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  1. Well, that makes sense that the green water had less ammonia. For a while the algae probably continued consuming it.

    Either way, great post! I find stuff like this very interesting.

    And OMG IT'S DENNIS' HAND!! You gotta post that in the members pictures topic. It sure is a step up from the knee photo :rofl

    LOL thanks Miss Fang. Hey, it's one appendage at a time here. :pp

  2. I had the opportunity to receive two shipments of blacks from two different suppliers yesterday morning and thought it would be interesting to share the results and differences of the water within the shipping bags. One shipment came from Tommy at goldfishnet and the other from Ken at DO. Once they arrived the bags were placed in the QT tank to equalize the temperature for a 30 minute period. The bags were then opened and each fish was immediately transferred to a fresh water dip tank of equal temperature. After a period of 15 minutes in the fresh water they again were moved into QT with 0.1% salt and Prazi. The final result this time was much better than the previous shipment I received with a definite reduction in stress to the fish. Both shipments were phenomenal....my thanks to both Tommy and Ken.

    Box #1- Goldfishnet from TX (note these fish were shipped in green water)

    Ammonia 1.0

    pH low 6.2

    Nitrates 0.5

    Nitrites 0.5

    KH low 40 ppm

    GH soft 75 ppm


    Box #2- Dandy Orandas from MI

    Ammonia 4.0

    pH moderate alkaline 7.8

    Nitrates 0.0

    Nitrites 0.0

    KH high 300 ppm

    GH very hard 300 ppm


  3. Thanks, Dennis! I love panda cories, but haven't seen any at the different LFS ever. If you want to get a few I'd ask your LFS if they can buy some in. There's always Panda Cories around from the breeders they buy from.

    Glowlights look awesome! From what I read online, they seem to be hardier than neons. I wonder if glowlights and cardinals would sort of school together, that sure would look interesting!

    Yep, glowlights are awesome! I have a small school of six plus two albino glowlights and they keep to themselves in a school. They don't actually school with my other Tetras but my Neons and Cardinals will school together. If you could get a group of 7-8 glowlights I think they'd give you a nice display! :thumb:
  4. Nice job, Miss Fang! Sorry to hear about the loss of your two trops but unfortunately we can expect that with some of the different smaller tropicals. Everybody looks great, especially your Pleco. But of course my favs are your Pepper Corys. it would be fun to see you get a few Panda Corys too! I see where you mentioned a group of Glowlights, they're one of my favorite Tetras. Neons and Cardinals also make a nice display. Keep up the good work! :thumb:

  5. Having eight AquaClears, I haven't encountered too many issues with noise however as previously noted the lids do tend to rattle on the 50's and especially the 70's. You have to position the lid just right in order to stop the vibration (and they do make a lot of noise when they vibrate). Sarah suggests placing an item on the lid to stop the vibration which would work, and I've seen some fanciers simply remove the lid rather than deal with the noise. Mine haven't vibrated in at least 4 months so I have to think that positioning your AC's properly also would help. Just in case this isn't the problem, usually it's grains of sand or fine gravel caught in the impeller. Remove the impeller and clean out the shaft as well as the impeller itself making sure there's no residue whatsoever. Just in case you may need to contact the manufacturer, here's a link to the AquaClear owner's manual with access to their customer service department.


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