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  1. they spawn every couple of days lol but my male continues to swallow because hes young and hasnt figured it out yet lol
  2. on another note. they can be housed together or with other fish. thanks!
  3. Well guys yall started me off in the fish world with goldfish. I had a blast with them. then i got into puffers which i am still having a blast with. But one day as i was cruising the planted tank forum like usual, i ran across a thread about Betta Albimarginata. A wild Mouthbrooding betta. well countless conversations and research hours later. I have 2 tanks of wilds bettas. I am breeding them and i can say that i have found my niche lol. Introducing North Texas Wilds Betta Albimarginata.... male female male male holding eggs female And Introducing my pride and joy my Betta Macrostoma Pair, also known as the Brunei Beauty the macs are only juvies right now but i am very excited to have them they will be about 5 inches in length full grown. they are about 3 inches right now. this is the 20 gallon long that houses the Albimarginatas thanks! and this is my website www.northtexaswilds.weebly.com
  4. go check out http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/
  5. I love seeing all of yall getting into dwarf puffers! I have 2 and i adore them. from them that got me into planted tanks and bigger puffers. I now have 3 puffer tanks One dwarf, one Green Spot and one turgidus
  6. Love Smooch! As you know just a gorgeous little Congo
  7. if you dose with flourish excel your plants will take off and another thing, try sand or flourite for your substrate. I feel like they look more natural And CO2 doesnt have to be expensive. You can set up a DIY CO2 using yeast and a liter coake bottle and a couple of other things for about $10. I would visit the planted tank forum. I learned ALOT from them good start
  8. got all the algae off haha. i had to sift my sand through a net but i was desperate. its a constant battle with thi brackish tank lol
  9. Here are some pics of my puffer tanks. Both are planted and are dosed with Flourish Excel, working on getting my CO2 system up and running The first is my Dwarf Puffer tank. second is my expieremental Brackish tank with a gsp . i have a HORRIBLE algae breakout at the moment so just ignore that green stuff and look at the scape haha. And just for fun here is my new guy Leo a turgidus puffer
  10. update! It seems that all my ich is gone in the goldy tank! now i am waiting the 7 days... it has been gone for 2 days already. Thanks guys!
  11. ok i was able to get kosher salt. now how much would i add to a 36 gal tank?
  12. well its late at night now and all i have is this and table salt. is table salt ok? i can get the other kind tomorrow. but i dont like them sitting there with this
  13. i got oceanic natural sea salt mix? is that ok?
  14. Should i use instant ocean?
  15. My goldfish tank has ich and all of my goldies in that tank have it now. What do i do? i am freaking out
  16. i feed ramshorn snails. idk much about snails, except that i feed those to my puffs. they breed pretty quick
  17. Yes he has won alot He is highpoint champ for the san antonio area for color. and lethal white is when the intestine doesnt finish forming. has to do with LWO positive horses.
  18. throw some snails in there. I get them from my lfs. whatever comes in on the plants or shows up in their tanks as trash snails, i get. the puffs hunt for the snails all day. then when they find one the stalk it and finally strike and eat it. pretty cool.
  19. do you think if i bought two divider walls and put the moss between them it would have the same effect?
  20. ok so I ended up with 2 male dwarf puffers and they are fighting and i am having to divide the tank, but i dont want it to lose its pretty planted look. so i am wanting to find out a way to make the divider wall into a moss wall. any tips?
  21. they are full grown at about 1 inch. You need to watch to make sure that there is only one male in the tank. Males have a brown line down their belly and wrinkles behind their eyes. If you have more than one male, they will fight. these markings wont show up until they are almost mature. Your tank needs to be heavily planted because puffers are aggressive fish and will fight. They need the plant cover to break the line of sight so they dont see each other very often. they may be ok now but when they get older they will get territorial. Dont feed them flakes, flakes do nothing for puffers. They need to eat snails as the staple food in their diet. Mine dont like frozen food, only live. Try snails, bloodworms, blackworms, mosquito larva etc Welcome to the world of puffers! they are as addicting as goldfish, but with an attitude
  22. Yay! another person has gotten the puffer bug! i have 2 dwarf puffers and i love miine Same as you, the smaller one is the dominant mine are Kumi and Dinou
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