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  1. Sounds good Chrissy! I've read where the Cardinals are now hardier than Neons due to the inbreeding over the years. They are delicate but I've had good luck with both lately. I keep their pH at 7.0-7.2 with a 30-50% wc weekly and they seem to do fine with this.
  2. Yep...those are the Glowlights, Neons, and Cardinals. They all get along fine together. My Black Neons are in my other tanks with the Danios. Thank you Hidr...glad you like them. I'll work on getting some more of the Tetras and Corys for you. Hiya Chrissy and thank you! Actually there's both Neons and Cardinals in there together. They get along great and even school together. The Neons and Cardinals probably have to be my favorite Tetras.
  3. Thanks Helen! Thanks Kristi! Nice to see you back!
  4. Here's a vid of my Corys going after Tubifex while the Tetras in the background wait to attack.
  5. Beauties, FC! They sure have come a long way! Happy New Year to you!
  6. Looking good, Shell! Your teles and tank all look great!
  7. Beauties, Federica! They look great! Nice job! Telescopes, eh?
  8. Awesome vids, Helen! Anastasia really does have some junk in the trunk. Geez, I didn't realize the Oranda was so small.....looked like he was huge when he was in the bag. Great score as always!
  9. Agreed with Alex....broadtail Ryu's......
  10. Oh, I don't ask for much. Just a black one, please!
  11. I am sooo glad you're back! I'm just sayin.....
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