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  1. Agreed with everyone, salt is definitely the way to go! I'm presently running .3% in my QT tank with Mamba. Don't forget that Helen strongly suggests simmering your salt water first, then letting it cool to room temp before mixing with your water to be added to the tank. :thumb:

  2. O, sounds great. One last concern that i have is whether or not I can have the 12 cardinals, 2 amanos and the betta in the 10 gallon with only the whisper Ex filter and many plants? Would the filtration be enough to support all of these fishes or should I move my gallon filter from my 5.5gallon betta tank into the 10 gallon tank?

    Your Whisper EX20 is pushing 110 gph. That's more than enough for your bioload. Just be sure that you're not getting any ammonia in the tank. If you are then it would be necessary to either reduce your bioload or increase your filtration.

  3. Ooohh very nice! One thing though, I can't tell them apart!

    LOL it's pretty easy to tell them apart when you see them every day but at the beginning Nyx is in the center and has a couple of small bubbles attached to his slimecoat and eye. He had just come into the tank from QT and with all the salt is loaded with that extra slimecoat. He's also the one who nips at DK's butt at 1:36. :madrant

  4. I have 8 Cardinals and 8 Neons in my tropical tank along with a group of many other types of Tetras and Corys and I've never seen them chase or nip at anything. Now I've read where Betta will nip at other fish with long fins such as Guppies but I think you'll be safe. :thumb:

  5. Oooh my goodness.

    I bid on the fish. :krazy:

    I'm nervous now. :rofl

    Just to be clear if I clicked yes for the ceiling bid and only put 15.00 it won't bid above that, right?

    That's correct! It won't go any higher than what your ceiling bid is. Good luck! :thumb:

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