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  1. I have eight AC's running in my tanks and one as a backup for a total of nine. I've been using AC's for over two years and I'd put them up against anything. Their overall performance, ease of maintenance, and relative low level of noise makes them number one in my opinion. You can't go wrong.
  2. Very awesome, Susan! They all look great! Nice job!
  3. Hey Koko....in my opinion anything by Omega One is worth using. I've been using their products for 2 yrs now and highly recommend them.
  4. Telescopes, eh? Just sayin..... Nice shot Helen, both of them look awesome!
  5. Awesome job as always, Helen! The group looks great! Go Team Stakos!
  6. Nice job Sarah! Everything looks great!
  7. Thank you CmB Thanks tithra! I'll put them all together in a week or two and do a video shoot. The two broadtails will be staying in the 29 and the 2 butterflies will be moving to my 60. Thanks Shelly! LOL nice try!
  8. Nice job! Your group and tank look great! BTW Go Steelers!
  9. Thank you ma'am. There's a joke in there somewhere...I just know it.
  10. Welcome Shell....by no means should you be worried about your air strips. It's just something that you have to think about and if you feel comfortable with what you have now please continue to do so. It just got to the point where I felt is was important to me to make the necessary change.
  11. Nice....as I mentioned I've had very few problems within the US. International? Another story.
  12. Geesh, that's right, Molly! You saw my butterflies before I did! How cool is that?
  13. Sorry Alex....I've only dealt with FedEx. I do deal with USPS for business and haven't had any issues for years. I think it'll go well for you.
  14. Kat...I could teach you in a minute. Just sayin.....
  15. Thanks guys. Alex....there's nine blacks now. The other eight are orange and calicos.
  16. Here's the 4 new guys bustin' to get out of QT....one week to go with no issues! I may keep them in one more week but I have to think about it. Enjoy.
  17. Welcome, Molly. Nice move with the Celestial pair.
  18. Good to hear, kaytee. Obviously this applies to all types of goldfish but those of us with the physical handicaps should definitely take note. I'm seriously sold on these.
  19. Welcome Lori! They'll work now!
  20. Welcome Miss Fang....I knew you were having some troubles with yours so this should come in handy. No more strips and wands in these tanks.
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