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  1. Looking good, Rai! Water temperature and sunlight have alot to do with color changes. That's all I gotta say about that.
  2. I have 8 Cardinals and 8 Neons in my tropical tank along with a group of many other types of Tetras and Corys and I've never seen them chase or nip at anything. Now I've read where Betta will nip at other fish with long fins such as Guppies but I think you'll be safe.
  3. I've researched it on the compatibility charts and all point towards a good relationship. Here's an article from a while back dealing with the same question. Read on! Betta in community tank- Koko's
  4. That's correct! It won't go any higher than what your ceiling bid is. Good luck!
  5. Not at all. That's pretty much a typical day for a Kokonut.
  6. So sorry to hear about your Ranchu, Koko. It's very frustrating when we lose a fish seeing we've done everything possible for them. RIP little guy.
  7. Nice job, Miss ILF! Good to see you back! Stick around a while, eh?
  8. Archie's always been one of my favorite telescopes! He's looking great, Dee Dee! Nice job! Go Archie!
  9. What a great looking Shubie, Fang! Great choice and I'm glad you got him. Doesn't have bug eyes though.... Nice job!!!!
  10. Beauties, Koko! Wish you could have snagged the broadtail telescope too, darn it. They look great!
  11. Hey sharkbait...try this thread. Koko's- Color changes
  12. My two Moors both went from black to orange, noting that each has it's own distinct shade of orange. It's not impossible for blacks to turn white. As a matter of fact I had a RG Telescope with heavy black streaks especially in her fins and over a period of 8 months she changed to totally white. So again it all comes down to genetics...you never know what you're gonna get.
  13. LMAO the ewwwww effect. I swear the shock hasn't worn off yet as your wit is extremely razor sharp even after the disaster. I really feel bad for Bananarama though, Fang. I swear I heard Hugo burp in the vid. Just sayin....
  14. Here's a couple of new vids I recorded the other day. Enjoy!
  15. They all look great, Ashlee! Thumbs up! :thumb: :thumb:
  16. After dealing with this latest shipment from he*ll I'm happy to say the three new butterflies are starting to feel better. Although still down somewhat, they're eating well and coming off the bottom which I'm very pleased to see. Floatiness issues are beginning to disappear and all three are beginning to show distinct signs of improvement. So much as a matter of fact they thought they'd come up to show off a bit for you and shake their thang. Enjoy! Mamba Nyx Nyx Nyx and Puma Nyx and Puma Puma Puma Mamba Mamba
  17. Definitely do it as Chrissy suggests. The more filtration for goldfish the better. My 55 gal tank is running 3 AquaClears for a total of 1100 gph and I never have an issue with parameters.
  18. Rai, blue in your pH is alkaline...that's about 7.8 pH so you're OK there. Helen's on her way over to Skype. Also try to get ahold of Prime and lose the Aqueon Water Conditioner.
  19. Agreed with Grace...goldfish although social are not a schooling fish as to where they stay together for protection, etc. Although I believe a single goldfish can survive alone successfuly, my opinion is that they all deserve some company.
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