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  1. Looks like he is just taking shape of a Ryukin. Very possible, I've seen some telescope Ryukins at my local PetsM@rt.
  2. What a nice find! And in the UK! Go for it
  3. Wal Mart? Do they sell walls there? LOL jk. I have never heard of these stores you guys are mentioning besides Wal Mart.. How much are they priced around at Wal Mart?
  4. Hey--and if you can't find anything you really want, I am selling my dragoneye. I really think she's a girl! She is lavender.. telescope eyes, wen, long tail like a wedding dress. I named her Vera because her tail reminds me of a wedding dress Vera Wang made!
  5. No It's 12AM. And what heater is CHEAP?! LOL!
  6. Stunning! I'm sure Sushi won't be able to keep his "fins" off her!
  7. While doing a water change, I accidently dropped my heater into the water and the inside of it filled up with water. It didn't make sparks or anything, but I quickly unplugged it and turned it upside down to let the water leak out. Is my heater never going to work again? I have a feeling it won't work again.. But I am no expert.
  8. I have a baby panda oranda I'm willing to part with and I know some full sizes that are for sale at a good price. What part of Canada are you in?
  9. Thank you! Lol, nope.. she is just a mix. Purebred Orandas have a slightly different body shape. But she is a pretty cool fish.. the dopey telescope with the puppy dog Oranda personality. If you ever run into one, I suggest making a purchase!
  10. If you are serious about this, I can do this for you. Next weekend I would be able to pick it up. How big are you looking for? The babies are $9, then I know another place that has 3-4" ones for $40, then they also have one huge panda (I'm going to say 5-7", somewhere in there, I'm not good with measurements, lol) that I got a quote of $50 for. Just LMK.
  11. Once again, thanks everyone! You guys are not going to believe this, but I paid $4.99 for the telescope
  12. Thank you! Panda orandas actually come around often here, however, a lot of them are "knock-off" pandas. What I mean by knock-off is that they change within a week and actually have gold starting to develop. I believe the new panda I got is a true panda. His coloring is very distinct from the other pandas I have had. I am no expert though, we will just have to wait and see! As for the new telescope.. yeah, she is one freak of nature. LOL!
  13. So yesterday someone gave me a free tank with the filter and all, and I set it up! It had already been cycled. I had to get new fish to fill it with, so I picked up a lavender telescope and a baby panda oranda. Here is my new telescope: I am thinking of naming her Vera. She seems to be part Oranda because she has a wen and nose/cheeks/mouth like an Oranda. Here is my new panda oranda: Might just name her Panda. Lol. And I have to post this pic of Angel.. my favorite fish at this time
  14. Beautiful! How did you rescue her? Where was she before? I couldn't imagine someone mistreating something that pretty.
  15. Fish can be shy the first couple of days. Don't worry. I would just go get some of the sinking pellets though like everyone else suggested. Some fish really don't ever know to come to the top. I got the Hikari, it doesn't float so at feed time they didn't know where to go. I learned that if you break them in half, they usually sink. Moors will be dopey around feed time.. you just have to live with it. LOL!
  16. My puffer goes well with my goldfish.. actually, if anything, it is my goldfish biting him. I don't know, I guess I might just have a freak of a match.
  17. Yeah, only sometimes though. He goes through phases. He will do it for a couple days, stop for a couple weeks, then do it again for a couple days. And it really depends on the fish he is with.
  18. Are you kidding me?! No? It says on the video that puffers are brackish water fish...goldfish definitely are not. Also, adding any fish will make the stocking situation worse! There are freshwater puffers and saltwater ones. I have a freshwater puffer, as to what I was referring about. If you read closely, you would see that they also mention about freshwater "cousins." And I was not in the discussion about her overstocked tank.
  19. Thanks! My new oranda Angel is a dream to own.. she is so sweet and lets me hand feed her!
  20. I know! I think this one has to be one of the prettiest telescopes I have seen.
  21. I think Moors are pretty much blind, so they nip at anything they can pretty much see. Or maybe he is trying to spawn? No idea.
  22. http://www.fishsempai.com/product_info.asp?product=1041 I cannot get over how pretty this telescope is! It is a shame I have no room.
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