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  1. Let's just leave the word stupid out of it.....it has no place amongst our friends at Koko's. You're entitled to your opinion but you're treading on thin ice, young man. Many members including myself want show quality fish and are fortunate enough to afford them. Everyone else has said what I wanted to say so I'm not going to beat a dead horse here. Just remember....Stupid is as stupid does......and calling Batman stupid is definitely not nice! :madrant

  2. :goodjob

    Thank you CmB

    Beautiful!! I am looking forward to the next video of them all together ;)

    Thanks tithra! I'll put them all together in a week or two and do a video shoot. The two broadtails will be staying in the 29 and the 2 butterflies will be moving to my 60.

    Oh Dennis they are soo cute :) I love how the really round one shimmies across the bottom and the camera hog in the front right corner has some shiney gold peeking through the belly area he is sooooo freakin cute (I can has him no ;))

    Thanks Shelly! LOL nice try! :ehh
  3. Great post and info Dennis thank you :) I was thinking about getting those round type air stone things before...

    But Now you have me worried about my led light/airstones in my tele tank :(

    Welcome Shell....by no means should you be worried about your air strips. It's just something that you have to think about and if you feel comfortable with what you have now please continue to do so. It just got to the point where I felt is was important to me to make the necessary change. :thumb:

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