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    12-2 fans, 2 orandas, 2 ryukins, 2 telescopes, 3 ranchus and 1 common

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  1. Oh, they are beautiful! All together, I imagine they are stunning! What a cute bunch...
  2. While it is a good idea to know your water, etc, etc.....I can tell you that for the past 9 months, I have a telescope who does next to nothing. She is the least active fish I have ever had. I have 11 right now. I have prazi'd her and the tank she is in more than once....I have salted it, I have moved her, etc. She literally will do NOTHING until that food is dropped in. SO, while, you should rule everything else out, just know that it MIGHT be just the way this fish is. Bummer, but maybe.
  3. I have ONE black fish that has stayed that way....and now that I said that, she will probably change. My oranda is still dark after almost a year of having her. My black moor is now a big fat orange boy. I guess they aren't called "goldfish" for nothing....
  4. WOW! You can pick some beauties! I love the black ones, but they are all treats! When do they come?
  5. I love fans! The are the understated beauties of the fancy goldfish world....
  6. I really hope you can get this sorted out and not lose anyone else!
  7. THAT is a gorgeous fish! That tail....I am a sucker for a long beautiful tail like that. Nice score, fantail? Whatever-I would steal it in the night if you were closer. Just sayin'.
  8. Love that Panda! I have/had one....but she is now a Polar Telescope.....I love the black and white! Your fish look great!
  9. Mine are doing the same....it is cool to watch....as long as you love white ranchu!
  10. Thank you, Bruce. She actually didn't make it....I come home from my errands and she was gone.....I was afraid she wouldn't make it.....
  11. Sakura! Thanks for the sweetness! I have to tell you that Isis is GORGEOUS! Wow, what a pretty fish. Those telescopes are cool....and I am so sorry reading about your Yoshi....doesn't it all just S U C K sometimes?
  12. S-that is a good idea. She isn't looking great as I head to bed.....ugh, I feel so bad for her. She is half upright, but not really. If she survives the night, I would be shocked....but if she does, then I will have HOPE! I really feel like is she makes it thru the night, she will be OK.... I will let you all know! Thanks for warm welcome back..... :heart
  13. I just tried to hand feed/put food in her mouth and she kept spitting it out. Damm.
  14. Looks like she took good care of them-they are gorgeous!!!
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