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  1. Hi Chris,

    Here's a link to a review that was done in 8/2008 by Acupunk who actually purchased the product. The review didn't move forward with any more informational review other than what's obvious. I believe we've done a discussion on this product before and the general opinion was there wasn't enough information on it. I guess I'd have to say if it was a great as the mfr suggests practically everyone in the hobby would be using it.



    Ah the good old days where we used to rip topics to shreds.... :ehh

    Fang, I'd be happy to swing you a loan for your fish supplies. 50% interest is all I ask payable once per week. :pp

    you been dipping in the progold again batman :lol

    LMAO sure thing Koko.....I'm addicted to that stuff! :alc

    Dont eat to much you might get SBD :rofl

    Ya know I have been feeling kinda "floaty" lately.... :booty
  3. I agree with Koko on this, Molly. I'm a firm believer of QT. I bought a pair of small telescopes from my fav LFS and without QT put them into my main tank a few years back. Everyone wound up with ich and I decided from then on I'd never add any more fish without at least a 30 day QT. It's paid off for me. :ehh

  4. LOL,I think so-he didn't say anything about selecting 8 and sending the rest back!! I actually almost didn't have the stuff to set up-I'm expecting a replacement canister bucket-for 1 I broke-in the mail today :D

    Nice job, Susan! That's a bunch of 'Chus!

    And I'm horrified to picture this guy driving away from the FedEx shipping center screaming "DOH! That should have been FIVE not FIFTEEN!" <headsmack>

    Hey it could happen ya know.... :booty

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