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  1. Oh, thanks! I have another fish that went totally white on me....here is what she looked like the beginnng of December.... I possibly may be experiencing the same in the future with my black/gold Demekin maybe? I see where there were two Pandas on auction this week, maybe still available?
  2. Ugh, I am telling you! She was SO cute~but-what can you do??? Nada. I guess my dream fish is STILL a panda moor......jokes on me! But she's still a beautiful fish tho! Some kind of mystique about any white goldies in my opinion!
  3. Beautiful Rain Garden kids you have there! I had noticed that Rain Garden comes highly recommended here at Koko's which helped me reach my decision to purchase my new Telescopes from Steve. I'm certainly glad to hear that you are pleased with yours, I'm sure I will be as well! Gotta love those Demekins!
  4. Right you are Lupin! I do believe the decos will be moving to the tropical tank within the week to acommodate my new acquisitions and will give my Tetras and Danios much more to explore! Thanks for the welcome and advice!
  5. Hello everyone! Just wanted to show you what is coming my way from Steve at Rain Garden located in Hawaii. I'm an enthusiastic keeper of Demekins or telescopes. I happened to find these telescopes at Rain Garden and contacted Steve this week. Luckily these guys were available and will be arriving to my door Friday 01/15 if all goes well. Here are the three that will be part of my group! I hope this works! Dennis And a picture of their new home:
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