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  1. Did some online shopping today and found a supplier to ship my Rena heaters. I'll probaly switch to Fluval heaters once my supply of backups runs out.
  2. Hi Chris, Here's a link to a review that was done in 8/2008 by Acupunk who actually purchased the product. The review didn't move forward with any more informational review other than what's obvious. I believe we've done a discussion on this product before and the general opinion was there wasn't enough information on it. I guess I'd have to say if it was a great as the mfr suggests practically everyone in the hobby would be using it. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/71739-aquaripure-denitrator/page__p__848821__hl__aquaripure__fromsearch__1#entry848821
  3. It's safe to use. It's always better to buy a larger capacity heater than a smaller one. I've used a 300w heater in my 20 with no problems at all.
  4. Ummmm....do I like know you? Your group looks fantastic, Kathy....awesome job as always. Good to have you back!!!!!Telescopes, eh?
  5. Did some online shopping the other day and picked up a backup kilo of alkaline buffer. Went to another site and purchased three backup SmartHeaters but was informed the next day all of their inventory has been depleted, Darn!
  6. Same here but just keep clicking "ignore this warning" at the lower right corner. His site is safe.
  7. No no no... Its Ranchu's Black Ranchu's... Nope lol......hey Koko did you see Tommy has more black Ranchu's this week?
  8. Yeah, I'll add to the Cycle recommendations. I've been using it for over 2 yrs and it's always helped with cycling my tanks and smoothng out an occasional bump. It's always worked for me!
  9. Oh wait that was Fang...sorry Koko. She was talking about Telescopes and munching on a burrito. Aha!
  10. Dennis is flatulating! Must have been those bean burritos....BABOOM
  11. Once you go blackteles you never go back....Sarah said that, right? Awesome blacks and great vid, Helen! Thanks for the fix!
  12. Ah the good old days where we used to rip topics to shreds.... you been dipping in the progold again batman LMAO sure thing Koko.....I'm addicted to that stuff! :alc Dont eat to much you might get SBD Ya know I have been feeling kinda "floaty" lately....
  13. you been dipping in the progold again batman LMAO sure thing Koko.....I'm addicted to that stuff! :alc
  14. Understandably so.....I remember that incident.
  15. AU...just to follow up. I think Helen's talking about any rust that may enter the tank which obviously is dangerous. My response is aimed at the electrical end of it.
  16. Hey AU....I've done this before numerous times. Just use fine grade sandpaper and that will remove the corrosion from the plug. Worked fine for me.
  17. You're asking the Telescope enabler? C'mon now Molly....
  18. Fang, I'd be happy to swing you a loan for your fish supplies. 50% interest is all I ask payable once per week.
  19. I agree with Koko on this, Molly. I'm a firm believer of QT. I bought a pair of small telescopes from my fav LFS and without QT put them into my main tank a few years back. Everyone wound up with ich and I decided from then on I'd never add any more fish without at least a 30 day QT. It's paid off for me.
  20. Nice job, Susan! That's a bunch of 'Chus! And I'm horrified to picture this guy driving away from the FedEx shipping center screaming "DOH! That should have been FIVE not FIFTEEN!" <headsmack> Hey it could happen ya know....
  21. Great vid, Helen! Thanks for sharing. I really like the calico Ryu ay 1:23....it does have a huge a*ss. Tell Geoffrey to stock up on those telescopes!
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