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I am a Colorado native-never lived anywhere else~ and LOVE it. I am a stay at home Mom right now. I professionally am a veterinary tech, but taking a break to raise my kids. I have a step son in jr high, my daughter is almost four, and my little guy is 18 months. I stay busy with them! I am married to a great guy who lets me have this crazy goldie passion without harassing me!

I LOVE animals~have 3 dogs and 3 kitties along with my NINE fish. I started getting into goldfish in high school~loved them. But just back into it in the last couple years and learning SO much already! It really is an obsession sometimes.

I have a HUGE fantail-just keeps growing! Beauty! One white tiny comet that I inherited, two ryukins~ a nice fat little red one and one that is now totally white....big and fat too. I just got a panda butterfly-she is gorgeous and a willow telescope~she is a funny little thing! Recently found a black oranda that is gorgeous....first wen! Then very recently, rescued a beautiful bright oranda with horrible fin rot that I am hoping to love into health!

I am glad to have something "for Mommy"~ It is a nice hobby for me, and the kids think it is cool too. But mostly, it is just for me!

I will probably be asking a lot of questions for a while! I have a lot to learn~and seems like this is the place to do that!


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