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    He is a great looker! Great coloring!
  2. I love that little fish! So cute! Ugh, makes me want a little baby goldie something! Thanks for the new pics!
  3. It would be great if it did. Are you gonna try it and let me know?
  4. Thanks, guys. He is the smallest of the trio. The other two are BIG, he is just white.
  5. I got nothing, other than that is a cute baby goldie! He was meant for you!!! How mysterious and fun!!!
  6. Thanks! When it started, I was bummed...but he isn't bad looking. It is a pretty white....I have never seen a change so FAST!
  7. My three ranchus are great and silly.....but one of them has decided that orange is lame....so here you are~ enjoy! maybe a month ago. about 2 weeks ago this morning.
  8. Gotta love a new tank! All the possibilities!
  9. JEALOUS! Those two are beauties! Post your pics when you get them!!!!
  10. Thanks for sharing! I want to see them all together! Chunk-like from Goonies?
  11. That is a nice looking betta....two toned?
  12. Beautiful fish-all of them! I am a sucker for a long gorgeous tail like Oscar has! Nice!
  13. I am just impressed that you posted PICTURES! Love seeing them! I think one of my ranchus is following suit!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  14. I totally want to see Cheddar. One of my ranchus is fading to white too. Looks odd! But, can't stop them! Thanks-Cinco is cute and a nut! He is the busiest fish I have!
  15. Here is some before/afters of Cinco......totally different fish. before mid last night I have no idea how much more he will change....but he is cool looking!
  16. I have wondered about the python thing.......I have one and use it on all, right after each other. So far, no problems. That would be a big investment for three tanks...those things aren't cheap!
  17. I never found that they out competed the fancies for food-they (had two do this) just got nasty!
  18. A lot of people will tell you none. Many do not mix fancies with single tails. I have tried and the single tails became pretty aggressive....biting. I do have one single tail in with my ranchus, and all is fine. BUT-single tails need so much more room than fancies (twice the gallons), so it is hard to mix. I am not a hard and fast rule follower (other than rules for healthy water), but many people won't mix. I am sure you will get some more reasoning here....
  19. Well, Cinco is back in the 70 gallon and tiny Ping is in with Viv in the 30 gallon in our room.....I think it will work.
  20. SHUT UP! See-sometimes you just luck out! Beautiful!!! How long have you had him?
  21. Micah is such a great name for him! So shiny and that TAIL?! Are you kidding me with that tail? Ugh, jealous of that fish's tail! GORGEOUS! Just curious, where did you get Micah?
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