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  1. While it is a good idea to know your water, etc, etc.....I can tell you that for the past 9 months, I have a telescope who does next to nothing. She is the least active fish I have ever had. I have 11 right now. I have prazi'd her and the tank she is in more than once....I have salted it, I have moved her, etc. She literally will do NOTHING until that food is dropped in. SO, while, you should rule everything else out, just know that it MIGHT be just the way this fish is. Bummer, but maybe.

  2. I love that pic you have of your new girl! I would grab that head and give her a love squeeeeeze! Ugh, she is cute...

    What to get? More telescopes for Archie? That is hard to decide.....fantail? Ok, had to say that. I love myself a nice tail.....have you given up totally on pearlies? Ryukin? Good looking ryukins are pretty sweet too.

    Not feeling like I am helping here.....

  3. So, my sweet Hope didn't pull through. I was really skeptical last night, but wanted to give her a shot overnight.....but she didn't pull thru. She really was sweet...always the first at the top and would nibble a finger if given the chance.

    Thank you Hope for giving me the last months of your life. I will never forget when I very first saw you, looking so unloved. You blossomed and healed. May you swim healthy and free!




  4. S-that is a good idea. She isn't looking great as I head to bed.....ugh, I feel so bad for her. She is half upright, but not really. If she survives the night, I would be shocked....but if she does, then I will have HOPE! I really feel like is she makes it thru the night, she will be OK....

    I will let you all know!

    Thanks for warm welcome back..... :heart :heart :heart

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