't even think of blanching it. They all did OK with that food.
  19. I love all the breeds I have now, but I LOVE a beautiful fantail....
  20. Good theory, but the fish also get excited if I just sit up in bed, and he reacts then too. I really do think they're "talking." I like the idea of goldfish talk....I bet whatever they talk about is cute and would crack us up.
  21. Ahhh, so sorry! I love his name! He was beautiful! It just sucks, and there really isn't anything anyone can say-but we know how you feel! So sorry!
  22. Ah, man. This sucks! I don't think pictures is bad....we all get it. I am just so so sorry! Poor baby! You have the prettiest fish! I have NO idea what you should do with the eater...... and I am sorry that you paid someone $350 and lost a fish! Crappers! Lame. So-just wondering-are the wen ulcers you have seen on your fish, MAYBE bites instead??
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